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Daily Service: Condemnation versus Conviction

Daily Service: Condemnation versus Conviction

Source: Great Bible study.com


A lot of believers hear condemning thoughts, and some believers even think it’s God telling them these things. 496 more words


Special Treatment

I recently ran across a comment someone made about sodomy. The author claimed to be a Christian, and was upset that other Christians made a big deal about sodomy and same-sex attraction. 515 more words


The Beautiful Door

The beautiful door was right in front of you. It was indicative of opportunity and possibly destiny.  It would have/should have been so easy to walk up the steps and go in. 133 more words

Hey, Soul Sister!

Have you ever wondered why a lot of Christians nowadays suffer from depression? You know, the words “depression” and “Christian” being used in one sentence seem to be too far-fetched for most people. 1,009 more words

Psalms 33:11

Do you hate yourself? Do past sins constantly remind you of how awfully unacceptable you are even in your very own eyes? Whenever condemnation lurks around, it is like living inside a dark, windowless cell with no ventilation. 300 more words

The Weakest

The runt of the litter
he was called,

the weakest
who didn’t count at all.

Looked down upon
and regarded as lazy.

In later years… 61 more words



This weight is crushing.
It’s the burden of sin,
Suffocating my heart
With words that condemn. 338 more words

Jesus Christ