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Why is this election so important?

Christian author Philip Yancey is the most recent believer to question the evangelical support of Donald Trump. Thrice-married, avowed adulterer, and an ego big enough to claim he has never needed to ask God for forgiveness, Trump does not fit nicely into the evangelical mold. 454 more words


Migrating to Office 365 to SharePoint Online? Part 3: Update your site and site collection ownership

Most SharePoint environments have grown organically and the ownership hasn’t been kept up to date with employees, moving, leaving and changing roles. Having this ownership up to date is critical to communicating migration plans to the business areas and site users. 458 more words


GIScience 2016 notes

The bi-annual Geographic Information Science conference is one of the focal point on the field. This year, it was held in Montreal. You can find my talk in a long and separate post… 1,174 more words


Honey and Chocolate

When you think of honey, several concepts might pop up in your mind: flowers, tea, honey bees… or maybe even the queen of all bees – Beyoncé? 48 more words

Totem and Taboo: Freud Was Right! The Universal Oedipus Complex, Part 2

by Michael Poff, MSW, MA
Psychoanalyst – The Carter-Jenkins Center Psychoanalytic Institute
M.A., Anthropology, The University of Chicago


Paul Johnson's Three Key Passing Game Concepts off the Triple Option

Triple Pass is utilized when the defense forces the Quarterback to pull and pitch the ball.  When the defense does this, whether they consciously realize this or not, they must utilize their safety and corner to play the Quarterback/Pitch in order to get an alley defender.   322 more words

Mood Boards and Concepts

I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. I started this blog to give myself some accountability in my writing, so I could work and focus on projects like I need to. 506 more words