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Mother Driving

Don’t make me come back there.
And don’t you think I won’t either.
Always screaming.
Always whining in your bratty voice.

Take your slimy hands off the leather. 82 more words


Intrusive Thought Thursday - Two Poems

I was inspired by a neighbour, in this blogosphere, and decided to follow today’s Blogging 101 exercise.

Yesterday, I chose to comment on MyLovingWife’s “Getting Out Of One’s Shell” … 767 more words


New drafts

Have been working on another poem from my folder of “in progress” work: https://wp.me/p5BCD4-3F (the quiltedpoetry WP blog.)

Also, I am enjoying having an “Artist Date” blog, again. 112 more words


A Piece That Isn't Working

The challenge was two pieces of burlap to make a book. I tried various combinations, below, but can’t quite get it to work. Advice?

I’m trying to embed objects to make a kind of concrete poem without words. 13 more words

Calla Curl

Calla curl,
Silky swirl.
Snow may hide
New England’s color,
But trucked-in treasure
Startles and entrances,
My heart dances —
A wild whirl. 108 more words


Best of Writing 201: Poetry (according to no one important)

The WordPress Writing 201: Poetry course is over. I’m sure to your relief, dear reader. I will return to regular programming shortly. In the meantime, I thought I would share a few of my favorites from other participants. 393 more words