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Unconditional Love?

Today is all about self-esteem in relation to love and expectation.  Everyone knows how important love is in our lives and if you don’t, you’re missing out on something great. 1,972 more words

Self Esteem

Loving Your-SELF-esteem

Today I want to talk about love in relation to self-esteem. I know this is a run-off from the last post, but I really do believe that is important for pagans to both understand the craft and themselves.  1,560 more words

Self Esteem

Things are going amazingly well.

I’ll keep this short because I’ve got to go to bed soon.

Went on another date with IndianPsychologist tonight, and it went well. What I especially like is that she’s comfortable being affectionate with me, while also communicating where her level of comfort is at. 146 more words

Being Enough: Part 14 of Rain on a Cloudless Day

I’m drowning in the reality that I’m not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, kind enough, or thoughtful enough. I thought I was a little girl but they tell me I’m a “late bloomer?” … 763 more words

Childhood Memories

We deserve equality but are not "equal"...

I certainly am not an elitist, and believe in true equality… that all people have the same rights, freedom, access to abundance, and should be able to achieve all they desire. 164 more words

Inner Power - Change


My little sister thinks that the root of my mom’s crazy is that her own parents’ love for her was conditional — or at least, expressed conditionally. 256 more words


Paralyzed by grief or sadness...

Often we are paralyzed by grief or sadness… we experience a loss we feel we will never recover from, and are gripped by a pain we don’t understand. 126 more words

Soul Truth - Enlightenment