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Engendering confusion

Is Donald Trump’s lawyer a man or a woman? Or a transgender? It’s so confusing to read about a confidante and his response on the Yahoo! 41 more words


Fake it Til You Make it

I went through a good part of my life not feeling confident in my looks or body. I felt as though everyone around me saw me as unattractive because that was how I saw myself. 725 more words


Myths about body image 

The most common negative thoughts that we have are towords our self. As humans we are critical of everything and everyone, mostly ourselves.

This is not helped by media saying that there is an idea of a “perfect body” one that everyone should aim towards. 360 more words

Mental Health


Pressure can be a horrible thing. It can be the difference between doing what you want and doing what others think. It can mean that you could fail something you thought you would pass because you were so worried about what others thought, that you couldn’t concentrate. 231 more words

Mental Health

take your inspiration and shove it

ill start this one off with a note to myself not all people are born with or even know how to obtain common sense so i will try my hardest to keep that in mind . 908 more words


I'm confident he is a confidant

I’m confident that someone at the Yahoo! front page doesn’t know the difference between a confidant (which is a person) and confident (which describes a person):



life is anything but set. by this i mean can you really plan for what is next? do you really know what is going to happen tomorrow, can you really say? 1,277 more words