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If You See a Bottle of Shampoo with a New Barcode on It, Here's What It Really Means

Who doesn’t love a great deal, especially when it comes to finding expensive hair products on sale at the local drugstore? Well, as it turns out, those bottles should probably stay where they are. 415 more words

Essential Oils

Colour & Radiance Conditioner

The nutrient conditioner keeps the color of the colored hair bright and saturated. Facilitates combing. It is recommended to use with Shampoo “Bright and Shining”. 59 more words


Honey Blonde Conditioner

The conditioner with natural extracts of lemon and sunflower seeds moisturizes blonde hair, refreshes their color and gives it a shine. For natural and colored hair. 49 more words


Cranberry Red Conditioner

Created specifically for red hair, the conditioner with extracts of cherries and the root of the madder retains their bright tint due to the unique color protection system. 53 more words


Chocolate Brown Conditioner

Moisturizing formula conditioner with extracts of blueberries and walnuts created specifically for dark hair. A unique color protection system keeps the hair color bright and saturated. 52 more words


Multi Recharge Conditioner

Vitamins, proteins, firming complex and conditioning ingredients that make up the formula, soften the hair and make it more smooth and docile. Recommended for dry hair. 71 more words


Straight & Sleek Conditioner

Makes stiff, naughty hair smoother and silky. It contains a vitamin-mineral complex that nourishes the hair. Facilitates combing. It is recommended to use with Shampoo “Smooth and Silky”. 52 more words