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Most of us understand instinctively that to be truly competent at anything, Kung Fu, Sport, playing a Musical Instrument we only accomplish it once we can free ourselves up, free up our thinking, free up our emotions, be uninhabited physically,  give our body permission to choose what it believes to be the best option. 415 more words


Detroit Auto Show: Concepts

I’m sure I’m not the only person who was a bit…underwhelmed by the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this year. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I can say that this certainly wasn’t it. 411 more words


Documents for Task Analysis Presentation - DADD 2017 Conference

Here is a link to a Dropbox folder with the documents I will address in my presentation. (Note: documents will not be uploaded until Jan 19, 2017.)


3 unbelievable concepts cars already revealed in 2017

While the 2017 Detroit Auto show was not the most exciting in recent memory, there were a few concept cars that caught the eyes of many attendees.   63 more words

Burning D&D - New System

This is my attempt to convert our current D&D 5e campaign into something a bit like Burning Wheel.


Character sheet


Concepts and Look Development


Done by Daniel, Nathan and myself.

These mood boards have been extremely helpful, especially when choosing colours for concept art and the sky paintings below. 2,654 more words


Research team performance

Community member post by Jennifer E. Cross and Hannah Love

How can we improve the creativity and performance of research teams?

Recent studies on team performance have pointed out that the performance and creativity of teams has more to do with the social processes of interaction on teams, than on individual personality traits. 850 more words