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Officials Worried About River Conditions Leading Up To Regatta

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Three Rivers Regatta starts Friday, and all eyes are on the Rivers tonight.

The Fish and Boat Commission has been monitoring conditions all week. 130 more words


The turf at Aspen Lakes Golf Course not bothered by the heat of summer

Greens at Aspen Lakes continually improving

Josh Knapp has made it no secret since becoming the superintendent at Aspen Lakes that he wants to improve every facet of the golf course’s conditioning. 583 more words

Gluten-free and still in pain?

If you have celiac disease/gluten-sensitivity, following a gluten-free diet prevents damage to your pancreas.

Are you still experience abdominal pain, gas, or diarrhea on a strict gluten-free diet?   234 more words


Kidney Stones

You’ve probably seen stones before. They’re everywhere after all. They can be found in the park, in your backyard, even in the street. It’s almost impossible to have gone through life without having seen a stone before. 1,192 more words

Health And Disease

Allergic Dermatitis and Skin Conditions in Cats

What causes skin conditions? Your veterinarian may recommend tests to identify the exact reason for your cat’s skin condition. Common causes include: Allergies: Your cat may be allergic (or intolerant) to either cat food or environmental factors like dust, pollen or mold. 127 more words

The Anatomy of the Liver

Glands, that’s a funny word. And yet it is the name for something that your body needs to survive. A gland is an organ of the body that secretes chemicals. 727 more words

Health And Disease

The Stomach Flu

Of all the diseases in the world, I have sworn, to this very day, that one is my mortal enemy. I’ve had a few unpleasant encounters with it before. 879 more words

Health And Disease