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Conceptual Provocations

I work with teaching teams to ensure that provocations are conceptually based. The notion of teaching through concepts is something that is very close to my own teaching philosophy. 327 more words


Woman/Concept Power

A man or woman must demonstrate their might, but from an unseen weakness. If they merely rely on a description of strength and power to themselves and others, when they need inner psychological strength, they will crumble. 61 more words


Value Type Vs Reference Type

There is always a confusion between value types vs reference types or a struct vs a class. Specially during interview times .. :), when Interviewer starts question by asking whats the difference between Value Types vs Reference Types and ends by delocating of memory. 399 more words


Out Vs Ref

There are some basic differences in Out and Ref.

Out :  Passed by reference and it must be set by the called method, otherwise there will be compiler error. 154 more words