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Father's Pride

My father loved me so much that he had me on a pedestal. If I was uncomfortable with this, I was a bad daughter because who would not want to be loved so much that you were raised by virtue of that love above the ordinariness of humanity? 722 more words


NaNoWriMo 13 - Parenting

UnConditional Love!

Is a deep set human craving…and much more rare than any of think.

Even parental love. Perhaps that should read…especially parental love.

From the moment, we are born our parents use their love or the withholding of it to control and condition our behaviors. 491 more words


Hating Connor ((Conditional Love))

I hate myself for hating Connor because I gave him up and because part of me still loves him. But my love was flawed because it was conditional so it ranks worthless in terms of real love. 63 more words



For the longest time I was a people pleaser, as a child I sought the approval of my teachers, I always got good grades and always behaved.  1,092 more words


Two Reasons Why I Can’t Marry You

From: tuckermanroger@gmail.com
To: marthamay2020@hotmail.com
Subject: Your Marriage Proposal

Dearest Martha,

As you know, I’ve always prided myself on being honest. And the honest truth is I love you. 701 more words


unconditional love

what would it be like
to spread open
these thighs
would you let her in
how long would you stay?
the chamber of secrets… 18 more words

Unconditional? Love

The other day, in a quest to gather up some new parenting techniques for dealing with my first graders new after school meltdowns, I found myself reading a parenting book. 296 more words