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History Heroes: Dwight D. Eisenhower, Champion of Freedom

History Heroes—

Dwight D. Eisenhower, Champion of Freedom

President Eisenhower predicted Holocaust Deniers, so he ordered pictures be taken of concentration camps!

Millions of Jews were systematically exterminated in concentration camps. 1,447 more words

Judeo-Christian Culture

Private/Parochial/Amish Schools = Concentration Camps


Catholic schools are concentration camps. Amish communities are concentration camps. How come? IT IS SIMPLE! Because they are being purposely held apart from the rest of this country. 1,864 more words


Always Prost with Dirndl

Astonishment was the key word here. Astonishment over the size of beers. Astonishment over the tightness of lederhosen. And most importantly, astonishment over the apparent loss of humanity lacing German history. 2,607 more words


Promise, Laws and Guides During the War

To start with, we split the promise into 4, one part per patrol and asked the patrols to make a poster:


Kruger “blunders” and declares war on the world’s Superpower!

This period cartoon captures that moment when President Paul Kruger, who in a game of political chess with Queen Victoria, is about to make a “blunder” – a disastrous move in chess which is ill considered. 1,612 more words

Boer War

“My Nazi Nemesis” by Rich DeSilvio

“My Nazi Nemesis” by Rich DiSilvio is touted as a dark thriller.  I agree.  Jack, Alois, Veronika, and Eleanor are the main characters in this story.  249 more words

Book Review

The Persistence of Memory

I haven’t forgotten you
How could I even try?
Haunting my waking dreams,
Your eyes plead to me
From emaciated faces,
Crying out for justice. 100 more words