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Another Reason To Vote For Proposition 60

Proposition 60 is the proposition that would require performers in adult films to wear condoms when performing sex acts on camera. You can see what I said previously on Prop 60 by scrolling down to my previous post on this issue. 362 more words


Johnny who?

I shouldn’t have been that surprised. It was inevitable. A matter of time.

They found them, just as I had once found them.

Condoms. In my bedside table. 355 more words


Toddler Tellings: My First Spin on my Buggy Board

I’ve been kicked out of my bugaboo buggy for baby JJ. I would be pretty cross but Mammy and Daddy got me a cool buggy board I can stand on instead. 228 more words


World AIDS Day is every day, not just one day a year!!!

As another World AIDS Day approaches, a lot of us are very aware of it, a lot of us have the reminder every day of the importance of adhering to our HIV drug regime! 537 more words

Work In Progress

The Distributing Facility Stands Out As the Best Place to Buy Condoms

The female condoms are effective in minimizing the risks of the sexually-communicated issues and infections. If you have been trying hard to locate those options and wondering… 242 more words


You Have Good Reasons to Buy Condoms Online

You are in need for a superior quality latex condom. In that case, what you can do is Buy Condoms Online. That’s because you will not only get the product that you have been looking for but will also get a whole lot of information related to the same. 220 more words


Access Denied...Adult industry warns California porn viewers that porn will be blocked in the state if nasty new anti-porn legislation is passed in a public ballot

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Several porn websites are alerting their viewers living in California that they could be blocked from the state should Proposition 60 be accepted in a public ballot next month.Proposition 60 is measure proposed by anti-porn campaigners that would require adult performers to use condoms for all videos made in the state.

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