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Text Weave & Asemic Vispo by Audrey Enough (Montreal, Canada)

Asemic vispo by Audrey Enough (Montreal, Canada)

An artist using the network moniker Audrey Enough is a new shining star in the IUOMA asemic writing group. 151 more words


bLizard of Osz (Parts 4-5): Collabs by Osvaldo Cibils (Italy) & De Villo Sloan (USA)

Asemic visual poetry collab by Osvaldo Cibils (Trento, Italy) & De Villo Sloan (New York, USA)

Foundation by Osvaldo Cibils


Detail study

Source material by DVS… 41 more words


Found Asemics by Richard Canard (Illinois, USA)

“Asemic Trashpo” by Richard Canard (Carbondale, Illinois, USA). Image courtesy of Nancy Bell Scott

An original member of Ray Johnson’s New York Correspondance School (NYCS), Richard Canard is one of the most recognized and important mail artists working today. 164 more words


By the Bye

Been jaded
by words
by your words
by your empty words

by products
by omission

by your own admission

Can you see the forest for the trees?

Forest —
is not only trees
but mycorrhizal mulch
and shrubs; it’s fox and fowl
it’s scent and sounds; our past
and future — yet, we chainsaw trees… 100 more words


Asemic Vispo Collabs by Carina Granlund (Finland) & De Villo Sloan (USA)

Asemic visual poetry collaboration by Carina Granlund (Petsmo, Finland) and De Villo Sloan (Auburn, New York, USA)

Snail mail collabs usually come together more slowly than digital efforts. 178 more words