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Perspective: Looking Forward Part 3 - A New Marikina

In the first part of this series, we talked about the history which led to the state of the industry as we see it today. We saw how the lack of foresight and strategic planning has caused the weakening of the industry as a whole. 1,983 more words

Led Flashlights And Other Gift Concepts For Dad - Free Online Press Release

LED bulbs appeared to be becoming first commercially initiated in laboratory test applications, and only afterward in radios and handsets.

Moving Towards Being Agile - Documentation

Agile Documentation

The waterfall way of working lovessss documentation. They have a BRD (Business Requirements Document) that the business should produce for them before asking the developers to start working on the project. 1,027 more words


Artificial Creativity

Artificial Intelligence already outsmarted the human brain, but will it also get more creative?

Google’s AlphaGo defeated Go champion Lee Sedol last March. Go can be compared to chess, but the 2,500-year-old game is exponentially more complex and requires (among humans) an added degree of intuition. 395 more words


Virtues and vices of real world co-creation

Community member post by Quassim Cassam

I approach this topic as an analytic philosopher rather than a specialist in co-creation. It’s clear that co-creation is thought to offer a promising response to real world problems and it connects in interesting ways with my own work on epistemic virtues and vices. 935 more words