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Condensed & Heat

Slowly stir frying the shallots, it strikes me that I’ve left the filet mignon to heat for over 40 minutes now. I scramble to the far end of the kitchen, knocking over pots and pans while leaving a smattering of slippery sauces in my wake. 100 more words

Under The Tree I Think.. sighs!

i am somewhere in between. *sighs* dwelling

back and forth.

oh my hanging hair. 

oh the frowns on forehead, 

with a lit cigarette and the smoke i create and  136 more words


The Headless Ones

Oh Hecate, the goddess of darkness
your howling dogs during darkest of the night
Did I hear it calling ?
A headless creature waiting at the crossroad… 46 more words


Milk Toffee

1 tin of condensed milk
1 fresh coconut
400 gms sugar
50 gms butter

Grate the coconut and grind to a fine paste in the blender. 116 more words


EGP IRS Approved W2 Horizontal 4 up Condensed Format Aspects

Much larger versions of the horizontal band saw mill, like Blue Steel’s HP-42D, are employed to cut worthwhile hardwood logs as much as five feet in dimension. 386 more words

Japanese Condensed Milk Cheesecake ( Soufflé Cheesecake )

Six month ago I study aboard at Guangzhou I take language course at Jinan Huawen, me and my friend loved to explore food and places there, one of my favorite cake in Guangzhou are Uncle Tetsu Japanese Cheesecake, and yes,its not Guangzhou locals food hahaha. 365 more words


Integrated type evaporative condensed chiller

Integrated evaporative cooling water chiller unit in normal/medium temperature integrates the regular water chillers, cooling tower, circulating water pump, expansion tank, piping and valves, regulated expansion system, water treatment and filling water system, control system. 97 more words