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Looking back on 2016...

On the way into work this week I was thinking about what to write this year and for ideas I read my past Looking back… posts all the way back to 2008. 433 more words


People, The Kah

Back again to share more about the Kah, one of the Races in The Lost Age. Here’s one of the No-Kah Matriarchs, the Mata, by… 355 more words

The Lost Age RPG

Concepts – Why DNA Testing the Oldest Family Members is Critically Important

Recently, someone asked me to explain why testing the older, in fact, the oldest family members is so important. What they really wanted were talking points in order to explain to others, in just a few words, so that they could understand the reasoning without having to understand the details or the science. 1,649 more words


Musical Platforming: Dustforce, Runner2, and Game Feel

I’ve never really been into platformers, so the fact that I’ve been playing two of them this week is pretty unusual.  Mostly for lack of other games to play, I’ve been messing around in Bit.Trip Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (I’m just going to call it “Runner”, if that’s okay) and Dustforce, and while my lack of experience with any platformer other than Super Mario Bros is pretty difficult to overcome, I’ve managed to really enjoy these two games.   1,452 more words


Monolith's 2005 Halloween: FEAR and Condemned’s Approaches to Action Horror

FEAR 1 and Condemned: Criminal Origins were released just over a month apart from each other, by the same studio, in the same engine, with the same first-person perspective, and the same light focus on horror elements.   1,247 more words


The #NeverMiss Mom


The title is specific to mothers, but fathers are on the hook as well:

  1. Take care of yourself so you can take care of your family…
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