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Quote 447

Life is more than just goals. Life is a very microcosmic concept and to conceptualize it in to something so small is difficult. In fact it is something which should not be done too much.


Free will?

What if the buttons doesn’t do anything
And it’s only there to give us the illusion of control?


the Jiggles

When you look at a Van Gogh painting, your eyes never settle like they do when seeing a Classical painting. It’s the opposite of focus – it’s the rapid eye movement; and like light, everything moves – photons move, our receptive sensors are active, and as Richard Feynman would say, everything is jiggling… 665 more words


Kpop: Concepts and BTS

Let’s be honest here. If there’s one music genre that’s not only on the rise but also is still sort of underrated, it’s Korean pop music. 444 more words


Sunday Night Vinyl (Part 2)

And now, we’re listening to her second album purchase this afternoon, the ‘Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy‘  by Elton John. 353 more words


Comfy turtleneck

Product of a random shape doodle, some animal thing dressed for maximum comfy.