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Dear Y’all,
So I might as well come clean now, I have a huge lingerie fetish.. I mean I have a huge fashion fetish, but I can spend hours on hours looking at lingerie online, and this fine set just made it into my buy pile as an early graduation present for myself. 179 more words

Dont Let Standards Shape Who You Are

Staying true to who you really are can sometimes be very difficult, especially living in the society we have now. Nowadays so many people want you to act a certain way, look a certain way, talk a certain way and all kinds of things. 396 more words


My first home party 🎉 

So last night I was meant to do a 1-2-1 with my mum and it ended up being a miniature party 😱😱

For the first time ever… I had to put makeup on other people! 81 more words


Weekly Jam.

Do it Myself – Russ

If your mother’s around, turn the volume off.

The New Yorker just moved to the midwest. This is my song for the scared, middle Americans. With love, of course.


Thought for the Day - You matter

No one can beat you to your life purpose.

The very fact that you’re here, in this time and place, proves that you bring something unique to the world and gives you the right to be here. 79 more words

Mental Health

Look after yourself

I’ve never really been known for being a “girly” girl. I’ve always hang around with mainly boys as I never seemed to get on with girls very well. 120 more words