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Homemade Oyster Sauce

I always love visiting my family; they live near several beaches that are covered in oysters and other tasty shellfish. It’s hard for me to get fresh shellfish where I live, so it’s always a treat to collect some at the beach. 718 more words


REVIEW: Trader Joe's Zhoug Sauce

Here are some things I love: cilantro (I know that’s a controversial opinion), jalapenos, and dip. So imagine my delight when I ran across Trader Joe’s new Zhoug Sauce the other day. 228 more words

Trader Joe's

Craving the taste of the condiment, Vinegar

A poem written by: Lee Sonogan

To me, vinegar can be like crack cocaine,

I must limit my use of it,

I should not complain, 235 more words


Avocado Crema

This is my “I put this sh*t on everything sauce”…

I honestly don’t remember when I came up with this crema because I’ve been making it for years but it definitely had to do with a taco and wanting to use something healthier than sour cream. 156 more words


Easy Recipe: Roasted Green Pepper Hummus

Today I decided to make Roasted Green Pepper Hummus. A super simple recipe from Trinity’s Kitchen, which of course, made with some twists.

The consideration this time is my bf’s dislike over garlic (so I only use 1 clove), and instead of Red Pepper, I use Green Pepper. 274 more words


Recipe: Chimichurri

Why did I make this? Coz it goes SOOOO well with lamb.

We smoked a 10-pound lamb shoulder we sourced from Central Market about a week ago and I knew that this was the perfect condiment for it. 232 more words


Best Salsa Recipe, EVER!

The original recipe from Kim’s Cravings page, I believe is good already. But I had to accommodate my bf’s dislike over garlic and spicy stuffs. Also, I only need to make 1 500ml jar of salsa, since we still have cashew dip in the fridge. 137 more words