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You and Your Condescending Advice

Everyone loves advice. No. Seriously. People love “admitting” how great they are at giving it while others want everyone to know how they’re mature enough to not only ask for it but then actually put it to good use. 739 more words

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High and Mighty

The homecoming was exciting as I got to live in the part of the city that I had always coveted. Having lived in different cities for a decade I had found people so vastly different in their behaviors and beliefs. 525 more words

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Action Scenes OR Can we just talk about this like grown ups? 

My story has action scenes that I’m not to comfortable writing and therefor it makes me procrastinate. Besides the obvious part were I’m not a writer, I get serious anxiety when I know that it’s the action scene that I have to write next. 381 more words



Lets start with a clarification for the benefit of men:

When a woman expresses herself, when she speaks her mind, when she has doubts and or when she speaks at all she IS NOT ASKING MEN for their opinion on the subject, for an explanation, for help or for their input. 257 more words


Five-Hundred Word Challenge 255: More Lovely Customer Behaviour

What I really love is that customers seem to want to give me things tow rite about.

Normally I would not have an issue with this. 512 more words