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Review: Condemned: Criminal Origins - Monolith - XBox 360 (2005)

As my free time over summer starts to come to an end this year, I’ve played through another game.

So I woke up in a bad mood last Friday morning, and decided that a good, short game was what I needed to do with my time. 2,993 more words


The Play List: Condemned: Criminal Origins

Halloween is almost upon us, but to be honest I’m mostly indifferent to the whole event. However I will admit to being a fan of its influence on TV as Joe’s… 1,077 more words


Single-Player Scares

Each year as October 31st nears, the interwebs abound with “Scariest Movies” lists. And while I love me some scary movies, I thought I’d spend this Halloween post focusing on a lesser-mainstream way of entertaining yourself with thrills and chills. 802 more words

Video Games

My favourite moments from terrifying games.

This is it guys! The final countdown to the game I am most looking forward to this year; ‘Alien Isolation’. It is also October; the month of Hallowe’en so I feel it is only fitting that we do some posts about one of my favourite genres; the survival horror. 1,048 more words



In 2006 a company from Washington State in the USA released the PC version of ‘Condemned: Criminal Origins’ for our gaming scares. Monolith Productions, now a subsidiary of Warner Brothers, had built a superbly crafted game world which settled itself somewhere between straight up crime drama and the supernatural with story elements that hint of great films such as “Seven”. 54 more words


Top 5 Horror Games

We all have our list of favorite horror games and even though they’re all different we do however have one thing in common, they scared the shit out of us! 322 more words


Zero Lives Left - Condemned: Criminal Origins

Game: Condemned: Criminal Origins
Released: 2005
Available On: Xbox 360 (Review), PC
Genre: Survival Horror

I’ll preface this review by stating that this game exists in my favourite games of all time. 1,101 more words

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