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Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Classical literature has affected my life in numerous aspects. It has affected me emotionally and mentally just as it has made an impact on numerous other literature junkies as myself. 440 more words


Three tasks for transdisciplinary bridge builders

Community member post by Roderick J. Lawrence

Human groups and societies have built many kinds of bridges for centuries. Since the 19th century, engineers have designed complex physical structures that were intended to serve one or more purposes in precise situations. 883 more words


Motion Graphics

Some inspiration and ideas!

I can’t post the videos, but you can use the link to check out some examples of motion graphics before reading further: 703 more words

Poet Architecture

I love solving design issues through writing, then i sketch…then i combine the complexities…it’s a different way how architects imagine… i decided to write then sketching then they saw the idea… 205 more words


Pathfinder RPG: Build for Wonder Woman

Before I begin, this entry is inspired by Matt Mercer and the cast of Geek & Sundry’s “Critical Role“, for rekindling my love for Dungeons & Dragons, and Noah Antwiler of “ 1,356 more words


Life code ( outside of that of what can be owned ) also time travel is not real until you reach much farther advanced forms

I would not suggest leaving an android off and stored to the side for use in actual real would work time travel, at least closer then current ideas ( I still doubt anything can be sent back in time. 423 more words