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I Have to Go to the Dentist

I have to go to the Dentist and I’m shaky and scared. I do want to hold onto my teeth as long as possible so I need to go. 119 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Top 5 Worst Roommates in College

  1. The Dog Enthusiast – There will always be the roommate that believes in getting a dog. This roommate can and will be avid, even livid at times that they are socially responsible.
  2. 975 more words
5 Worst

Dear Vegans: Stop Being Condescending To Vegetarians

I have seen comments like this everywhere, it’s good natured, but… stop.

“You’re vegetarian? Well, you know you’re still part of the problem unless you go full vegan, right?” 386 more words


Cara Delevingne's Paper Towns Interview is Proof the #AskHerMore Movement Just Isn't Enough

So everyone is talking about the Cara Delevingne interview for her breakout film Paper Towns with Good Day Sacramento. Not because the interview was interesting, or because Cara is a supermodel breaking into acting, but because Cara was… 542 more words

Thanks People!

This poem’s for the people

Who work lousy hours

Slaving away

For the “that be”-ing powers.
These rhymes are for tellers

And checkers and chaps… 27 more words