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On Filling Gaps

We fill gaps in statements we want to complete, crevices on walls we want to even out, spaces in puzzles we want to finish.

We crave for wholeness in things around us, in the people we care about, but most importantly, in ourselves. 258 more words

Delaying Tactics

Ember.js- Getting Started

The first stage of development in Up and Running with Ember.js is Getting Started. This section covers What is Ember?, How to use Ember, How this course works, Understanding Ember core concepts, About the Ember Starter Kit, Customize our code and Installing Ember Inspector.


Hinduism Cocepts...

Karma and Samsara
Brahman and God

It is all about materials

Some exceptional buildings are around, but what about the majority of structures? Why are they becoming predictable and ordinary?

There was a time when building materials were limited and design options few, within which our elders created houses and offices. 467 more words


hunters hunted

Had a lot of fun with this and feel much better following yesterdays effort lol. had this idea last night while two owls kept me awake hooting outside the house. 24 more words

Writing Every Day

Some days it’s really hard to sit down and write something not because it’s been a terrible day or there’s nothing to write, but simply because the flow doesn’t come. 189 more words


Net Neutrality is not about freedom

This post is addressed to all the proponents of net neutrality on the grounds of the freedom of choice of the consumer. But net neutrality has nothing to do with freedom. 400 more words