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A NewBie to Nietzsche

So as usual having been up to no good and projects progress taken a collateral hit since I ventured into the unknown lands of philosophy. All due credit to none other than myself who without going into the prerequisites by fluke took the decision to start with probably one of the greatest German philosophers of all time as I thought it was high time to put out my own versions more professionally and learn to develop a layered construct of whose voids I can fill up with what I think best fits, instead of wasting them incessantly in those long showers which laid the very foundation of seeds of inception of suspicious thought in my family which is “What does he do for that long..”. 246 more words


{Hero Siege Simulator}

{Game Concept}

A third-person action game in which you take on hero roles in a sieging or defending army. Single and massively multiplayer modes. 845 more words


Photo Profile Updated: Honeypot – Sparrow

It may well be a honey pot but there ain’t no honey, “Honey”; so the only takeaway that can be had here is the obvious lesson that we tend to forget or ignore;  50 more words


This is Exciting!

May 22, 2018- I had a special meeting with a couple of dear friends today and I’m so excited to say that TFP Productions will be submitting a Canadian Short Film to TIFF in 2019. 58 more words


Photo Profile Updated: Tangled – Budgie

When we’re at a crossroad in life some choose to panic while others feel right at home because they’ve been conditioned to embrace the challenge. Which one of those characters do you “choose” to be? 46 more words