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Happy Birthday, Oregon!

The state capitol was abuzz with activity yesterday in celebration of Oregon’s 158th birthday.  We were one happy family: visitors, locals and various groups gathered shoulder to shoulder with our legislators.  430 more words


Sumac roast cauliflower with hazelnut dukkah and harissa yoghurt

When I think about some of my favourite meals, I’m always drawn to big sharing feasts with a variety of dishes. Mezze, tapas, dim sum, and barbecue are some that immediately spring to mind. 311 more words


Mysteriously Marvelous Pear Italian Soda

About a month ago I wrote about the amazing pear butter that my slow cooker effortlessly pulled off while I wasn’t looking.

In the simmering process an incredible amount of liquid accumulated, which I ultimately elected to drain off rather than dilute the jam. 279 more words

Condiments And Sauces

Pear Butter: Crazy Good

Using a slow cooker for jam is pretty unconventional, since popular wisdom leans toward cooking the fruit down rather quickly to maintain the fruit’s freshness and suspend it in sugar. 589 more words

Breakfast All Day

Whisky toddy lemon curd

The inspiration for this dish came while we were up in Edinburgh and surrounded by whisky and wrapped in our warm winter coats. I was thinking about that gorgeous combination of honey, lemon and whisky and suddenly thought – that would make a great curd recipe! 242 more words


Pineapple Pico de Gallo

by Heather Harris Brady

I hope all my American readers had a great Thanksgiving holiday last week! I had a few welcome days off to spend with family and one of the things I like best is shopping and cooking together. 254 more words


Snapper Puttanesca: Pungent and Powerful

Red snapper, or rock fish, is generally regarded as one of our most sustainable fish.  Good old snapper is also one of the most reliable fish in the marketplace, as it has a sweet, mild flavor and just enough texture to keep it from falling apart while cooking.  334 more words