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The Rio Olympics Just Ordered 450,000 Condoms

Did you know that when the Olympics come in to town, the Olympic committee orders a bunch of condoms? No seriously, they do. For the Rio Olympics this year they have ordered 450,000 condoms. 110 more words


Lick it!

I want to start this post by saying it contains explicit content, as I give you a step by step through oral sex. So if you are young and don’t want to know about oral sex please don’t read any further! 757 more words

Condoms or Condos?

As a virtuous, young man—newly-married, not ready yet for children, and still naïve about worldly pleasures of the flesh—I had occasion to consult a pharmacist about the purchase of a certain safe-sex item for use at home.  865 more words


The Rio Olympics organizers are giving out enough condoms for each athlete to have sex 84 times

Rio 2016 athletes may have grounds to complain about sewer-infested waters, or half-empty stands. A shortage of contraceptives, however, is not bound to be a problem. 205 more words

IOC Distributing 450,000 Condoms For Rio Olympics.

The International Olympic Organizing Committee (IOC) says a total 450,000 condoms will be distributed during the Rio Olympics to be hosted in Brazil. This number is 3X the amount shared during London’s 2012 version of the sports event. 81 more words

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L. Condoms Giveaway

You may not have heard of L. before, but the company combines my two favourite things: charity work, and not getting an STI.

L. is a social enterprise that was founded by Talia Frenkel, who previously worked as a photojournalist for the Red Cross and United Nations, and was inspired to take action after seeing the effects of HIV in developing countries. 138 more words


30 Things Women Want Men To Know

I was really trying to avoid blogging about anything concerning sex but I guess it was highly inevitable.  Today I am sharing those things most women wish men knew but simply don’t tell them.  768 more words