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How can STI's and STD's be transferred?

I found these awesome charts on a website called Smart Sex Resource that makes it easy to see how commonly various STD’s and STI’s can be transferred  between partners.

Stay safe everyone!

♥ Danielle

Let's talk about... Sex shops!

Today I want to talk about sex shops. With the advent of the internet and technology, a lot of people feel that they have absolutely no reason to go into a sex shop when they can just as easily (and more discreetly) buy everything they need on Amazon. 513 more words

Understanding HIV

What is HIV?

HIV is a virus which attacks the immune system, and weakens your ability to fight infections and disease. It’s most commonly caught by having sex without a condom. 415 more words


Flip the Script: Hanoch Levin, The Rubber Barons (A Tale of 30000 Condoms)

A hugely successful day: we moved the show out to Taliesin, put up the set, did a run-through, and found out that tomorrow’s rehearsal is cancelled, giving me a whole day free! 457 more words

Groupon Australia recalls counterfeit, possibly defective, condoms

Because everything is more fun Down Under, Groupon Australia recently offered a discount on Durex-branded condoms. Unfortunately for the saucy bargain hunters who pounced on the deal, the condoms were in fact counterfeit, and may not protect against STDs and pregnancies. 50 more words

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Colleges Nationwide Recognize Sexual Assault Awareness

Across the country, dozens of colleges and universities are holding programs and campus-wide events to commemorate Sexual Assault Awareness month. With the challenge to leave an impression on students and event attendees, organizations have come up with some pretty creative ways to recognize and address the prevalent issue within communities and on college campuses. 181 more words

7 WTF Reasons Guys Have Used To Avoid Using Condoms

“I know I should’ve insisted on using a condom, but he was just so hot/amazing/charming/sexy/rich/famous/out of my league that I didn’t want to risk ruining the moment.” 982 more words