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What People Google About Sex, According To The Numbers

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People type their deepest, darkest secrets and fears into Google, all in search for answers. Sex, while a taboo subject, is no different. 273 more words


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Having a vagina can be tough. You gotta keep the pH right, trim the hair, and deal with being probed with a metal tool every 3-6 months. 387 more words

Advice for a Fun, Safe Spring Break

We know what you’re thinking — only one more day until spring break! Whether you plan to fly to a tropical destination, head to the mountains to hit the slopes or go home for some quality time with friends and family, here are a few tips to ensure you have a fun and safe spring break: 318 more words

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Men Who When You Make Them Wear A Condom Just Take It Off Behind Your Back.

I’m all for barebacking when I know you from Adam, but it’s a new level of gall when a “man” rejects a condom bequeathed to him by a lady simply trying to practice “safe” sex in an era when the only thing people think is safe is sitting on their arse in front of a screen. 133 more words

Buy Best Sex Toys For Couples And Enjoy Your Sex Life

Sex toys are widely used nowadays for a more ecstatic experience in bed with your partner. Sex is addictive and gets even more exciting initially. But sometimes, you seem to slack off and just do it because you need to do it. 257 more words


15 People Describe The Single Most Disturbing Thing They Discovered In Their Significant Other's House

1. “A travel bag containing lots of expensive jewelry, five smartphones, designer watches and my mom’s wedding ring, the one she was devastated of having lost two months ago.” –  567 more words