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My little sister thinks that the root of my mom’s crazy is that her own parents’ love for her was conditional — or at least, expressed conditionally. 256 more words


Paralyzed by grief or sadness...

Often we are paralyzed by grief or sadness… we experience a loss we feel we will never recover from, and are gripped by a pain we don’t understand. 126 more words

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Childhood Messages

Most childhoods are full of mixed messages about love. Most parents and care-givers did not and still do not know how to truly love themselves unconditionally. 949 more words

if you really knew.

At some point in every relationship we have, we feel the need to prove our worthiness. To prove that we are deserving of love. Yet at the same time we feel vastly inadequate and deep down feel the need to prove our worthiness. 975 more words


Truth # 1 - God Loves Everybody!

The New York editor of “Becoming Clara Belle,” my biographical novel, kept telling me, “No child that young could possibly think those things, know those things – it’s just not believable.” 304 more words

Hanging Off The Cliff

#6 Possessive Love vs Unconditional Love

Love can be viewed in many ways.

We can see love given to us, as assurance from God, through the rainbow in the sky at the end of a storm. 630 more words


If you don't enjoy someone, its probably the wrong one…

Someone asked me what I wanted… I think we can all quickly answer with standard responses. But, I don’t want anything… meaning I no longer look for someone to do or give me something. 198 more words

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