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winging in from FLUXUS ZONE DUE SOUTH

a pete spence card from that far-east FLUXUS ZONE and the POLARTIS I’ve been waiting for… thanks pete!! ‘A fair ten years since the last POLARTIS,’ says pete, ‘hope it reads as a nice idea.’ Indeed! 236 more words


Dada, Futurism, and Poetry

The Dada movement of early 20th century art emerged with the work of Marcel Duchamp and other like minded individuals such as Hugo ball and Kurt Schwitters. 214 more words

Appropriation, or Stealing Stuff

When I think of “appropriation” the first person I think of is Kanye West. Regardless of what you think about the man’s music, or his chops, he’s a master of appropriation.   201 more words


For starters...

This “blog” is basically a dumping ground for my thoughts. Pure narcissism. Like the rest of the Web.  Spitting in the wind, so to speak. 110 more words