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Beijing’s Patience Pays Off With Trump’s Reaffirmation of ‘One-China’ Policy

President Xi, in phone call, praises U.S. president’s change of heart

U.S. President Donald Trump committed to a longstanding agreement that the U.S. won’t recognize Taiwan diplomatically in a phone call with President Xi Jinping late Thursday. 1,593 more words

So Labour didn't change #Brexit? Here's a concession you might not know of

So, so predictable that today the media, political opposition parties who were never in a position to achieve and change and some Labour MPs and members are making today (yet another) ‘blame Corbyn for everything’ day. 919 more words

$15 popcorn: The concession prices at Super Bowl 51 are stupidly expensive

The exorbitant ticket prices at every Super Bowl deservedly get a lot of attention as fans dish out thousands of dollars just to get in the building. 150 more words


Why is Cinema Popcorn So Damn Expensive?

Have you ever wondered what the real mark-up is on cinema popcorn and why they can get away with charging so much? Here at FilmStrip we investigated the truth behind why cinema popcorn is so expensive and the truth is going to surprise you. 1,468 more words

Churro Sale - Feb. 10th

Student council will be selling churros after school February 10th. Churros are $1.00 each and proceeds benefit our Works of Mercy Campaign.

Student Council

Briscoe Disco

I always say one of the best parts about working at FirstEnergy Stadium is the community and family bond between the fans and the employees. The strength of that bond is visible in many ways, but it is at its strongest when one of its members is down for the count. 612 more words


Field of Learning

I’m pretty sure that everyone would agree that the best days in elementary school were the class field trip days. It was a day spent out of the classroom and even though it was still educational it didn’t feel like learning. 547 more words