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Superman studying

“Time to take my superman pill,” *Luke says with a gleam in his eyes. He saunters off towards the bathroom of the library, with a tiny clear plastic packet in his grip. 469 more words

My Story

Not My Daughter: When A Father Denies An ADHD Diagnosis

After years of managing the conveyor belt of forms, appointments and tests tied to a special needs child, you want the path of least resistance.  So, when my daughter asked that I hide her ADHD medicine in her violin case and drop it off at school, I didn’t hesitate. 223 more words

Single Mom

To medicate or not to medicate

I remember when we were told our son had ADHD I was devastated and confused, then the doctor started talking about medication and the different types of medication and the side affects of those medications, my head was in a whirl. 505 more words


'Us ADD kids'

Shaun fumbles over, trying to switch off the alarm clock and its frustratingly incessant buzzing. He had planned to sleep in a little bit later, but now he’s awake and the flow of thoughts rush in. 521 more words

My Story

To Med - Or Not To Med!

Remembered to ring the Doctors in regards to my meds, Concerta, which I was advised would be ready tomorrow – only to be told that I wouldn’t be able to pick it up until tomorrow night after work (5.30pm) so looks as though I won’t be starting until Wednesday now! 159 more words


After Diagnosis: Adult ADHD

So here I am, about to lose my Blogging Virginity, on a Sunday afternoon. Hi 👋

After being diagnosed with Adult ADHD on Friday 27 February (2015 of course) I decided to give this blog thing a go. 290 more words


ADHD explained for the non-medical person

Have you ever heard someone say “that child does not have ADHD, he just has bad parents” or “that person does not have ADHD, they are just unorganized”. 652 more words

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