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Portal Model Sheet

This is the model sheet for the portal task, I showed 4 different angles for this piece, although the tree itself is symmetrical, there are some differences between the views. 66 more words

Concept Art

How I Create A Tileset | Tutorial #1

For me I prefer to use Photoshop(2014) as I have been using it for the past 4-5 years and have gotten used to all the commands and features that it has, I am however open to use many other programmes such as Pyxel Edit or Aesprite. 192 more words

Concept Art

Space That Never Was: The Art of Maciej Rebisz

I’m a sucker for inspirational artwork, so much so I did an entire series of posts showcasing images that had jumped out at me and provided immediate ideas for characters or campaigns. 128 more words

Inspirational Artwork

Speed Painting: pt 2 Progress of BDSM concept

HI MERKINGDOM!! This is continued progress for my body of work!
I have kept the same passage below for new viewers to understand what is going on. 420 more words


Torture Me With Your love sweetly -speed paint (BDSM concept art)

HI MERKINGDOM!! I really don’t know how I managed to get this video to upload but here we are.

If you are turned off by this subject go elsewhere. 355 more words


Portal Iterations

These are the iterations of my chosen portal design, I started by adapting the original shape, experimenting with different visible energy such as lightning, I then adapted the shape to be more solid, until I got to the 6th idea, where I inverted the sides and tried a more sci-fi look, the last deign was a look back at the 2nd, where I then decided that an adaptation of that would be my final design, so I had a look at different leaf colours and designs, and so far have settled on a transition of coloured flora to compliment the colour of the portal.

Concept Art