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Art Dump #43

It’s Sunday again which means its time for the weekly Art Dump.

On the blog this week we’ll be taking a look at some Isogorean concepts. 255 more words


Best. Final. Ever.

So, my very last final as an undergrad was to take a selfie and turn myself into a World of Warcraft character. I think this is the most fitting end to my college career I could have asked for.

Concept Art

Some digital paintings printed!

The final product of my Sunrise Bird! So sweet looking.

A very angry Crystal Golem looking over the Wanderer’s shoulder.

The start of the Golem Cave network.

Concept Art

Studying and Sketching

This week I spent my time working on many warm up sp\ketches like the ones below, practicing things like ellipses and simple shapes to improve fundamentals. 93 more words


#Pirate #Map #Ship #Sketch #Concept #Art by Creative Director Jamaal R. James

So here we have this concept sketch art. We are working on the plot for a mini pirate short film or feature I guess well decide when we get closer. 24 more words

Creative Arts

I have been working on the texture for the body and blocking out the rock groupings! Still figuring out the arms and the head is in a different file (don’t ask me how that happened. I don’t really know…).