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Riskerna med ADHD-läkemedel – Varför plötsligt uppvaknande på TT? — NewsVoice – Public Service på riktigt – 17Aug, 2016

INSÄNDARE. Förskrivning av narkotikaklassad medicin mot ADHD når rekordnivåer allteftersom tiden går. Den 2/6 rapporterade många tidningar om att ADHD-mediciner har som biverkning att kunna orsaka hjärtproblem.

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Mental health update: one week on Strattera

Today I have been exactly one week on Strattera, 40 mg once a day. As Strattera usually takes a couple of weeks to become fully effective, I didn’t expect to see any difference so fast. 490 more words

Is ADHD becoming an epidemic?

By Laurie Scarborough

Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) symptoms began to be documented about a century ago (Kos & Richdale, 2004). Epidemiological studies show that prevalence rates have soared since then with rates increasing from 3% in 1980 (American Psychiatric Association, 1980), to modern prevalence rates reaching as high as 18% (Rowland et al., 2002). 3,540 more words


Short mental health update: soon to go on Strattera

I wrote a while back that I was going to ask my doctor to put me back on ADHD medication after four years off because I’ve come to a point where I cannot longer manage my symptoms. 185 more words

Do I Need To Up My Dose?

When I first started Concerta XL i was amazed. But I’m starting to worry that this was partly down to the placebo effect.

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Managing My ADHD With Adventure

This is a topic I have been bouncing around writing about for a while. I’m partially motivated to write about my experience with ADHD because of my friend René’s blog “ 1,281 more words


The little things: PII

Purpose: I have an issue with control. Not over anyone but myself/my body. I try to solve this issue by working through my eating disorder, which is where my personal need of control stems from. 191 more words

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