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Decision Time, Valerie: Train Vs Car – Virgin Trains

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‘Spandau or Speedcore?’ asks Virgin Trains in debut work by Anomaly
Virgin Trains boldly presents itself as akin to a relaxing Spandau Ballet track compared to stressful rival transport modes in Anomaly’s debut work for the brand.

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Gothic Autumn | Conceptual

For years I’ve wanted to go a proper autumn shoot, making the most of those beautiful colours before the winds blew them away. And I’d been inspired by some levitation shots as well, and really wanted to try a couple of those! 105 more words

Fireflight Photography


” My best friend”- Shot at Varkala beach evening


Background Texture

This is the texture I made to put behind Seri in my last post. The trick to making good background textures is not to make them the main feature. 120 more words