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The Church

Is God telling me
A sad truth about his Bride:
Broken rosaries
Kids have pulled apart in play
And I just



I haven’t been one for pregnancy updates throughout any of my “with child” months, mainly because I’ve thankfully had healthy, normal pregnancies. I’ve never really had a scare besides when my husband and I were trekking in Nepal while I was five months along with my first and when we were a three-day walk from the nearest town with bus services, he came down with giardia. 537 more words


My Life

In 1984 I had colic but through 1993 the years were idyllic, running with wolves and kissing Jesus on the cheek. Watching the stars dance for me outside my bedroom window. 501 more words


Will You Know Praise

Will you know praise and smile to me? Or become like the multitudes who must understand the words to hear the music? Show me those who love you, and my spirit will smile. 41 more words



I’m depressed. I’ve felt a surge of rejection over the past couple weeks, and what’s stupid is it all stems from the vitriolic, soul-crushing existence of social media. 562 more words



I black out in Laos w/ the Canadians and awake the next day in some tall grass next to the river w/ Amaya beside me. I can tell she’s upset and my state of mind is so twisted from the night before that I am emotionally numb. 624 more words


Tired and Blessed

At 7.5 weeks, all the symptoms finally fell on me hard. Luckily the deluge occurred a few days after a weekend camping trip with my mom and brother, from whom 676 more words