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Photo Profile Update: I am Soaking in the Rain (and I ain't singing) - Blue Tit Bird

Photo of the Blue tit bird; A frequent visitor and a pleasure to watch & photo shoot. Nothing better that capturing birds in the rain – they may not enjoy it but you certainly can particularly if you’re well protected ;-) Applied interesting texture while ensuring beautiful texture /contrast of the bird is well emphasised; after all no better fluff than wet fluff and a bird that doesn’t particularly look as if it’s enjoying the experience, but hope you enjoy the photo! 35 more words


CODE / WORDS UX Series: Lesson 1

Okie Dokie… I have officially attended my first ever Tech/web development/hipster class, and I just gotta say: I Love it.  This is an entirely new world for me, but I can tell already that it is a world that I belong in, and that itself is an uplifting feeling. 1,020 more words


wtf: a meiotic drive tragedy in 3 acts

Meiotic drive is something thing that happens in the gametes of all walks of life, from itty bitty fungi to plants and animals. 184 more words

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Replacing Office With AR... Be Nice To See Combination of AR and VR in One Device

Although Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are too different animals at the moment, I think they should be combined in the future.  As of now, VR is already ahead of AR, because many VR devices are being sold in the market.   243 more words


Lenovo unveils daystAR mixed reality headset and its big dreams for an AI-dominated future

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)

Lenovo unveils daystAR mixed reality headset and its big dreams for an AI-dominated future

Lenovo is betting big on artificial intelligence and augmented reality. 482 more words


Primary Research - Concept Evaluation

Research Objective

The primary goal of this research is to find out what the user’s expectations of a short film are and to use this information to further develop the project. 462 more words


Mood Boards - Photographer Portfolio Website

A few simple Mood Boards done for a photographer’s portfolio website as a project.


Drawing inspiration from other known professional photographers, the use of white space is used quite literally and is fairly common among these web pages. 146 more words

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