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Health: Yes. You most definitely need a condom.

Does this sound familiar to you?

You met this really nice guy and you started talking. Things are getting serious. Then you two have that very important conversation about sex, and he asks, “What is your thing about condoms?”What’s my thing? 569 more words



(24hrs after having it put in, no bruise yet – I bruise late I think. Pen and bandage wrinkles on my skin from the doctor wrapping it, and paper stitches) 1,830 more words

A Guide To Vegan-Friendly Condoms And Lubes

I know what you’re thinking. “Condoms? CONDOMS aren’t vegan?! Why? How?!”

It’s exactly what I thought when I came across the information last year. When I went vegan, there were lots of things I modified – food/ beauty and skincare products/ leather shoes – but it never occurred to me to think about condoms! 663 more words


Sexual Tip #1

These tips might seem stupid, sure most tips are. However, the simple is usually overlooked.

Tip #1: Lube
No, not motor oil, the kind of stuff you buy next to condoms. 378 more words


Six Condom Types To Please Anyone

Male contraceptives (condoms) have a bad rep, we have all said it – “I can’t feel anything”,  “they’re not sexy”, “they take too long to put on”. 901 more words


Flavored Condoms

In the modern age of Tinder dating there are a lot of creepy crawly things going around and you need to stay protected. The common miss conception is that just because you aren’t having intercourse you are not at risk for  a disease. 225 more words

Condoms In Class: Why Democrats Want Children To Start Breeding In Elementary School

Written by Mortimer E. Wallecaster

I remember when I first fornicated with my soon-to-be first wife at the proper age of “16”. Back then, in 1929, you had to earn your wife the hard way: through depression and hard labor. 665 more words