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The Battle of Wilson's Creek

The First Battle of Bull Run, which was fought near Manassas, Virginia, inaugurated the Eastern Theater of the Civil War. Weeks later, the first major battle of the Western Theater would occur on the banks of a creek in Missouri: Wilson’s Creek. 1,329 more words

Civil War

Women During the Civil War

Women before the Civil War began their lifestyle was being a housemaid and bearing children. When the Declaration of Independence signed the rights belonged to only white men with property.  766 more words

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The Confederate Statue....

…Controversy isn’t About Slavery. It’s about ending America.

I found this article about what I’ve been preaching since I started this blog. It’s not about the Confederate statue, or about slavery, or anything like that. 69 more words


It's not about Confederate statues....

….it never was.

A few blog posts back, I pointed out that the removal of Confederate statues, monuments to those brave few who knew nothing about fighting for slavery, but believed with all their hearts they were fighting for a new independence, was just a flash point for this new revolution. 51 more words


North Carolina Makes History: 6 Negro Female Police Chiefs.

via thegrio.com North Carolina currently has six Black female police chiefs, the first time this has ever happened in state history, according to WRAL. Raleigh’s Cassandra Deck-Brown, Durham’s C.J.… 18 more words


Confederate Monuments: Idols or Icons?

The movement to remove and replace the many statues honoring Confederate leaders that speckle city centers through the South is one that has existed for some time, but has picked up a great deal of steam in the last several years, culminating in the recent rally and ensuing violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. 949 more words


"Donald Trump is starting a Republican civil war — and it’s a war he can’t win"


“President Donald Trump is in a no-win situation, and it’s all of his own making.

On Tuesday, while in Phoenix for his ambling, rambling rally, Trump met with two major Republicans, according to Politico: Jeff DeWit, the state treasurer, and Robert Graham, a former GOP state chairman. 22 more words