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Archan Nair - New Works

Archan Nair is a self- taught visual artist, illustrator and Digital Artist, specialising in mixed media, illustration, and digital art. His visual expressions are part of a journey which is really influenced by the mysteries of our existence and how every action, emotion, and our interconnectedness in a universal scale sets of a chain of reactions, which we experience from the micro to the macro scale. 34 more words


Untitled (wip)

A titanic Eve lay on her side, among rising blades of titanic grass and mega flora, which surrounds her to form a terra-formed antediluvian paradise.  In her hand, she holds an enormous crystal wine glass, containing the blood that will bring her inebriation.  33 more words

Post Deluge Studios


A response on the Pop My Mind platform, reacting to the piece Paper Jam by Mark Aaron. Exploring the idea that not being able to express your original idea makes what you do express suffer.


Snow White

Its the end of the world, but its ok, Snow White is here to save the day, and maybe even the Prince.

MUA: Rosie Viney
Model: Lisa Drake