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New Character Designs and Progress Report

Quick amendment, but consider voting in the Straw Poll here with your opinion on which girl you find most appealing based on these designs.

I wrote in a comment in my last post on how despite having made significant improvement to the performance of the game’s most demanding location, the school, further development of the location with new content being brought in has brought the framerate back down to unacceptable levels, and has led to the unfortunate realisation that there are some core architectural problems with the engine’s scene system related to occlusion culling. 703 more words

Early Environment Studies IV

E de novo deixo passar o tempo… mas dessa vez tenho uma justificativa plausível.

Tive uma crise de tendinite, da qual ainda estou em recuperação. Devido à dor no braço e nos ombros, tive de diminuir o ritmo de trabalho na Frima*, e não pegar no computador em casa. 331 more words


Space Penguin flipping the bird at you

More examples from the newest batch of thumbnail designs. The Space Penguin is a temporary name I gave to this fun design based on a critter my girlfriend studied quite a bit back in grad school. 98 more words

Concept Art

Sky Tamer: Warriors of the Sky

A lot of people know me as ‘SkyTamer’, mostly on the magical world called the internet but this username actually comes from an almost 7 year old game idea I’ve had stashed away in my brain. 280 more words

Third Dimension


You’ll be turned to stone. If you’re lucky.

Digital Painting

Composition with Nathan Fowkes on Schoolism

Just a quick post for those of you who might be interested in great composition / concept art courses. Schoolism only offers a lower priced yearly subscription every September – it caps after the 1st 2000 signups. 253 more words