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An Inside Look at HippoCamp: A Conference for Creative Nonfiction Writers

By Donna Talarico, Founder and Organizer of the HippoCamp Writing Conference:

The right time to stop learning is never. Last year around this time, for the… 1,577 more words

Business Of Writing

The light (success) of the forecasted (future) through the eyes (knowledge) of the unknown (past): Addressing Biodiversity and Life below Water issues

How does our knowledge of the past inform efforts to conserve biodiversity into the future? (Journey to Merit360 2017)

Noting with deep concern the globally trending fever about climate change and its impacts on various environmental settings, fish and fishery industry is highly vulnerable; especially in Africa. 237 more words


A Narrow Escape

by Tommaso Dorigo

If I am alive, I probably owe it to my current very good physical shape.

That does not mean I narrowly escaped a certain death; rather, it means that if I had been slower there are good chances I would have got hit by lightning, under arduous conditions, at 4300 meters of altitude. 2,333 more words


Tennessee Chapter Councilor Report

ALA’s Annual Conference was held on June 23-27 in Chicago, IL.  ALA’s Council meets three times at each conference.  The full list of documents and actions taken are available via the links below. 270 more words


Conferences - Caitlin Nordheim

This summer I had the incredible opportunity to present my research on the morphology of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, a highly contagious pathogenic fungus that is causing mass amphibian decline worldwide, at the Ecological Society of America’s Annual Meeting in Portland, OR. 137 more words


WSF Attendance at the 13th Conference of the European Sociological Association, August 28 - September 1, Athens

Researchers from projects HiNEWS, TRANSWEL and WelfSOC will present WSF research findings at the 13th Conference of the European Sociological Association (Un)Making Europe: Capitalism, Solidarities, Subjectivities… 207 more words


Last Day to submit your talk proposals!

Hey fellow Postgres enthusiasts, especially a Chicago bunch! A friendly reminder, that today is a deadline for the 2Q PGCONF talks submission. If you didn’t submit anything, there is still time, just 1-2 paragraphs highlighting the main idea of  the talk  will be sufficient. 6 more words