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July 23rd 1963: She is Marilyn

She named herself Marilyn
and she was beautiful.
Born quite some time after she left her mother’s womb.
Sure of herself, nonetheless.
Her skin was dark, 52 more words


January 1st 1959: The Morning After

It only lasted for the slightest moment. I had never kissed anyone at midnight on Hogmanay until then, if you didn’t count elderly family members. I didn’t. 977 more words


Everyone Has A Crush On This Concept Art For Overwatch's Mercy

(Source: kotaku.com)

Image Source: Adulture

Overwatch fandom can’t stop talking about, and drawing, this radically different Mercy concept art.

Over the weekend, at the Overwatch exhibit in Gallery Nucleus in Portland, Oregon, Blizzard had copies of their upcoming Overwatch artbook. 226 more words


The General

Finally finished. Had to keep myself from adding too much detail to keep it closer to a comic look, but I still pushed a little towards my more detailed style. 30 more words

Digital Art

On Kindness and Giving

Each and every one of us is a living breathing soul capable of all human emotions. We feel all the same sentiments – from happiness to sadness to rage and anxiety – just at different time intervals. 331 more words


rough walk cycle test

Back at it again with the animation

I did a quick walk cycle for the first shot on my animation which take place outside of the cafe (which I’m planning on redrawing on A4 paper, then scanning because ya need those high res pngs)

"sip" storyboards

Sooooo, the basic story for my animation is a girl goes into a coffee shop, relaxed vibes and all that, takes a sip of her VERY HOT drink and burns her mouth. 31 more words