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Want What You've Got! (condiments)

I’ve been known to collect condiments.

It sounds stranger than it really is – trust me. It’s just that I’m drawn to yummy ways of dressing up what would otherwise be… 435 more words


A serving suggestion: harissa paste

Mostly this is just an opportunity to be smug about having served something nicely. I am renownedly awful at serving things artfully, which is the cause of great mirth to the Patriarch. 102 more words

Sandwich Slaw

I love slaw on my sandwiches. I love the freshness it brings, the crunch, the tang of vinegar. It is what really makes a sandwich. I generally just throw a few things together without hard and fast rules. 250 more words


Smokiest Ketchup

So I’ve pointed out smokey ketchup a couple times now, and as luck would have it, we ran out. Means it’s time to make more! The funny thing is, years ago I rolled my eyes a whole ton at a couple self-righteous people who said they’d only eat ketchup they made. 657 more words


Traditional Ashkenazi Charoset--Apple/Walnut

This is my easiest Charoset. It’s traditional in the sense that it’s an Ashkenazi (Eastern European) recipe. I add a little brown sugar instead of white sugar and it gives it just a bit more character. 286 more words


Rustic Chicken

For my recent birthday, two of our very good friends came into town from Toronto Canada.  One is from Montreal, and our friendship goes all the way back to our days in London.   356 more words


Hatch Chile Sauce

​We’re going to Santa Fe on vacation in a couple of weeks. I love the food in New Mexico, and so, when I was doing an inventory of my freezer the other day and I found some roasted Hatch chiles, I decided to make up a batch of this sauce. 184 more words

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