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Concept Art

This piece is concept art for one of the CSSSA application requirements that asks of us to draw something that you’re interested in. This the first draft. 21 more words


How To Create A Showreel

Showreels are short, amalgamated videos which gather together all of the best work of someone working in a visual art-form.

The best showreels are either based upon a speciality that covers numerous artforms(Like how a photographer with a showreel of war photography could in theory be hired as a director of photography for a war movie.) Or have a showreel that follows one artform in numerous specialities(Someone talented of drawing could have a showreel of animated characters, concept sketches and even more.) 416 more words


Girl on the Fence

I drew this today in college. It is a quick drawing of a girl in front of a garden fence.

It began as an outline sketch, which I decided to colour in and complete. 36 more words

Concept Art

Synoptic Project Pitch - Part 4

Following from the last post this blog is mainly to show my concepts that I have made for this project!

Above is the final part of the storyboard! 228 more words


Synoptic Project Pitch - Part 3

This update is just to show the recent storyboarding I have been doing for the pitch, this and concepting the levels have taken up the majority of my time that has been given for the pitch but I am very happy with how the majority of them have turned out! 294 more words


background development

Two variations of the colours and brightness that my animation will have. Every time I re-draw this the colours get darker so I just need to settle on a final colour palette. 29 more words

Character Design

I decided to design a waitress for my portfolio the other day and recreated my drawings on Photoshop. I also have begun drawing her in dynamic poses and need to draw her from the front, but thought I would post my… 66 more words

Concept Art