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Woodland Street, Worcester, MA

A Man, in a Rumpled Hat and Suit, Looks Extremely Confused and Agitated as He Stands, Clutching a Fishing Rod and Reel, in the Front Yard of a Home on Woodland Street in Worcester, MA


Polyurethane now on the concrete statue.

This morning I was tossing up whether to pain it a dark grey or poly it, took a while but decided I still want to see that it’s made of concrete so the can of poly I found in the shed won out!

Concrete Sculpture

Trading Post for yard art

Trading Post for Yard Art

Anybody want a giant Easter basket?

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge Week 13

The blue arrow shows the old man proprietor who followed my mom around everywhere she went. 7 more words

Photo Challenge

a strip of red

the only color that could be seen. This statue is so old that the concrete has begun to wash off, leaving behind only the stones that made her. 21 more words


Hey, look at that! Wait, look at this!

Saturday, on our deadhead drive up to Shelbyville, Tennessee, the wind blew something fierce. I heard on the radio the towns behind us were having so much rain the streets were flooding. 360 more words

Drive-Away Transport

Matter under the influence of life is characterized by thermodynamically unstable states

Every biochemist knows well that it is very difficult to keep complex biomolecules (proteins, nucleic acids etc.) intact — they have tendency to deteriorate very quickly. 403 more words