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VEXATIONS BOOK 3: Lexmark XM5163

The third of a projected 10 volumes, VEXATIONS BOOK 3: Lexmark XM5163 decomposes the score of Erik Satie’s masterpiece through repeated photocopy degeneration. Beaulieu’s VEXATIONS moves writing towards “furniture music.” 105 more words

Growing together

The Church of Christ might be like plants.  Some plants look different than others.  In a lens view you can see many differences.  Still, they all belong in the same place.   74 more words

Concrete Christian Poetry

Something about sunrise.

The morning brought with it a rolling dense fog and grey light

that was half a product of adjusting eyes

and half a sign that the sun was just on the other side of the mountain. 193 more words



When a song’s lyrics are a concrete poem.

Bat Macumba

Bat Macumba ê ê, Bat Macumba obá
Bat Macumba ê ê, Bat Macumba obá
Bat Macumba ê ê, Bat Macumba obá 117 more words




We are all filters of the world,
taking the news in—the happy births 
and inane deaths, the charities and cruelties,
the beauties and the gross ugliness… 119 more words

POETRY FORM ǀ Concrete

A concrete poem is one in which the words of the poem are arranged into a shape or shapes to enhance or depict the key theme/s or meaning of the poem. 120 more words

Her Heart Poetry