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Always there....

I’m lonely. I am alone. I have no one. Either they’ve left, don’t know how to deal with me. Or I’ve pushed them away and treated them like shit. 265 more words

Of Soul Connection

I prayed for someone to come along..not to stay.. but just to lead me through the dark passage.. And my prayers were answered. So.. No, you did not happen by chance! 364 more words


Daily Affirmation

I am confidant and competent in everything I do and say.


My flaws

Someone once told me ” your confidence is your flaw” boy was he wrong. Personally it’s my favorite feature. I’m not the type to show the world that I’m insecure mainly because I’m not. 49 more words

Disclosure .... Gabriel's Requiem

A policewoman, a girlfriend, a prostitute, a business-woman, a aunt …. a girl-friend. 

I’ve admit that I’ve confessed to all of those archetypes before.

What I confessed? 736 more words