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Place this Stethoscope from Scripture to Your Church's Heart

Place this Stethoscope from Scripture to Your Church’s Heart

They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. 

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Conscious and condescending

There seems to be a large portion of a condescending class growing. People did all they studying just to stand around and say I know more than you. 452 more words

Condescending Worm

Condescending worm, you look down on me
from the bottom of my shoe where you are
gazing upon my face with broken glee,
even though I ground you into the tar. 112 more words


Two Sides of the Glass

You might find yourself strolling through the local strip mall one day and come across a large sheet of glass with someone working away on an elliptical behind it. 415 more words

Christian Life

Bourgeoisplaining - The Middle Classes Are Revolting

One thing many on the left of the political spectrum can attest to during this EU referendum is the level of hostility between themselves.

You have many following Jeremy Corbyn and his vision for a future within the EU and you have those on the side of Lexit (the left case for Brexit), the long time stance of the entire left spectrum, until now. 499 more words

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What Annoys Jeff this Week?

1. Twatwaffles. Here’s a fun fact – the more condescending your tone the more I will go out of my way to make even the easiest things difficult for you to do. 432 more words

What Annoys Jeff This Week?