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This week has been a great week, but just like everything it has ups and downs. In addition, the experience can be different for every camper. 62 more words

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Thursday 2012

Thursday was a day with lots of firsts in sports and recreation.

First time…

  • Elective sports have been offered.
  • Gaga Pit, 9 Square in the Air, Canoeing, Paddle boating, Ultimate Frisbee, 4 Way Soccer, and Archery are offered.
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Wednesday 2012

Wednesday Fun

  • Amazing Talent
  • Singing a “Dum” song
  • Watching a movie during sports because of rain
  • Continuing crafts
  • Meeting Okoboji Pete
  • Having higher score than girls for Cabin Clean -Up (Boys’ cabins now have one win, girls have two for competition to see if boys or girls have cleaner cabins.)
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Tuesday 2012

Remembering Tuesday

  • Craft projects underway, leaving more time to play Craft Trivia
  • Devotion about “Who (or What) is our Anchor?”
  • Doug and Doug at Bible Study…
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Monday 2012

Highlights from Monday (in no particular order)

  • The lovely couples of the Grand March
  • The easy transition into sports
  • Breakfast (It looked like a corn dog, but was really a sausage wrapped in a pancake)
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Sunday 2012

Here is my take on Sunday night’s events.

After check – in we got settled into our cabins. Meeting new people can be scary, but I think the transition went really well. 245 more words

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Do you have time to just relax at Cub Week? Yes, there are are couple half-hour breaks throughout the day to play games, hang out in your cabin, or go to the store. 170 more words

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