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In an unguarded moment

Find me in an unguarded moment,
Find me when I’m me.
Talk to me when I’m sober and silent,
And you’ll love me for being me. 155 more words

well we are here what are you going to do

growing up my mom use to tell us this joke and this joke was so out of the ordinary for her, the joke has a cuss word in it, but now i look back i think she was telling us this joke to let us know it is okay to not agree or like what other people may have or do. 1,674 more words

God Knew We Would Need Strength to Endure and Made Us As Strong As We Are Because He Knew What It Would Take to Be a Mother

With all that is going on in this world today, I find that there are never too many times I can speak on the plight of mothers who are silently suffering when faced with adversity and situations not in their control when dealing with conflict between themselves and their children. 740 more words

Sifting through Memories

Loaded pistols, stoned empty glances
Holding hands across long distances
Cowering on a piss covered floor
Reaching for a Savior, nothing more
Pills that balanced a warped see-saw… 75 more words

Musings In The Sand

And That's How It Started

Tell me about the first time
you climbed a tree
or ran a mile.

Tell me about the first time
rode a bike… 166 more words


This is my mom. The leader of my life.  With her new iPhone.  She’s learning.   She’s learning how to do things my 5 granddaughters (all under 5) can do without blinking an eye. 268 more words

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The Burden

You just have that type of face they say. I can tell you anything… and they do. I have that face because I am that person. 75 more words