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Review of Being Krystyna: A Story of Survival.

Being Krystyna, by Carol Browne, is a story about a ninety-five year old Polish Holocaust survivor, Krystyna Porsz. It is a story that is at most times, hard to read. 778 more words


So you elected an asshole: A survival guide… the final solution... uh... I mean chapter...

I know I already made the joke about disguising yourself as a tRump supporter in order to make it through the next four years, but I could never do that. 661 more words


Quick Hits - Bullets From a Former Marxist

1/9/17 (allegedly about 1:30am)

Outtakes from dissident Soviet author A. Solzhenitsyn’s “Gulag Archipelago”

The author was a committed red-army officer who was arrested and sent to Gulag….his extensive work on the nature of these concentration camps and the ideology behind them has been a tremendous eye-opener for me…..how have we been ALLOWED (encouraged?) to forget this??? 459 more words

Colors of Confinement

❝ In 1942, Bill Manbo and his family were forced from their Hollywood home into the Heart Mountain Relocation Center, a Japanese American internment camp… 88 more words


Over my dead body.

I slept again.  In this case, more was better.  When I manage to calm my body and mind, I listen intensely.  I’m not good at doing this (lucid dreaming), so it’s wonderful when it happens.   667 more words