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Poor Male Thumbnails

So here is the process for creating thumbnails for my Future Distant Project that I have been working on.

Concept Art

Sea Kin


Another nocturnal creature. This one resides in the deepest, darkest, obscurest parts of the ocean.


Running into Problems

During my last presentation/critique, I found that no one in the class really “got it” in terms of the direction I’m going with my work. Based on what I’ve been presenting since the semester started and the feedback I was given, my concept also isn’t ¬†super memorable as to what I’m trying to accomplish. 362 more words


Wildstar Pantry - Cheese!

Brand new series of Supernatural and I am a happy bunny, so have some cheese.

3d Modelling

Wildstar Pantry

Fresh feeeesh!

(Wildstar concept by Cory Loftis)

3d Modelling

Concept Art RetroBot Suit created by Cartoonist Jamaal R. James for Science Fiction Film

So here’s another concept art piece inspired by Aziz Al-Falah whom I follow instagram. So that;s about it just look to see him coming up soon. 26 more words