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Bully on the Bus Class Activities

Last week I visited a Year 4 class that’s studying Bully on the Bus as their class novel. They’d only recently started, but I was already impressed with the teacher’s creative approach – and the… 412 more words


Concrete Snowman

This was a lot harder to create than you may think. I may have stretched a few lines near the end to fulfill the ideal image of a snowman. 7 more words


Shape Poetry: My First Attempt

Having reached the age of twenty, I must admit I am slightly too old to be drawing pretty heart shapes on pieces of paper and then cutting them out. 356 more words

Creative Writing

Animal: What Is It?

Slithering craftily on the hunt for
   the next meal isn't it the most
         subtle beast in the field?
 Meandering like a river crawling
                                       through the forest feeling for the
                           heat of the one, soon gone from life's lease. 178 more words

Writing 201:Poetry - Day 4 - 'A Whale of a Tale'

Don’t sit there scratching your head. I’ll tell you what it’s supposed to be.
Our instructions for Day 4 include the subject of animals, the form of concrete (or shape) poems, and the technique of enjambment. 148 more words


The Hunted

I was done making today’s poem assignment about animals, concrete poem and enjabment but when I was in the toilet, another idea came to mind. My… 13 more words