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New Mypaint checkout

I pulled the latest mypaint from git today and did a build, just to see what was new.

The flood fill tool is very good now, with variable sensitivity and option to sample from all layers, as you can see it produces nice results. 237 more words

Game Development

Imaginative Illustrators of NYC - Bio Mechanical Surrealism

This week on Imaginative Illustrators of NYC! Bio Mechanical Surrealism! This is a baby-shape mech scavenging space jelly beans. That’s the bio part. The topic was very far out of my comfort zone, and I’m very glad I had a chance to sit down and practice it! Thanks Ryan!


Sunday Art Dump

Hello Hello and welcome back to the first Art Dump of 2016. I’d love to say that since its been so long I have a bumper supply of awesome drawings but truth be told I’ve only recently started refocusing on drawing specifically Faith & Flintlock related art…that and my drawings are mediocre at best haha. 244 more words

Concept Art

Ruins Project - Part I -Ideas & Sketches

So finally the time has for publish the first part of this project containing my own artwork; although having said that, aesthetics are not the aim of this stage, ideas and forming a concept have been my only objective. 463 more words



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Concept Art

Male Design 3

This is the last male design. I based this off one of the designs from last year but I changed certain aspects significantly. My main inspiration was the pvp monk gear in ffxiv and I used snake and bird motifs in the design and patterns. 213 more words

Concept Art