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Regarding Dachau

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Secrets (Volume 247)

Ivan Moffat, a photographer in the Signal Corps during World War II, wrote in his diary, “There is no formal proof that I can find for crematory or gas chambers at Dachau”



Book Review: Making Bombs for Hitler

Today I recommend: Making Bombs for Hitler by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch

When Lida and her sister are caught by the Nazis they are separated. Lida is sent to a slave labour camp and must work from dawn to dusk on bread and soup, without shoes and wearing only a thin dress. 142 more words


The murderers of Chechnya

I’d like to say what is happening in Chechnya right now to gay men is the act of animals.

I’d like to say what is happening in Chechnya right now to gay men is the act of demon possessed people. 180 more words


Clash of Time

This day brought a tumult of emotions and insights I cannot begin to unwind. They are too fresh.

The National Museum in Warsaw houses a display both compassionate and unexpected. 195 more words

Exploring The Human Condition

Chechnya police encourage parents to kill gay kids

This is just barbaric and sickening. Clearly rather than progressing toward an advanced civilization, we’re starting to go back. At every level in many countries around the world, not just Chechnya. 54 more words


Journal Response One

“I too had become a different person, The student of Talmud, The child i was, had been consumed by the flames, All that was left was a shape that resembled me, My soul had been invaded—and devoured—by a black flame.” 131 more words