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Condom Company Is Also Making Baby Formula!

Some are saying it’s a conflict of interest, but I say it’s a good business!

Reckitt Benckiser, the company that makes Durex condoms, Air Wick fresheners, and a bunch of other stuff just agreed to buy… 35 more words


Let's talk about Sex..... In Schools Part. 1

Something that has been the topic of conversation for years among our peers from the teenages (those who are excited, based on peer pressure/images purported by media houses and the latest episode of your favourite TV series) to the elderly (those from the previous generations that made mistakes which caused a deep regret) and yet still a taboo topic to many is the subject of sexual activity, in general and more specifically, sexual activity among young persons with our school systems. 307 more words

Trinidad And Tobago

Overcoming Condom Embarrassment

by Jamie Porter, University Health Center health promotions analyst

What if someone I know sees me? What will the employees think of me?

If you have had some of these thoughts when preparing to buy condoms at a drug or grocery store, you’re not alone. 276 more words

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Why the world needs more male contraceptives

“An injection to the bollocks?” Says my boyfriend, going slightly green. “Not ideal”. He has a point, the new method of contraception to hit the headlines doesn’t sound particularly savoury. 689 more words


The best of Bangkok

From a condom-themed restaurant to a very sobering medical museum, a snake farm and ubiquitous markets, the frenetic Thai capital is a cornucopia of delights


Condom Effectiveness via fuck.com

Condom Effectiveness:

How Much Do Condoms Actually Protect You From?

I’ve posed a tricky question. How much do condoms protect from? Most of us know they protect against pregnancy— 51 more words

Sienna Saint-Cyr


“Get to the table he ordered” in his French tainted English. “your pussy so good and I’m gonna make it sing’ he hollered.

For a minute, I was convinced he was possessed by the pussy gods, then I thought he was just intoxicated by my pussy juice. 865 more words