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A Very Noble View. . . .

“Most people seem to take pleasure in feeling superior to someone. I’m not like that, which pleases me because it makes me feel superior.” 

*Steven Brust


A Condescending Doormat?

A great friend of mine coined the term “Condescending Doormat” earlier as we were having a chat about an ex of mine. Now, normally, I would feel bad about writing negatively about someone in my personal life, but I have to say that I’ve never met someone with such an opposite personality. 325 more words


Condescending Weather

News flash: When you are prepping for dangerously cold winter storms, make sure you close all of the exterior doors on your house!

Thank you Weather Channel for potentially saving my life! 113 more words

American Issues

Asshole Self-Test

We entrepreneurs have some interesting personality traits. Many of us are particularly hard-charging. We are generally assertive and often have aggressive tendencies as well. Other descriptors might include a high sense of urgency, a less than accommodating nature and low empathy. 848 more words


Sexism triggers #OrdinaryMum hashtag after BBC bod doubts they can be political

As the SKWAWKBOX published earlier, a fake-news attack on a well-known Labour social media campaigner was smeared with the false accusation of being a man – which she disproved with a tweeted video. 215 more words

Do You Never Sit?

The last few days at work have been just ridiculous. Tuesday night after I left apparently there was the most dramatic shoplifting and arrest ever at our store. 1,843 more words


kids show actors are freaks

every now and then, i catch a minute or two of live action kids shows, and i am usually quite horrified. watch this, least for a minute or so. 471 more words