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Art Dump #61

This week we’ve got some progress with the 3d sculpts to show off.

First up is the awesome work that Daniel Holland is doing on creating the Two Horn’s muskaxe (musket axe). 91 more words


#Golden #Arc of #Chaos #Agrimnon

Here we have the Golden Arc of Chaos from the science fiction thriller Agrimnon. Enjoy. 19 more words

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Art Dump #60

Finally we arrive back at the Art Dump and this week we’ve got a menagerie of concept sketches to show off.

First up to the plate is some sort of fish man with digitigrade legs. 90 more words


#Rocket #Art #Concept by #illustrator Jamaal R. James

Here we have a drawing of a rocket rose concept with more to come.

‘illustrator Jamaal R. James’ 18 more words

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Havranh Blaster - Concept Art

I have created some new stuff for my Star Wars: Destiny comic project – a blaster rifle and a side arm for the Havranh military. 43 more words

Star Wars

Art Dump #58

We’re back once again with the regular Art Dump!

First up this week is a sketch I did while trying to get into the right mindset for sculpting the Two Horn. 128 more words