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a natural frame

Poking around an old pine tree this morning, I composed this image so that branches and foliage formed an irregular, natural frame around the cone.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame

Pender Island

The hidden one

Straight of Calle Laríos lays this hidden gem. Ideal for a quick cool-me-off while shopping, because we all know how tiring that is. Choosing might be difficult, so feel free to ask to taste some flavours before making up your mind. 14 more words

Food & Drinks

The famous one

Casa Mira is big, and for a good reason! On a hot day, this place is packed with enthusiastic shoppers looking for a sweet cool-me-down. Choose your flavour, get your icecream, and go and sit on one of the benches outside for a superb view of people strolling by. 14 more words

Food & Drinks

The exciting one

Feeling adventurous? This place is famous for their alternative flavours, such as Frozen (not frozen icecold, but frozen disney) or Facebook.

cone and cup: 2.9€ – 3.8€ – 4.7€
Calle Granada, 8, 29015 Málaga

Food & Drinks