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Hair treatment for Sebum build-up

Nobody loves a good shampooing from the hairdresser as much as I do. It’s seriously my favorite part of getting my hair cut.

In between cuts, though, I get this weird build up on my crown. 328 more words


Check In: Week 8 - Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific!

I’d love to hear from anyone, who loves their shampoo and conditioner, if it passes the “clean test.” I think this is perhaps one of  the toughest categories. 246 more words


VWC Ultimate Hair Repair Serum - An Excuse to Sniff Me?

I consider my hair to be at least a sentient semi-autonomous-part of my body and though I usually trust it, it can be difficult keeping it from caressing people it likes and stopping it strangling those it doesn’t, so I wouldn’t want to hear what it may sometimes say behind my back. 2,181 more words


My Natural Hair Journey - 3rd Year Anniversary Since BC

Hello My Darlings,

Welcome to a very late post but wanted to fully inform you all of my hair progress. I cannot believe it has now been 3 years since my BC.  821 more words

Natural Hair

Top haircare products for sensitive skin

I react very randomly to some haircare products, loads are fine then occasionally i use one that leaves me dunking my head in cold water, ice bucket challenge style, as i feel like my scalp is on fire. 433 more words


Grow It Long, Grow It Strong

I have been a fan of long hair my whole life. It’s beautiful, fun to style (usually), and can be empowering when you have lots of volume going on. 637 more words


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil comes with a variety of benefits that help your body, skin and hair. For years coconut oil has been used as a base for many natural beauty products. 546 more words