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Plastics, Transparency

Recently the term transparency has become more common place. We are expected by the government to allow a large level of transparency in our day to day admin; IRD must know alternative incomes, Student Loan/Allowance requires correct identification, cars must be registered etc – I don’t deny the importance of such rules, they allow our government to properly manage and control the hard points of our modern day society. 935 more words


Scabby the Rat


“Many businesses have tried to stop Scabby in court and have failed, according to BusinessWeek. Just this week, a New York district judge rejected an asbestos contractor’s suit to make local workers get rid of the rat. 626 more words


The Queen of Procrastination

Legs crossed over one another, and a duvet covering my shy hips. There’s tea ready for me to gulp and to go ’sploosh sploosh’ in my stomach. 637 more words


Abstraction in Motion

Something in motion stops—
and there it is—

Chance encounter with an abstract!

During National Poetry Writing Month one is encouraged to write and share… 39 more words


Three Inspiring Artists

I am making this post to make up for a week I had missed. My first inspiring artist this week is Tracey Baran. I like her very intimate, hippie-feel photography and it very much inspires me to photograph life even when it doesn’t seem perfect. 60 more words