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Part One: Can we learn from history? Perhaps the question is what can we learn from history? Or why don’t we learn from history?

What follows is the first of a three-part series, a result of my recent visit to Poland. In Part One, I grapple with visions of Auschwitz. 772 more words

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Fifth Column Label

Canada’s participation in WWI gave “fifth column” label to 8,579 citizens interned in hard labor concentration camps in the hinterland until war ended, where records show at least 107 died. 224 more words


Margaret Bourke-White: First Female War Photographer

In the 1930s, she photographed Germany, the Soviet Union, and the American “Dust Bowl.” She also became the first female photographe hired for Life magazine, which featured her photo of Montana on the very first cover. 85 more words


The American Concentration Camp that Most Prefer to Forget

There’s a forgotten, dark American history akin to the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. Devil’s Punchbowl in Natchez, Mississippi, is a centerpiece to disputed Civil War historical accounts of thousands upon thousands of freed slaves corralled and held behind walls constructed by disgruntled Union Army officers. 636 more words




Having studied a ‘Representing Trauma’ module at University, exploring the ways in which traumatic events in the world’s history are represented in various multi modal forms, I was apprehensive about visiting Auschwitz and Birkenau – with a lot of the studies being about the ethics of visiting such places. 1,280 more words

Anti-Semitic Attacks Increase in USA: Don't Forget the Lesson from Mauthausen Concentration Camp

Birth to death is the natural progression of life. Unfortunately, this truism only applies to humans but not to attitudes. Bigotry, inexplicably, never dies, as evidenced by the rise in attacks on Jews and other minorities in America today.   708 more words


Remembrance: Japanese Internment

A Personal Account

My great grandparents were incarcerated.  My grandparents were born in the camps.  My mom was one of only two Japanese Americans in her school and was subject to racial slurs and harassment. 745 more words