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Why the Founder of Mother’s Day Turned Against It : by Sarah Pruitt

Beginning in the 1850s, Ann Reeves Jarvis of West Virginia started Mothers’ Day Work Clubs in order to teach women proper child-care techniques and sanitation methods. 544 more words

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You Can't Change History

Slavery is as old as human civilization, and is not unique to any race. Throughout history slavery has adapted fluidly to a changing world order, as it continues to do today. 293 more words

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Battle of Pleasant Hill Part 3

I woke up late on the Sunday (the last day of the reenactment) and I mean *late*. It’s very unusual for me to be up after 7:30 at events, but for the first time in my life it happened. 505 more words

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New Orleans Mint Takeover

The ability to issue money is one of the major acts to legitimize any nation.  For the short-lived Confederate States of America, a fully operating mint had already been in operation since 1838. 568 more words


2015 Road Trip Photos #43: Jefferson Davis Rules

Presidential sites are a common go-to on our road trips. We’ve done Presidential homes, Presidential gravesites, places where Presidential events occurred, statues of Presidential Presidents, paintings of Presidential winners and wannabes, and so on. 1,013 more words