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Requested Essay: Jefferson Airplane

A Facebook friend of mine posted the Jefferson Airplane video below (“White Rabbit”) about an hour ago as her commentary on the academic job search. 433 more words


I have always regarded pornography as my opium

I have always regarded pornography as my opium, and read the great opium exploits of Coleridge and Thomas de Quincey’s Confessions of an English Opium Eater… 190 more words

‘From wandering through many-solemn scene
Of Opium visions, with a heart serene
And intellect miraculously bright;
I wake from daydreams to this real night’
-James Thomson (1834-82), …

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Tobacco and Opium*

Guest Writer Thomas DeWitt Talmage

“Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed” (Genesis 1:11).

The two firstborn of our earth were the grass-blade and the herb. 4,040 more words

Biblical Literature

Being at Home

A lot has already been said about the pains of opium addiction, as though that is all it is and can be.

To allow such perceptions to venture forth unhindered is nothing less than a manifold deception. 180 more words


“I do not plead, I merely produce documents, for and against, in the trial of opium”

-Cocteau, Opium The Diary of his Cure


A forever waning sunset

Oh the Opium pipe, a gilded vessel charted for a single course, knowing nothing but the shimmering red shores and oft hidden valleys of the soul; a Southerly destination of the most eccentric geographical qualities: even in the darkest depths of the coldest Winter storm it is forever warm; a tender, jasmine scented breeze never fails to meet you;  and it is eternally the moment just before sunset, the sun like a drop of blood hanging in the titian sky. 203 more words