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Let's Go Somewhere that Doesn't Exist Yet

As a solitary sort, my happy places aren’t often that far outside my own head. And while there are a few odd rooms I love dearly, they don’t really make for a picturesque sort of landscape. 65 more words


Everyday Balance

I tend to enjoy the concept of balance. The ideal thought of having everything in alignment. The other day I found myself thinking to myself on how I could attain this without robbing a bank and there I stumbled across the wheel of life. 204 more words


Wills’s Aviation Card #36 – Professor Langley's Aerodrome

History Behind The Card: Professor Langley’s Aerodrome

Card #36 of 50, W.D.& H.O Wills, Aviation series 1910

  • Samuel Pierpont Langley, August 22, 1834 – February 27, 1906, Roxbury, Massachusetts, United States of America;
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Gridiron Glossary: Cushion

Cushion is the amount of space a defensive back puts between himself and the receiver.

Cushion is easiest to see at the beginning of the play, but the term also describes the room that a receiver is given during the play as well.   291 more words


Being philosophical about crowdsourced geographic information

By Renée Sieber (McGill University, Canada) and Muki Haklay (University College London, UK)

Our recent paper, The epistemology(s) of volunteered geographic information: a critique, started from a discussion we had about changes within the geographic information science (GIScience) research communities over the past two decades. 926 more words

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This is a post by Renee Sieber and myself, providing a bit of a background on why we wrote the paper "The epistemology(s) of volunteered geographic information: a critique" - this is in addition to what I've written about it in this blog post...

Bali, Temples and Meditation

Words by Micael Nussbaumer | October 13

Pura Besakih Temple

Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple

Temples and religion

Even if part of a country where the majority is Muslim, Bali has kept its particular religion alive and well throughout the times. 1,387 more words


VIDEOS: Inquiry Based Learning

I suspect when some of my teachers went through this program, they may have been taught how to deliver teaching with what we now call the “traditional” or “chalk and talk” method of teaching. 68 more words

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