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The Battle of Westport

From Chapter 1: Slavery and Freedom:

Federal armies fell back to Westport, and on October 23,
1864, the largest battle west of the Mississippi took place. 118 more words

Kansas City

The History of the Confederate Flag

Over recent months, there has been an increasing debate about the appropriateness of the Confederate flag. Many citizens and an increasing number of politicians are calling for its removal from any and all government buildings. 579 more words

Journalism & Research

Revision of History is Self-Hatred

In one¬†example of their ‘cultural cleansing’ campaign, Islamic State militants released a video depicting¬†the complete destruction of the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud. Because the historical past did not comport with their modern-day, “evolved” views and values, they determined the whole of the artwork, including representations and symbolism of the past, was not only unworthy of continued existence, but merited eradication. 71 more words

Cultural Analysis

Jefferson Davis - Kentucky State Capitol - Statue - Historic Properties Commission - Living Sensical?

Jefferson Davis – did he livesensical.com? A Kentucky historic commission has voted to keep a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis in the state Capitol rotunda. 105 more words


Rebel Without A Cause? I Don't Think So

This post is primarily addressed to the other citizens of the United States who visit here. However, what I’m saying about the removal of basic rights and freedoms in our nation is something that can be applied to every free nation on this planet. 1,980 more words

Rebel Without a Cause? I Don't Think So

I generally post articles on this site that, hopefully, will be of interest to visitors and readers from all over the world, since I’ve been blessed with friendship by so many folks from other nations. 2,041 more words