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Puzzle Glyphs

t b
h w b sit earths
Clipped, i an n l scrags.
s r n / d / c h
shelved g i though l… 630 more words

Concrete Poetry

What is Poetry?

                               at LOFTiness
straight, in I’lands, the coconut tree, poetry, shoots

and fruits a soft hearted nut case
and a climber must be good to pick these… 27 more words

Black Egg, Fig Dream, and Other Thoughts

Each loco
with you
ma and every
baby eats
her cream. There is no hand or invisible cats walking by the
sun. The
flying… 1,062 more words

Concrete Poetry

Huevo Negro

Cada loco
con su te
ma y cada
bebé come
su crema.

No hay una mano, ni gatos invisibles que caminan por el sol.

La águila… 369 more words

Concrete Poetry

Time (Concrete Poetry) - Nicholas Mayer

Poet’s Description

This is my first foray into concrete poetry, and I decided to create it while doing some free verse about a sunset I was observing. 107 more words

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