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[Poetry] A Turtle's Race

*First time trying a concrete poem. There is a reason my can’t-draw-to-save-my-life self has never drawn a concrete poem before. Exhibit A: (above) If I squint my eyes hard enough, I thiiink I can see a turtle.

Jade's Poetry

obsessive harvest...

the repeated action which brings temporary comfort

…plucking, gathering, garnering,

a soft harvest amounting to nothing.


The applause.

A little thought about the word ‘present’.


Concrete Poem: The Cage

This is my first attempt at concrete poetry. It is created so that the shape of the poem has just as much impact as the words. Poetry meets art.

Writing To Heal

Ires & Ears & Reader Satisfaction Survey

Instructions: Read each row left to right, then, in each empty cell in the first column, insert a word that irks you. In the corresponding empty cell in the far right column, insert your irky word’s opposite. 326 more words


ottos mops kotzt - these sudden days blowse & hum

Today I wanted to delight you with some poetry:

Imprisoned insisted I risk over break heart
I still love you passengers want bug and Fiji bug saw…
339 more words