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11.3: Volume of a Cylinder and Other Platonic Solids

This is the third section of Chapter 11: Geometry and Measurement Relationships. This section’s learning goal is to “Develop and apply a formula for calculating the volume of a cylinder.” After that, we list the volume formula for spheres, square-based pyramids, rectangular prisms, isoceles triangular prisms and cones. 135 more words


Exercise - Concentrating light

In this exercise I practiced a method of focusing the light on a particular subject. In this case it is a crucifix on a bedroom wall. 146 more words

Coursework - The Art Of Photography

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11.2.2: Surface Area of Platonic Solids

This is an extension of section 11.2, “Surface Area of a Cylinder”. Students developed formulas for finding the surface area of various platonic solids: cylinders, spheres, square-based pyramids, rectangular prisms and cones. 33 more words



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11.2.1: Surface Area of a Cylinder

Section 11.2, “Surface Area of a Cylinder”, is the second section of chapter 11, “Geometry and Measurement Relationships”. The learning goal for this section is to “Develop and apply a formula for calculating the surface area of a cylinder”, and as such, is where we really start to talk about cylinders in particular, rather than area and surface area in general. 561 more words