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Seeds Liturgy Resource: Narrative Lectionary Acts 10 for May 5th

Acts 10:1-17, 34-48

This pericope invites thinking about who is “in” and who is “out” and who decides.

New Yorker cartoon about hate as a family value/holding hate in common… 4,051 more words

in circles

when i was young,
i ran in circles;
never realizing
that i was merely practicing
for later in life.


Thoughts On the Resurrection

Happy Easter! Did you know that the Church celebrates Easter as an Octave? So essentially all eight days of Easter are being celebrated as one. Check out Blessed Is She’s blog… 904 more words

A Stranger In Kumasi - Part II

Saturday 4:30pm

The lights had been off the whole afternoon, my phone’s battery died out about an hour ago, so I was sitting outside, in front of my house on a long wooden bench with a friend, Fred. 5,134 more words

Short Stories

My Journey Home (HOLIDAY)

More than two months ago, I tried to conform to society’s idea of “fit”. I’m here to tell you the honest truth. Halfway through, my motivations fluctuated. 150 more words


My Audacious One - A Love Letter

It’s been a long time since our last tête-á-tête, but it was a sad farewell, for I need to have a recluse life from almost everyone – yes, only pro tem. 790 more words