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They made fun of my armpit when I was in secondary school the day I went to school wearing sleeveless . They abused me that 44 more words



Is it right to steal a dead man’s shoe ?


If you love her just tell her...

The worst she can do is not feel the same for you…Which really sucks…😂 “Heaven and Hell” 134 more words



I saw a girl on the road today , you need to see her ass . That ass was massive . As a sharp guy I decided to do the normal thing . 28 more words


God’s Healing Power in the Confessional

When I was in the Holy
Land, we made a trip to the Jordan River. As you may or may not know, the
Jordan River is a smaller river that goes through parts of the middle east but… 833 more words


Superficial Friendship

If you’re a friend of mine and actually know me, this post is probably going to sound really hypocritical. It’s not something I’m very good at and yet here I am- writing about it. 669 more words


I look at you, and it takes me back. It takes me back to the last time I laughed at your silly dad joke, to the last time we cooked lunch together, to the last time we washed the car and bathed the dogs together, to the last time you bought me buko pie & buko shake, to the last time you turned on the fan when you found me asleep, to the last time you read me a verse in the bible, to the last time you danced with me on a worship song, to the last time we prayed together before going to bed, to the last time I watched you talk Grace during Sunday service, to the last time I heard you say my name, to the last time you smiled at me so weakly and stared into my eyes, to the last time I kissed your cheek as I waved goodbye.

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