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Review : Red Riding Hood Bakery

Greetings People! :)
Eid Mubarak! Third post, still new! Reviewing one of the famous bakeries in Karachi, “Red Riding Hood Bakery”.

Personally, I think the name of this bakery is very exclusive. 547 more words


Why WHO Banned bromated bread – NAFDAC

Potassium bromate is a powerful oxidizing agent that ages flour and enhances its elasticity causing bread to rise and become white ,fluffy and soft . Underneath this visibly fluffy look lies an invisible danger of cancer and other damages to the organs of the human body. 1,955 more words

Japanese sweets maker's edible zoo and aquarium is filled with creatures almost too cute to eat!

Okay, we know we’ve already introduced on our site countless Japanese treats which we think are irresistibly cute, but once again, we’ve found a little sweet something that we just had to share with you. 467 more words


Savour the Seasons with Wagashi

When you wolf down your afternoon-pick-me-up chocolate bar, or pull your soggy biscuit out from your cup of tea, do you ever feel inspired to stop and ponder on the beauty of the season? 507 more words


Brownie Cake with chocolate glaze

Chocolate brownie cake glazed with chocolate (Ganache).

Very Simple recipie that can be prepared at home with minimum ingredients. You can use classic cake recipie to make chocolate cake.

198 more words

In conversation with the Chocolate Smiths

Stefanja Smith is owner and Head Chocolatier at ‘The Chocolate Smiths‘ where luxurious artisan chocolate is created in the heart of the North East. 1,393 more words

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