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Blame it on my ADD, Baby

When I was a Junior in high school I had a very close friend whom I spent a lot of time with outside of class. On a Thursday night I was trying to get my homework done so I could go out and see a movie with my friend. 208 more words

Back to the Shrink

I visited my ‘temp’ psychiatrist today.

As a reminder, my usual shrink is on maternity leave, and it appears that she has not yet returned, though I thought she’d be back by now.  713 more words

ADD Awareness

Why your kid's Concerta isn't working as it should... Chapter Two

The FDA has again approved a generic version of the most commonly prescribed medication for teens in the U.S. without requiring proof that the new product works as well as what kids are currently taking. 2,279 more words


Kiddy Cocaine

By: Hunter Nestadt

It is 10pm, three days before this article is due and I have just taken a 36mg dose of Concerta. For me this is normal. 669 more words

Medication update: 2 weeks in

I started medication about two weeks ago. 18mg of extended release Concerta, which is methylphenidate, a stimulant that is used to treat symptoms of ADHD. 759 more words

Concerta - First Thoughts

Concerta 18mg has been given to her on 3 days so far.

The one change that is noticeable is that she is a calmer child. The extra energy that she possessed at times isn’t sprouting its head from time to time. 291 more words