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Imagine... no PC

The song Imagine was one of John Lennon’s most popular and continues to resonate with people of all ages today. It has a nice soothing tune and is relaxing and Lennon seems to be calling his listeners to a higher purpose. 372 more words


Slavery, Reparations and Transparency: Martinique

As events related to the abolition of slavery start taking place around Martinique today (May 22), some areas have decided to take a clearer stance regarding this historical trauma. 237 more words


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Untitled As events related to the abolition of slavery start taking place around Martinique today (May 22), some areas have decided to take a clearer stance regarding this historical trauma. For example, the City Council of the Prêcheur decided to adopt a transparency clause on crimes against humanity. Dom Tom News reports: The purpose of this measure is to make companies seeking public aid or purchases to open their archives and to reveal whether they benefited in any way from crimes against humanity in the past, including slavery . The town hall of Sainte-Anne had already voted on the text, under the aegis of Garcin Malsa. But its implementation had been abandoned since the change of municipal majority here. Speaking on this decision, Marcellin Nadeau, mayor of Prêcheur, stated: “As far as slavery is concerned, we are campaigning for reparations. Now, the first of the reparations is truth. This is why we have adopted this transparency clause, which will allow us to have a better understanding of our history. On the other hand, in a context in which there is such frequent mention of the moralization of public life, citizens have a right to know where public money is going. [We should know whether] companies that want to receive public funds (aid, markets, etc.) have been complicit in crimes against humanity. And if so, [we should know] where, how, under what circumstances, to what extent, with what consequences, and with what level of profit.” [. . .] For full article (in French), see http://politiques-publiques.com/martinique/esclavage-reparations-precheur-adopte-clause-transparence/ Also see http://la1ere.francetvinfo.fr/martinique/abolition-esclavage-169-ans-question-reparation-se-pose-476267.html

On The Removal of Confederate Statues

I have many mixed emotions about the phenomena of cities and institutions removing Confederate statues. It is an issue that has clogged my social media accounts, although I’ve seen very little about it in the news. 1,191 more words


Why the Founder of Mother’s Day Turned Against It : by Sarah Pruitt

Beginning in the 1850s, Ann Reeves Jarvis of West Virginia started Mothers’ Day Work Clubs in order to teach women proper child-care techniques and sanitation methods. 544 more words

United States

The president doesn't understand basic history but neither do many Americans

Yesterday in Donald Trump-land, the man who calls himself our president or Orange Hitler as I prefer to call him, embarrassingly decides to re-litigate why the Civil War happened, insisting that had Andrew Jackson still been president in 1861 he might have been able to prevent it with his “big heart” and that he was very angry about the War Between the States. 648 more words

May 1, 1863  Flags of the Confederacy

Last week, New Orleans authorities took to the dead of night, to remove monuments to the history of their own city.   The recent fuss about the “Confederate Flag” has faded away, sort of, not so the political atmosphere that gave it birth.   933 more words