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Titan International Looks to Rescue Amiens Goodyear Plant

Earlier this week, Titan International made an offer of partial reestablishment of the Goodyear site in Amiens Nord. The plan would revive agricultural tire production, bringing 333 employees back to work for the next year. 470 more words

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Contre la Crise et l’Austérité

It was on 30th September last year when the last big demonstration against the austerity plans contained in the EU fiscal pact took place here in Paris but the discontent has been bubbling away ever since. 159 more words


Labor Conflicts: the Inflexible “Social Dialogue” between Hollande and the Unions

PARIS. – Two major labor unions, Conféderation Générale du Travail (CGT) and Confédération Générale du Travail – Force Ouvrière (FO), along with smaller activist groups including the student union UNEF, marched this Tuesday, March 5 to protest the proposed changes to the labor laws. 735 more words

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The European Labor Unions That Could Destroy Austerity

The government austerity budgets being put into place around Europe have raised the ire of powerful labor unions which have already proven this year that they can disrupt the business and government operations of  entire countries. 2,829 more words