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Rebel Without A Cause? I Don't Think So

This post is primarily addressed to the other citizens of the United States who visit here. However, what I’m saying about the removal of basic rights and freedoms in our nation is something that can be applied to every free nation on this planet. 1,980 more words

Rebel Without a Cause? I Don't Think So

I generally post articles on this site that, hopefully, will be of interest to visitors and readers from all over the world, since I’ve been blessed with friendship by so many folks from other nations. 2,041 more words

Weather Report

Weather Report

You voted to unearth the harmless bones
of Nathan Bedford Forrest. What a crew!
When you’re in Hell, producing endless groans,
I mean to piss from high above on you. 79 more words

Heritage? OK, let's talk about it

All this talk about the Confederate battle flag has ignited a side discussion.

It deals with “heritage.”

There are those who contend that the battle flag doesn’t symbolize hatred, bigotry and enslavement. 292 more words

National News

A Little Late

A Little Late

Let Nathan Bedford Forrest be exhumed!
The Left exacts revenge — a little late.
Defeated but in honor long entombed,
let Nathan Bedford Forrest be exhumed! 49 more words

Flogging the Flag

A centerpiece of the news has been the Confederate battle flag in South Carolina and the political pressures to remove it. The controversy arose after the horrific attacks at an African-American church, which was just the latest in a long series of ugly racial wounds this nation has suffered. 704 more words


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