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Rumbles from the deep

With the exception of growth in certain *ahem* areas, vocal changes were one of the first things that I noticed when I began T. Within two weeks of my first injection, I experienced about a week of slight hoarseness. 695 more words


Why confidence matters

  1. It gives you the fuel to speak up
  2. Opens the doors to challenge the status quo
  3. Enables you to influence, to turn an idea into reality

A run/walk confidence boost

What do you do when you need a confidence boost, running-wise?

All this spring weather lately has made me want to run long, but I wasn’t feeling up to the task mentally. 281 more words

Mizz D is in need of a Confidence Boost

Today, Mizz D has decided she is in desperate need of a little bit of a confidence boost. D has noticed that there are a many aspects of her life that she could use a bit of a leg up in: her career, her relationships, the usual suspects. 96 more words

Daily Woes

Tips to help you respond with confidence in the corporate arena

Regardless of your status, invest time in really “getting to know” your peers and vice versa. Do this and you will reap the rewards 10 fold as your efforts guide you in understanding personal preferences (likes/dislikes), as opposed to focusing on the technical, operational and/or strategic matters alone. 70 more words

Confidence Boost