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We all seem to believe our lives are so unique or different...

Of course, sitting at the beach in such close proximity to everyone, you can’t help “people watch” or overhear others conversations… we naturally tune in and out of them, like changing radio stations… we hear the normal things and complaints about work, money, partners, kids, someone with some ailment or illness, someone trying to lose weight… There is a simple yet beautiful consistency in all our experiences, our feelings, yet we seem to believe our lives are so unique or different… that we aren’t all here doing the same thing. 58 more words

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What's Next For Cathy Bramley? Excerpt of Conditional Love!

Today I’m revealing a very exciting and exclusive excerpt from Cathy Bramley’s new novel, ‘Conditional Love’ which is out in November. I’m a huge Cathy Bramley fan, I reviewed both… 720 more words


Conditional Love

Conditional Love

I search my chest for
the pain the ache
in my bones
of years I wasted
thinking you were the marrow
that would keep me… 272 more words


Taking all the pieces of my heart back...

Someone once told me to visualize taking all the pieces of my heart back that I had given away… I never really thought much about it, but then I realized I… 139 more words

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2269. Compatibility Axioms #891-900

891. Nagging doesn’t get more offensive than that which tampers with his sense of sexual significance.

892. Marital longevity shortens under pressure of sexually accessible women outside the home. 218 more words

Dear Daughter

Loss is not real, only the experience of it is.

It is impossible to think through an experience… It must be felt.  The only way to transmute energy is to feel it. But as you do, be a witness to your feelings. 130 more words

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What is love?

It just occurred to me — I think many of us feel guilty about letting our fears and worries go, especially when it comes to friends, family and loved ones, because we believe that if we stop worrying about them then that means we no longer care about them or love them. 279 more words