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Finding a Trustworthy Person to Share With (Confidant Part 2)

Have you ever experienced something like this?
I can’t believe you told them. That was a private conversation!” You’re furious because you voiced some concerns about your boss to a coworker and thanks to their loose lips, everyone, including your boss, know what you said. 350 more words

Adult Children Of Divorce


in the bucket. . .
The twinkle inside
+++++that wants me to crumble,
+++++++++++++++++++++++++down to flop.

It seems now… 548 more words


The Perks of Having Two Confidants

Confidant – a person with whom one shares a secret or private matter, trusting them not to repeat it to others.                              ~ Oxford Dictionary

Like the definition states, a personal confidant is a person who has a “patient ear” and is willing to listen regardless of the topic. 304 more words

Self-Help Tips

Reunited and French Toast Bagels

The inner three.  Even Jesus had them: Peter, James, and John.  Or, as my husband reminds the congregation as he preaches, “Pete, Jim, and John.”   These three men were the people who knew Jesus the best.  1,282 more words

A Friend for the Tough (and Easy) Times

James Taylor sang:
    You just call out my name, And you know wherever I am
     I’ll come running, to see you again
    Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is call… 476 more words

Adult Children Of Divorce

Anatomy of a whisper — that little secret sigh.
Uttered words of love, regret…opportunities passed by.

Words that trickle from one’s lips in sickness and in health…

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Listening: Be better on this, Love.

” I followed the voice you gave to me
But now I gotta find my own ” 

– Beyonce Knowles, “Listen”



And most importantly, Listen…

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