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The Tenth Station: Jesus Is Stripped of His Garments

The Tenth Station: Jesus Is Stripped of His Garments.

After they had crucified him, they divided his garments by casting lots.
Mt 27:35

Like a lamb led to slaughter… 743 more words

Stations Of The Cross

Augustine: Baptism and Forgiveness

These are some notes from Augustine’s treatise Baptism and the Forgiveness of Sins.  Once you get passed the grim assertions that unbaptized babies aren’t saved (which guaranteed that the Catholic church would come up with theories of Limbo), there are some important points on concupiscence. 185 more words

Book Review

On Mary's Assumption

Our Lady’s body suffered not decay,

Exempt from the determined consequence

Of carnal lust and fell concupiscence,

The penalty which Adam’s kind all pay.

Do I then rave if I speak of a Day… 66 more words


Concupiscence beyond sex - a trip to the Desert

In Patristic anthropology, concupiscence is an important aspect of the inner workings of the human soul. Concupiscence is usually mentioned in the context either of the battle over grace & free will or of the early monastic movement. 724 more words

Classic Christianity


He feigned compassion,

swore he sensed me spiritually.

but all ended, crashing,

when he couldn’t have my body.

What We Can Learn From Drug Addicts and Alcoholics

We will be observing Red Ribbon Week in the U.S. in less than a week.  Let it be a sign of our fervent opposition of both drugs and the abuse of otherwise benign substances, as well as our commitment to honoring the law enforcement officials who have risked and given their lives in the fight. 606 more words