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Qualitative Characteristics Of Financial Information

The revised Framework of IASB and FASB distinguish between two types of qualitative characteristics that are necessary to provide useful financial information:

  • Fundamental qualitative characteristics (relevance and faithful representation) and…
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Kontribusi Pemilik Modal (Capital Contribution)

Kontribusi pemilik modal atau Capital contribution tidak dijelaskan secara spesifik dalam standar akuntansi tapi secara umum diartikan sebagai kontribusi dari pemilik atau pemberian dari pemilik entitas yang meningkatkan ekuitas entitas tanpa ada kewajiban dari entitas untuk membayar kembali atau melakukan sesuatu karena menerima pemberian tersebut. 197 more words

Akuntansi Dan Audit

Critical regionalism

Task 4 (Research Methodology module): – Annotated Bibliography task.  

(Aim: – finding texts that can help you to theoretically underpin and inspire your practice)

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Research Methodology

Conceptual and Theoretical Frameworks for Educational Research

In my experience it is not uncommon for graduate students to struggle to figure out how to develop a conceptual or theoretical framework for their thesis or capstone project. 600 more words



Chapter 1: Conceptual Framework

Since the 1990s, criticality has been limited, given that many scholars at the field of education and technology have ‘moved away from their explicitly critical stances and toward positions where they could speak directly to those providing funding for policy advice and evaluation’ (Parker and Thomas, 2011: 5). 1,887 more words

Genentech: Beyond The Cycle

Immunotherapy is powerful and complex – for those who want to understand it better, read here:

A new conceptual framework could help guide the future of personalized… 8 more words