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coming up the stairs
with all the lovers
you have had

at once
a party,
a rebels march,
a taking back,

of the creaking tomb… 192 more words

Confessional Prose

Several Short Blackout Poems

A smorgasbord of drugs a
stuffed animal dancing
in feverish commotion
and a hyper middle distance
that begs before force is
imbibed and passed around… 174 more words

Confessional Poetry

Aphorisms for the Ugly White Page

For two and a half hours I stared at you,
you sexy white thing. You endless white thing,
you blank, ugly fucking whore
of a blank, white, single screen. 268 more words

Confessional Poetry

Rebel Kind

I want to round up all the money lenders also.
I know how it sounds.
All messianic and counter to love.

I assure you of my virtue, 284 more words

Confessional Poetry

Poem for Norman Greenbaum

First off,
about fucking time.
This is an opus.

Let me raise my chalice to you sir.
Let’s sing like back in the day.

Let me casually conceive of a good line or two, 93 more words

Confessional Prose

Like This

It’s like this.

The day one of it is heavy
with the love of studying
for a hanging tree to hide
in and it is a for sure… 431 more words


Suicide by Asshole

I feel like the story was too good for me.
Like a great tale of return to society after
a great fall and a great tumble, 154 more words

Confessional Prose