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Aus St.Gallen - topaktuelle News: Condorcet winners on median spaces

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Büchel, Berno: Condorcet winners on median spaces. In: Social Choice & Welfare (2013), Nr. 42, S. 735-750, DOI:10.1007/s00355-013-0744-0. 95 more words

St.Gallen: Politik

What the Enlightenment has to say about the passivity of today's youth - Part II

The youth have been raised in a neoliberal system of ineffective government. Leviathan acts as a monolithic institution carried away by its own sense of omniscience and omnipotence. 386 more words

Dimanche 1er mars: ce que les mots veulent dire.

Nous sommes, je crois, de plus en plus nombreux à constater que notre société est de moins en moins paisible. Ce n’est pas faute pourtant d’invoquer sainte convivialité, de prôner à longueur de discours les vertus du “vivre ensemble”, d’organiser des journées de tous ordres, des secrétaires, de la femme, du handicap, du patrimoine, contre l’homophobie, du prout, et des fêtes, des voisins, des quartiers, des jardins, de la musique, de la mirabelle, de l’Huma, où coulent à flots la Kro, la sangria et l’hypocrisie. 848 more words

Carnet De Campagne

The Ultimate Methodology Guide by Flo

I have five essay subjects at school. This is what I have gleaned that I am supposed to do in all five of them.

French.  1,647 more words


What is an organic conservative?

I congratulated a well-known conservative journalist for bringing up “multiculturalism” as an obstacle to defeating jihadism. His response shocked me, for he declared that he was defending a “common culture” against the presumed divisiveness of “multiculturalism.” Some organic conservatives (including “liberals”) will agree with admirers of Edmund Burke and Russell Kirk. 630 more words


A Year Goes By

Today I walked out of my Lycée just after lunch, revelling in the news of a cancelled Greek lesson to find that my first French school report was waiting for me.  166 more words



Into the valley of Death rode the… well the 45 of us still in my hypokhagne class. The other class are entering the said valley of Death but I don’t know how many of them there are so they can’t be part of the light brigade. 264 more words