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It's Not That Hard!

“Put the broom back where it belongs.  It’s not that hard.”

“Put the lint collector back in the dryer.  It’s not that hard.”

Yes, I know these things aren’t hard, but when you’re trying to do 5 things at once and you get distracted by someone at the door, or you trip over a barbie doll that needs to be put away,or the phone rings, or one of the kids needs something (you get the picture), then sometimes you just dump whatever it is you’re holding wherever you tend to be standing and little things get forgotten along the way.   162 more words

Cleaning Up


I can’t tolerate snobs!!!! Its the one thing that really ticks me off-people with the wrong attitude or arrogance!! Who the hell gave them the right to lord over others as if they were gods out of a Greek tragedy down on earth to save the day and oblige the earthlings!!!  492 more words


Can We All Just Get Along? #PeaceOffering

I recently celebrated the 11th anniversary of my arrival in New York. Eleven years, is a long time. Yet, when you meet an 11 year old, you feel as they don’t know much about life and that the best is yet to come. 356 more words

Episode 137: Trial By Jeremy Vile: Helpful or Humiliating?

Ah the good old chat show! Don’t you just love them? How things have changed from the good old days of ‘Ricki Lake’ and ‘Oprah’. Oh yes, they sometimes got heated but then ‘The Jerry Springer Show’ burst onto our screens complete with bizarre guests, and punch ups galore! 299 more words


The Explaining Things To Tracy Collection: Volume 1, THE HOLE PUNCHER

Friends, from time to time (and by that I mean on a daily basis) people feel the need to explain things to me. Tiny, simple things that every human being already knows how to do. 396 more words