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Simple Ooey Goey Popcorn Cake

It’s Saturday and for you hopefully, it is down time for fun things like cooking! I will be attending a potluck later today and I thought to bring something uber decadent. 272 more words


Americans love Haribo so much that it's going to start making gummy bears in the US

One of the world’s preeminent purveyors of the gummy bears is set to open its first factory in the US, a bid to get more Americans eating Haribo. 252 more words


During my family’s trip to Italy, we stayed in Siena for maybe a day to shop and sightsee. While we walked around, I noticed that in pretty much every shop display, there were these cute little cakes. 261 more words

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Main Street Confectionary

Since Alec is usually not one for sweets (unless they involve peanut butter), we had not actually stopped at the Main Street Confectionary before this past trip when Alec’s mom and sister raved about the chocolate chip cookies. 155 more words


deepavali cont.

in the last installment of this riveting two-part drama we left our heroine cling wrapping the just-prepared chana magaj. the heroine then cleaned the kitchen and went to bed! 1,721 more words


deepavali or, as it is more commonly referred to in western culture, the festival of lights is a hindu celebration of the return of lord ram from exile. 1,623 more words


It’s been a long time since I had a chance to try out some new recipes and I honestly missed this feeling of being in the kitchen and creating magic. 529 more words