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Mizz D is in need of a Confidence Boost

Today, Mizz D has decided she is in desperate need of a little bit of a confidence boost. D has noticed that there are a many aspects of her life that she could use a bit of a leg up in: her career, her relationships, the usual suspects. 96 more words

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Tips to help you respond with confidence in the corporate arena

Regardless of your status, invest time in really “getting to know” your peers and vice versa. Do this and you will reap the rewards 10 fold as your efforts guide you in understanding personal preferences (likes/dislikes), as opposed to focusing on the technical, operational and/or strategic matters alone. 70 more words

Confidence Boost

The difference between a dreamer and a believer

In a nut shell is a DECISION to ACT and follow through until your dream is realised. If you are feeling trapped by your circumstances and resolve there is no way out, think again as you are taking the easy road. 64 more words

Confidence Boost

Why it's important to have a best friend

 1. Honesty 

A best friend knows you well, and is able to tell it like it is. No holding back because she’s got your best interest at heart. 227 more words

Pictures Say A Thousand Words

As I see you commenting on pictures of women & their bodies I start to think about the pictures I have taken. I remember I took one years ago with your phone as a little secret surprise; something private between us & for your eyes only, but my Mom & Sister ended up seeing it – off your phone!! 335 more words

Corporate Executives…loosing grip on reality, whilst their employees reach breaking point

Having survived another gruelling week in the corporate cluster and never ending demands (some with good merit and others just dwindling the shareholder returns)….led me to a pretty harsh…. 542 more words