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Ebola Survivors need to use Condoms forever

Ebola Survivors – Sheath up and protect your partner

A new dimension to Ebola transmission has been discovered after a Liberian woman reportedly contracted Ebola through sex with a man who had contracted the disease. 270 more words



Our preferred method of birth control has always been condoms: first because it worked well for a new relationship; then because I didn’t like the way the pill made me prone to yeast infections; and later because sex was so infrequent that there was no point in using any other method. 229 more words


Put On The Condom, Lose The Erection? Fix It

If you are starting a new relationship or having sex with different people, some for the first time, you know it’s particularly important to use condoms to prevent pregnancy and protect your sexual health. 574 more words

Sex Tips: Male

Season 1, Episode 6, "The Mating Game"

Pre-credit opener: Ashley is showing Terri a necklace that has the initials A and J on it. And she asks her if she thinks that Jimmy will like it. 2,376 more words


Your Condoms Have Arrived At CVS otherwise known as "How Not to Prank Call an Exorcist"

Dinner is my favorite time of evening. This is because I enjoy eating food after lunch but before the following breakfast. When I am able to prepare dinner for my family in the relaxing circumstances of a clean kitchen while watching the Travel Channel, I feel happier than a Hindu pilgrim reaching the Ganges on bathing day. 861 more words

Food For Thought

Chris Harrison says sex is safe on 'Bachelor' and 'Bachelorette'

(CNN) — Fans of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” are always curious about whether sex actually occurs in the fantasy suite. Well, we know now that if it does, the room is equipped for safe sex. 121 more words