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Packaged Plays

The play action pass is such a beautiful play to watch because the moment when it looks like the running play is doomed, suddenly it is revealed that this play is actually a pass, and the ball is sent down field.  957 more words


Warm up sketches

These are from the past couple of days. I did a lot of gesture drawing for one of my classes, and it really helped. I told myself at the end of that class that I should continue with it – but until now I haven’t done it. 11 more words


Selling Concepts

I took a deep breath as I walked over to the towering wall of denim. I found the pair and size I was looking for, and the walked over to the middle aged woman that I had spotting walking into the store moments earlier. 975 more words


Artwork: Sci fi concepts made by the hand of Matt Elder

Matt grew up in country NSW, near the beach and in the country which gave him a special appreciation for landscape. As an impressionable teenager, Matt spent several years living in remote and cold parts of Canada where the contrast of the landscape to sun burnt NSW was dramatic. 179 more words


Website Research - idn featured artists

At the moment I have been researching websites to see how they have been set out (gridding, tiled, writing), the use of hierarchy and consistency of content, colour pallets, what are possible features to attract a fanbase/new culture of artists, and how these all work together. 289 more words



How often do we feel dissatisfied, because we feel that our days are taken up with trivial activities and a longing for more time to do something really worthwhile? 958 more words


Swift - Optionals


With the introduction to a new programming language known as SWIFT in the past year by the biggest technical giants Apple Inc, most dominant player in the mobile market, a new stage was set for developers to come up with more. 549 more words