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Art Dump #55

Ahoy folks. This week in the art dump we’ve got some zbrush practice from Simon and cool little concept sketch from myself.

Diving, first up we’ve got Simon’s speed sculpts. 100 more words


Xenogears Designs and More Clothing Studies

Here are some designs I had come up with for my Xenogears reboot/updated game.  This is, in order, Fei Fong Wong, Lacan, and Kim Kasim, some of the different reincarnations of Abel, aka the Contact from the current day, 500 years ago, and 4000 years ago, respectively.   141 more words


WIPW 8/24/16

Working on getting some A-pose base models to modify for character sheets!

Concept Art

Just a fun little tidbit; yesterday marked one full year of blogging on WordPress! Starting as a student art blog for a semester concept design project, this place has become part of how I share my art. 19 more words

Concept Art

Reimagining an old IP

So since last week I’ve continued in my clothing sketches….

Also, I’ve begun working on reimagining Xenogears (one of my favorite RPGs from back in the day) as a modern day HD IP.   125 more words


The Game of Sand Fan Art by Visionary Film Director Jamaal R. James

Here we have a fan of a fan who loves the short film called, “The Game of Sand”, some of the concepts in this film have been taken by others to mean things that they don’t. 61 more words

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