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Hurricane Helicopter Concept Art" Helicopter Chop Chop

So last night I was sleeping and then i woke up to this dream of a helicopter that could fly into hurricanes and obtain whatever data it needed. 99 more words

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Bosses: a brief summation

Hi wizards and sorceresses,

long time no see!

My collegue Luca is on the otherside of the planet to follow a main project for his company, and my third kid has born in Dicember, so we’re quite busy but nonetheless we’re still working hard on Wizards of Unica! 448 more words

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Sunday Art Dump

Hello Hello and welcome back to the first Art Dump of 2016. I’d love to say that since its been so long I have a bumper supply of awesome drawings but truth be told I’ve only recently started refocusing on drawing specifically Faith & Flintlock related art…that and my drawings are mediocre at best haha. 244 more words

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Perpetual Motion Concept Idea by illustrator Jamaal R. James

This was a great idea that jumped into my head and that I keep playing around with. It’s a design for perpetual motion…so let’s see where this one goes….The diagram is self explanatory. 19 more words

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The Wall / O Muro

The Wall

Found this image in my unfinished personal work folder, I did it sometime in march 2015 and I never posted because I wanted to work more on it, but I already put more hours into it than I should, so let’s post it and move on into new stuff, sometimes I become to precious about my work and never finish my personal pieces, it’s a trap I have fallen into too many times. 76 more words


Concept Art : Max Reema created by Visionary Film Director Jamaal R. James

This is another character or concept art that was created by illustrator/cartoonist Jamaal R. James for James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company. Look for her in a new science fiction film coming to a screen near you. 21 more words

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