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Concupiscence – lust;  desire of the lower appetite, especially sexual,  contrary to reason; indwelling sin.


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To be honest, I am not going to complete my challenge.  Twelve blogs was just too lofty a goal with everything else going on.  I probably should have just challenged myself to eat twelve Taco Time burritos, or touch twelve breasts, or cause twelve people to gasp aloud due to a timely cloud of flatulence. 459 more words


Romans 7 Prayer: Released from the Law

Through the body of Christ I have died to the Law, enabling me to bear the fruit of the Spirit. When I lived under the Law, I could only live in the flesh and all my efforts would lead to death. 138 more words


The Tenth Station: Jesus Is Stripped of His Garments

The Tenth Station: Jesus Is Stripped of His Garments.

After they had crucified him, they divided his garments by casting lots.
Mt 27:35

Like a lamb led to slaughter… 743 more words


Augustine: Baptism and Forgiveness

These are some notes from Augustine’s treatise Baptism and the Forgiveness of Sins.  Once you get passed the grim assertions that unbaptized babies aren’t saved (which guaranteed that the Catholic church would come up with theories of Limbo), there are some important points on concupiscence. 185 more words

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