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Future Tanks

War. Sadly it will probably never ever go away. Man always seems to think there are others of his kind not as valuable as himself. Still, the future of warfare does look, well… rather cool, at least if this ‘ 33 more words


Textiles: Do they represent Individuality or Collectivism?

“Textiles are an integral part of life. Terms used for the making of textiles like weaving and spinning are used for other aspects of our lives: we weave webs of intrigue and spin lies, cloak ourselves in misery, knit out brows with worry and tie up lose ends of business. 727 more words


The World Through The Eyes Of Women

Titled Future Feminine, Fahey/Klein Gallery’s latest exhibition explores the “female perspective in an otherwise male-dominated medium”. Much of the emphasis is on the ‘female lens’, on the way the artists incorporate the evolving female gaze in an increasingly volatile time. 118 more words


Motherf..kers are only low lives in hell when talking about knowing video games' difficulties.

One must know things before commenting someone’s ability to do something in video games’ playing. All motherf..kers ain’t know jackshits when talking about knowing video games’ difficulties. 214 more words


The Flag

In order to really give my world a sense of identity in reality I have decided to focus on ticking all the boxes and average country may have to identify themselves. 242 more words


Week 6 Final Stuff

Sophia’s Stuff

I was last in the line of production of the pitch bible backgrounds. I had volunteered to do final tonal, textural, and gradient changes to the pitch bible background images before Ningxi would take them to put them into the InDesign file for the text overlay. 12 more words

Early Access Concept Post

Timmy The Train Conductor

As a mother to a five year old who has discovered a love of mobile games I have discovered a few things I would like to change. 235 more words