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Pt. 4A: Science Readiness -- for Parents

I am astounded by the number of upper elementary and even junior high kids who are taught scientific concepts and reactions without seeing, touching, hearing, smelling, and generally observing the physical materials or doing the experiments. 1,159 more words


Concept Making (Arki #1)

Ideas can come from anywhere. Everyday you have at least 4-5 ideas that you make but forgotten because of other things that you do. Ideas are things that starts plans and concepts. 131 more words


the walls//a concept

You push, I shove.

You push, I shove, harder.

You reach, I pull away.

I pull farther and farther away.

You follow, I run.

Faster. 195 more words


A Clear Understanding of Real GST

In the long run-up to introducing GST, the Government was so focused on State governments and negotiating their claims for compensation that it appeared to have missed the fact that India has seven Union Territories that also need to come on board. 535 more words


In The Shadow of One's Art

Cooper Hewitt – Smithsonian Design Museum, New York, NY


Knowledge has two forms : it is either intuitive knowledge or logical knowledge ; knowledge obtained through the imagination or knowledge obtained through the intellect ; knowledge of the individual or knowledge of the universal ;  of individual things or of the relations between them : it is, in fact, productive either of images or of concepts. 21 more words


Docker, applications and Traefik


A couple of weeks ago I started playing around with Docker. I set up a small server at home and I wanted to host several applications like a mailserver, nextcloud, an apache webserver hosting my panorama fotos, gitlab for my code and so on. 670 more words