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I started reading Sarah Helm’s account of the women-only Nazi concentration camp Ravensbruck about a week ago – it’s called If This is a Woman: Inside Ravensbruck… 862 more words

Concentration Camps

Lord Kitchener: his impact on 20th Century Warfare

Britain was in its zenith in the Edwardian period. The British controlled the world’s greatest empire. Both the army and navy were enormous. British grandeur and greatness were universally acknowledged. 554 more words


The Child's Mother


That next weekend, in the early morning hours on the first Sunday in spring, I woke up and felt a deceased woman roaming the house. 557 more words

Genocide (1968)

A US Air Force carrier armed with an H-bomb runs into a swarm of insects and loses control over a small Japanese island. Before the plane augers into the atoll, the crew of three parachute to safety. 499 more words


Jew - A twelve-triber, gene pool 'misfit', once a ‘chosen’ man without an ...

A twelve-triber, gene pool ‘misfit’, once a ‘chosen’ man without an ‘own home’, but now, sleeping still, resting old bones in a small starred space on a big planet, this grand-aged man lies under a middle-eastern Abrahamic ivy roof, but still, he hears ‘No!  386 more words

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Schindler's List - An ageless movie

Schindler’s List (1993) – IMDb.

In light of present events filled with ethnic struggles and religious radicalism, to say that Schindler’s List is a ‘must see’ movie is an understatement. 372 more words

Concentration Camps

How We Use Words Matters

The other day I came across the phrase “concentration camp” in Victor Klemperer’s I Will Bear Witness 1933-1941: A Diary of the Nazi Years in a 1933 entry. 625 more words