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“Plagiarizing Myself”

Plagiarizing myself, while I can’t find the words to say,
receding into the recesses of my mind,
searching for a lost feeling to convey.

My desensitized self, I’m waiting for a sign, 162 more words



107 // 365

I had big ideas for today… Then I decided to have a nap instead.


UK General Election.

I’ve been thinking about the upcoming General Election and the daily posturing and promising… I went looking for the spikiest bramble branch to help illustrate my idea. 30 more words

Iain Crockart Photographer

Decapitated yearnings

I carry with my bare hands

My own head.

Sometimes it’s light, I hug it

Sending it up in the sky

I, no longer, fear to die. 144 more words


Eye of the Tree Vision

Another one. This time as I was standing up, coming out of the float tank. I try and keep my eyes closed for as long as I can and then look at one object straight ahead. 209 more words


A decaying metal balustrade creates it’s very own landscape………..