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Conditional love

If yesterday was once tomorrow

Was I left behind

If hope has only led to sorrow

Was I simply blind

If now was never by you spoken… 41 more words



His mouth thick with blood, the floor cool beneath his face.

Do as he was told.

A tall imposing figure over him, knuckles stained with his blood. 61 more words

Original Fiction

Ding Dong

I am a good person. I am kind, polite, respectful and gracious. I rarely hold a grudge and would much rather work out a disagreement, forgive, forget, and move on. 662 more words


Why Is Intimacy Necessary For Successful Relationships?

“Without love, the rich and poor live in the same house.” ~ Author Unknown

How would it feel to live a life without love? 

Imagine relating to other people on a purely superficial level without ever knowing their hopes and dreams, or struggles and fears. 1,015 more words


Cats and Dogs

Sitting in a class I am helping with, I am struck by an epiphany. The teacher was discussing heartache at the death of a pet (and how we are more affected by the death of certain pets over other pets). 233 more words

The Anger Conundrum

I only just recently discovered how angry I am. Years and years of holding in feelings which should have been shared, confrontations that should have occurred, guilt and regret carried around burning a hole in my soul. 750 more words