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Implications, implications...

Well, it’s official.  I like the color charlie and the ghost better… i’m going to have to rethink my workflow.

Since Diana’s maternity leave ended, i’ve been doing most of the drawing for this site on monday (I usually try to have monday and tuesday’s strip drawn for monday morning, and then i draw the wednesday thursday and friday strips during my daughter’s nap… then I do the writing on saturday and draw as much as I can on sunday).   129 more words


'Stompyfoot parody': Jerry Seinfeld laments PC culture, Salon responds with laughable projection

Jerry Seinfeld’s getting some attention over some recent remarks he made about how political correctness is affecting comedy. Salon’s Anna Silman (and Anna Silman) wrote about it: 661 more words


Prayer 156: The Horror of Smugness

Dear God

I really hate smug or condescending people. They make me feel quite violent as I don’t see the point of either attitude. We’re all in the same boat of trying to get on in the world, after all, so why can’t we just all work together rather than get at each other? 39 more words


Lift them up

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cringe-Worthy.”

Do you feel uncomfortable when you see someone else being embarrassed? What’s most likely to make you squirm?

384 more words
Family And Home

Condescending folk: Toot Toot

I’ve never paid attention to detail. My sense of direction is terrible.  I don’t know  how to get anywhere and I’ve lived here in Connecticut my whole life. 455 more words

The Maid

How carefully I polish cracks
Each winding marble stair
All a facade that’s meant to hide
Stains in her underwear

Which counters the impeccably
Dressed woman she’s to be… 168 more words