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The Shapes of Clouds by John L. Stanizzi

The Shapes of Clouds

. . . . . . . . . . . . .Childhood is far away.
. . . . . 166 more words


Spring Angel

in April
a  winged angelic            and            feathery stillness
heralds           divine music      from above
the icy confection
reminds of protection
brings a sense of peace… 96 more words


A Note for You

Concrete (or shape) poetry uses the lines of text to form the silhouette of an identifiable visual image—generally, an image that represents or comments upon the subject of the poem.



Perhaps I wouldn’t write if my mouth lubricated itself during times I need it the most.

Like when I stopped her at the door. Onlookers impatiently observing the distance between us and the door. 38 more words

Seven Steps by G Hesslau Magrady

Seven Steps

It’s not
that he can’t
walk up the stairs.
He just wonders if he should.
He reflects at the fifth step. She
will be waiting at the table with… 123 more words