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Recap: Teachers, condoms and Mandarin

One of the highlights of the early spring at the school district is the annual celebration of the National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs). This incredibly rigorous professional certification… 881 more words


3 Times I Realized I’ve Been Single for a Long Time

‘Tis the season for chocolates, teddy bears and red hearts everywhere. Sometimes it takes the sale of decorations to remind me that a certain holiday is pending. 973 more words

Commitment is spelled I U D

You heard right, Mona got a copper IUD put in today.

(Not actually Mona in picture)

Whether she’s making a declaration about her feelings towards me or towards sex in general, it doesn’t matter. 227 more words


Men Will Be Pigs Even in the Apocalypse

A good friend sent me a link to a product that grossed me out a little, but I thought needed to be shown because I’m betting some of my faithful readers who are really hard up for companionship in the apocalypse are gonna want these. 51 more words


Japan's Okamoto trials voice-activated condom-dispensing belt in new promo【Video】

Always be prepared, or so the boy scouts’ saying goes. And with this bizarre spring-loaded, condom-dispensing belt, you will be! 570 more words


How is the Zika Virus Affecting Brazil's Free Condoms During Carnival?

Today is Mardi Gras (or Fat Tuesday, if you prefer)! It’s a day of revelry before Lent’s 40 somber days take over. Celebrations are held all over the world, but none are more famous than Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s capital. 261 more words

Data Problems

Rape or a bit of rough? Bootycamp for boys/men.


Come on Girls, admit it!  When we wake up in the morning, we know we are going to get laid later that night.  You don’t know who by, but you do know, you will.  217 more words