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L is for Love, Actually | #AtoZChallenge

What would life be without love? We’re social beings and we live for it: parental love, the love of family and friends, romantic love . 581 more words


Unconditional love is horseshit

Just about two weeks ago, I was laying down in bed with a sweet and sexy girl. I’ll call her Terry. We were just having a conversation at that time. 686 more words

Social Interactions & Relationships

daddy issues 

and you date the man you scream you wouldn’t.


why do you hurt yourself like this?

you can’t create oceans from driftwood


Matters Of The Heart

Conditional and Unconditional love

There is really no such thing as conditional love and unconditional love. There are conditions and there is love – when I saw this message on Isha Foundation FB page few weeks ago – I just brushed it off as I strongly believe in unconditional love (it is not love without conditions, rather love under all conditions – sounds the same meaning, may be love a person/persons or things without expecting anything in return – even love in return). 452 more words


Conditional love

Do you ever find yourself thinking;  ‘Wow! It’s incredible that I exist!’?

I don’t mean that you have survived addiction or illness without dying. (Although that in itself is incredible and is something I often think about). 1,314 more words

Life In Recovery

Today, it is Enough

If we are Facebook friends, I try to pay attention to all the little things going on in your life. Not like a stalker. Well, not for all of you anyway. 624 more words

Naked Tea Sipping