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I'm Not Your Princess

Snapchat and Aviary makes for a good picture on a day I didn’t even bother to wear makeup.

In other news, I closed my dating account. 1,103 more words


“Nice. Mr. Lichtenstein would approve :)” is a comment that I received recently on my work.

It’s not the first time I’ve heard the comparison between my work and that of Roy Lichtenstein’s… 352 more words

Inside The Artist's Mind


“That’s ridiculous, girls!”

So says a disgruntled customer to myself and my colleagues when they’re unimpressed with us for doing our jobs.

“Be creative, girls!” “Don’t be so strict, girls!” 389 more words

The Way Doctors Talk Down To Their Patients


“I have been appalled at how physicians talk to patients… tell them, if you don’t do this, get out of my office. Telling parents who’ve already had one autistic child, or even two, that if you don’t vaccinate your child I will no longer see you any longer, so get out of my office. 135 more words



Have you, dear reader, ever met someone whom you felt to be great? Great not in the sense of their exuberance, but some little characteristic feature that marks them to be beautiful as a person – that little thing is humbleness, a low voice often dominated by the loftiness of ostentation. 392 more words


Constable Rusk

You power hungry asshole, you pulled me over saying I was doing 89km in a 50km because you “estimated” my speed and then “confirmed” with your laser. 280 more words



Wet, moist and stinky breath

Invade our dreamland scene…

Little dogs condescending

To wash our faces clean.

Urgently awaiting… 36 more words