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This Is How You Leave

The silence was palpable, only interrupted by the muffled sound of a quiet sniffle and tears that wouldn’t stop coming. Embarrassed, I whispered, “I’m sorry you have to see me like this. 1,591 more words


We Stand on the Shoulders of Those Before Us

I finally part watched/part listened to the adaptation of ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’ (2004) with Jackie Chan (I still prefer ‘Around the World with Willy Fog’ – 1983… 4,056 more words

Time And Culture

What is Love?

Well, kind of cliche to write about love just after Valentine’s Day, or just before or anywhere close for that matter is cliche but this is a bit different. 323 more words

And what if she didn't [know how to change her destiny]?

She was a woman born a child who remained a child

all her life.

She remained a child all her life for simple reasons of… 297 more words


Love & Hate

Have you noticed how quickly, how easily, love can turn into hate?

If someone whom you apparently love, does not do what you want, what you expect and when you expect it, that ardour can swivel into anger and hatred. 500 more words

Self Discovery

Parenting Adult Children: Lessons from King Lear

In November I saw a Calvin College production of Shakespeare’s King Lear. Intrigued, I then read the play. Lear is elderly and wishes to step aside from the burdens of ruling. 840 more words


Good and wholesome fear

Our own Don Merritt, The Life Project,  is doing a lovely walk through Matthew.  Right now he is in Chapter 22 with the religious leaders of the Chosen People plotting the downfall of their own Son Of God. 864 more words