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Scotch bonnet chilli sauce recipe

 There’s nothing Scottish about these wee dudes. The Caribbean cousins of Mexico’s habenero, these ‘lil tropical chillies pack a fruity hot punch and are guaranteed to spice up your life (in a non-Spice Girls à la 1997 way). 770 more words


Ehh, Needs Garlic.

Ehhh, Needs garlic.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about our family’s tendency to quote National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Probably the second most quoted movie around our house is Crocodile Dundee (complete with our Southern infused Aussie drawl). 657 more words


Mango Chutney

Chutneys are my absolute favorite to make and eat. Although my children have not gotten hugely into chutneys, I hope they will grow to appreciate this condiment which compliments many indian meals, wraps and sandwiches. 143 more words

What Makes a Dip a Dip: A Guide

Figured I’d post this early in case someone needs it

According to sources, this weekend is the Super Bowl, a time-honored tradition where men bang each other’s heads together, causing years of damage that eventually leads to death (and probable financial ruin before that), as the American public watches in glee while consuming mass quantities of unhealthy foods and alcohol.

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New trending GIF tagged food jumping hungry hot...

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How to make your own Vietnamese spring rolls

As an extension of my blog post about living in Plum Village, a Vietnamese Zen monastery in France, I thought it would be worthwhile attempting to cook my own home made spring rolls. 445 more words


salsa - the number one condiment in america

recently phillip returned home with arms full of groceries from the local buford market for, you guessed it, taco night!  as everyone knows, no taco night is complete without chips and salsa, and phillip picked quite the winner with the… 150 more words