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365 Challenge: Day 104 - Relevant

Relevant: appropriate to the current time, period, or circumstances; of contemporary interest; closely connected or appropriate to what is being done or considered

People have differing importance on the value of relevance. 1,189 more words

365 Day Challenge

How to price an investment

This is a response to a comment I had on a previous post about valuing a simple annuity due using javascript. There is a concept in finance called the time… 310 more words


Biblical Direction

My wife and I recently attended a funeral. An uncle had passed away. My wife’s mother is one of ten siblings, which means she belongs to a large family. 470 more words


Toy Mapping

Preparation: Story books with character representation.
Engagement Time: 20 mins to few hours

Toddlers (Todds) get confused with the concept of left and right, ahead and beside. 258 more words


Wait! $20 today isn't worth as much tomorrow????

For anyone who read my post on “Valuing an ordinary Annuity using Javascript” and wondered why everything was discounted by the interest rate, there’s a concept in finance called time value of money. 279 more words


Video Explanation Of Game

A quick video that shows some game play and explains the main game mode of the game.




activism ~ #lestweforget - ourselves

Oh how quickly we forget.

Whether its convenience, or guilt, I am unsure.

But if we care to look,

take notice,

the evidence is everywhere. 161 more words