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When someone drops the L bomb

When someone drops the L word.
You need to take some steps!
1. Don’t say thank you
2. Don’t say I like you too
3. Say you so cheesy we just been dating only for 2 weeks… 50 more words


No me lo tengas en cuenta...

Querido diario, 

Estos días son interminables, como una sucesión en bucle de horarios interconectados que no ven diferencia entre la noche que acaba y la mañana que empieza. 735 more words

No Ficción

¿Confesión de palabra o de vida?

“1 Juan 4:15 “Todo aquel que confiese que Jesús es el Hijo de Dios, Dios permanece en él, y él en Dios”

Confesar que Jesús es el Hijo de Dios… 222 more words

Vida Cristiana

Arrivederci Roma.

Dramas post modernos:

Lograr todo lo que te propones en la vida, menos encontrar a ese alguien especial que quiera bailar Nat King Cole contigo un martes cualquiera, por la tarde. 11 more words


A confession

In high school I got robbed 5min away from my home, since then I have a constant fear when walking alone, I never use headphones and even now, 6-7 years later I turn around every couple of steps to check if somebody is following me. 628 more words


The beginning

The beginning were like with everything new, perfect and emotion inside you of always have it around became an urge to always have it.

the first few weeks I were so happy, I felt the most joy anyone ever could feel with this feeling. 75 more words


My start!

My start as a “drug addict” at around 2014 september… when I first got a glimt of the feeling of not being able to be without something that could ruin you so extremely much. 21 more words