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What Is An LGBT Novel?

It’s submission time, Confidant’s draft is finished, query and synopsis have been typed up. But as I hover over the send button on my email address I find myself stopping, hesitating more than I usually do. 517 more words


Confidant Chapter Five (Part One)

‘I feel I owe you an apology,’ Dahlia said once the her and James had sat down.

‘You’re damn right you do,’ James said plainly. He wasn’t still mad about the interview, but he wasn’t feeling great about it either. 2,856 more words


Did you know?

Did you know that your words may be the last words heard by the dying world?

Did you know that your manner may be the only manner the world sees and emulates? 108 more words

Confidant Chapter Four (Part Three)

While he couldn’t help but let out a snort of laughter, the note only fed his anger more. Dahlia wanted James to know he was being messed with, that the job offer was part of a game that he was losing. 3,407 more words


Too Long For One Post

Just to let y’all know, Chapter Four of Confidant is one of the longest chapters in the book, so it will be uploaded in three parts instead of the usual two. 38 more words


Confidant Chapter Four (Part Two)

Given that James had given up on drinking after two beers, the following morning brought no hangover, though it did bring a headache that James had not been prepared to deal with. 3,438 more words


Confidant Chapter Four (Part One)

James sipped at a weak, milky coffee as he pored over the contract and attached forms that Dahlia had given him earlier that day. A Bluetooth speaker filled the room with a calming playlist that had gone unchanged from the day James put it together. 3,445 more words