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Condemned: Criminal Origins (2005)


Genre Period Developer Publisher Theme Action, FPS, Horror Modern (2001-2010) Monolith Sega, Warner Brothers Horror, Supernatural, Urban, Crime, Detective

Condemned: Criminal Origins is a decent first person action horror game. 334 more words


Monolith's 2005 Halloween: FEAR and Condemned’s Approaches to Action Horror

FEAR 1 and Condemned: Criminal Origins were released just over a month apart from each other, by the same studio, in the same engine, with the same first-person perspective, and the same light focus on horror elements.   1,247 more words


5 Most Terrifying Jumpscares in Video Game History

The average player will know to be wary when the music drops and your measured footsteps become audible in a horror game. Left to your own devices, everything becomes a threat. 684 more words


'Condemned: Criminal Origins' - a #BacklogSunday recap.

I enjoy games where I get to play as a detective. ‘L.A. Noire,’ ‘Murdered: Soul Suspect,’ the evidence-gathering parts of the ‘Arkham’ games. I once considered becoming a private investigator, but a guy I knew in that business told me it was nothing but catching cheating spouses. 272 more words

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MrLuvva's Luv-In #51

For the first time in nearly 3 months, two Luv-In in as many weeks! I have been reading a ton of stuff this week (I really should learn to hit like and comment on more posts); on top of this I’ve actually been playing games too (shock! 174 more words

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Game Review: Condemned Criminal Origins

Having worked in emergency services in the past, I find it endlessly amusing how the media portrays forensics.  While I’m sure employees in actual forensics labs in major metropolitan areas have access to better resources & technology than a 911 dispatcher in a medium-sized county, I can tell you that nothing is as instantaneous as what’s shown in movies, TV shows & games.  1,741 more words

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First Impressions: Condemned Criminal Origins

I’ve often been accused by my friends that I have no fear response because I’ve essentially numbed myself to it through my love of horror movies.  515 more words

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