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April - Spending free month

I figured writing a post on April 1st would probably not be taken seriously. So here, on the 2nd day of April, I begin my journey. 299 more words


Science and Art - An Idea for a Film/Novel

It is a stated fact that there are certain things that you cannot merge. No matter how many times you try, you cannot mix oil with water. 1,777 more words


2016 Honda Civic

The most trending topic today is the brand new 2016 Honda Civic concept that was released at the New York Auto Show on April 1st. 246 more words

Commuter Vehicles


Here are the best few silhouette studies for the Drazz.

An insectoid, multilimbed, anti social, adventurer.

I really started to get into the idea that each limb was not really an arm or a limb – and that he would use whichever came to hand first (pun kind of intended) This only came through in a couple of sketches – but I think warrants further exploration as it could make for some really interesting poses.

Concept Art

Shrubber Concept Silhouette Lineup

Rounding out my allocated concept sketching this week is Shrubber. One of the smaller people in our game sitting on a 30mm base. Some sort of mix between a goblin, gnome, forest creature and a bush the Shrubber is adept at being hidden and avoiding attention. Oh and they like hats.

Concept Art


Welcome! This is the first post for Tomb Sweet Tomb and I thought I should introduce myself so you can get to know me a little. 115 more words


Paleta 85

A caverna secreta +/- 2h

Esse desafio foi muito bom para trteinar atmosfera e criação de moods,  gostei de tentar criar um ambiente sombrio, esses desafios estão me dando uma noção muito maior do que eu preciso desenvolver.

Dedafio Das Cores