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Bittersweet – the kind I like.

“Have a piece. It’ll calm the nerves,” she said, gently pushing the box of chocolates toward me.

I hesitated. The thin pieces, wrapped in translucent plastic, inclined along the grooves of the package. 916 more words

Jeyna Grace

Condescending Worm - Part 2

how is it that you even dare to teach
to me of things that I already know
you speak of things that far exceed your reach… 140 more words


Post the Twenty-First

via Daily Prompt: Hospitality

Open arms within
closed minds
and nothing to do
but smile
and be appreciative.
to a family
that I don’t… 28 more words


There are no self-help books for this one

I am wondering if the algorithm for this stupid Facebook quiz was that good at looking at my profile, or if this was just a coincidence. 406 more words


Inevitable Circumstances

A Slave Unchained~ (Entry 6) {1995}

Nana was not by any means an empathetic person. She held onto her own hatred as if a parasite clanged onto and infested her inner organs. 1,001 more words

Diary Entries

Mansplaining : Through Art

A woman is a mosaic of emotions. However, when women try to express those emotions, they are shunned by men in the act of Mansplaining. The sketch depicts this suppression of expression due to the continuous conditioning of self-doubt in women through mansplaining.

Passive Aggressive

“Fine stay in the kitchen and get burnt!”

We’ve all said it. Does it work? Why do we think this approach will last longer than the moment? 95 more words

One Shots