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How Snickers Used Social Media Outrage to Fuel the Year’s Most Innovative Media Plan

For the next evolution of Snickers’ longtime tagline, “You’re not you when you’re hungry,” MediaCom Melbourne and BBDO linked the public’s general irritability—as measured by internet chatter—with the price of Snickers. 121 more words


Why Kind Dumped 45,000 Pounds of Sugar and Sculpted Children Out of It in Times Square Today

Anybody who passed through Times Square this morning likely noticed a giant mound of sugar and an array of children sculpted of the sweetener. Kind, the company that makes the all-natural fruit and nut bar, is behind the stunt. 100 more words


The humble sweet

Often throughout the day I fill shelves full of sweets and sell them to customers, I find that they do not fully appreciate the marvellous products that have been created to satisfy our sweet tooth. 272 more words


1 August 2017

In this episode of the Best Possible Taste, Sharon Noonan visits Nicole Dunphy at Pandora Bell, a luxury gourmet confectionary company.

Kate Ryan from… 39 more words

Best Possible Taste Podcast

Author Spotlights: Inspiration - Robbie and Michael Cheadle

Today, it is my pleasure to welcome Robbie and Michael Cheadle to my blog.

This is a rare treat, a sugary inspiration. Enjoy!

About Robbie and Michael Cheadle… 627 more words

About breads:)

Bread, in one form or another, has been one of the principal forms of food for man from earliest times. There is something undeniably special about bread. 183 more words

Irresistible Like a Classical French Pastry

The Confectioner’s Tale: A Novel of Paris” by Laura Madeleine is a nice love story and it is as sweet and irresistible as a classical French creamy pastry of melted chocolate with some golden caramel added and powdered sugar sprinkled above. 265 more words

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