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Project Lores: Season III

Season: AUTUMN
Character: Little Blue Rob

Artist: Moon Arun

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Art Dump #83

It’s Sunday and that means Art Dump day. Not too many things to show off this week, but I have tidied up a sketch and have found another interesting doodle from my recent sketchbook. 114 more words

Concept Art

Clay head modeling

In Tony’s lesson we attempted to model clay heads for the first time, for this we took our research for drawing heads and took elements of each to make our own stylized piece, I personally took the piece of clay and started by modeling the shape of the head and the idea that I had in mind was a sinister demon looking character therefore meaning that I tried to make a angular head as that’s what I would associate with evil. 242 more words


Character Design - Playing With Plasticine (part 5)

This class was extremely therapeutic and entertaining – we were tasked with playing around with plasticine! Utilising everything we’ve learned so far throughout our adventures in character designing, we needed to come up with a head/face. 549 more words

Concept Art

Concept Art - Alas, poor Yorick - I knew him wait, what?

So here it is, its the week we get to play with plastercine! Using what we’ve learned about drawing skulls and the Ecorche method we now have to construct a head/skull in 3D. 507 more words

3D Modelling

Concept Art - Sculpting a Head

To cement our knowledge of how the human head is constructed, Tony had one last exercise for us. We would be putting down the pencils and wacom tablets in favour of a huge chuck of plasticine, we’d all be sculpting heads using all the reference gathered to date. 321 more words

Concept Art