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My First Choir Performance!!

Two and a half months ago I joined a choir. I was in a bit of a slump at the time trying to figure out who I was apart from Mummy/wife and this came along and just suited me so well. 328 more words

7 things that made me happy week 15!

As I sit in my garden after just eating a salad in the blazing sunshine I feel like I have a lot to be happy about! 696 more words

Confidence and traveling with baby

For the last few years, my family in KY, my family in VA, and my husband and I have tried to coordinate a vacation. Sometimes we all plan it together, and other times, one family will take a vacation and the others will crash it for a couple of days just so we can all see each other. 576 more words

All Things Mom

I am

I am sensitive but strong, kind but take a hard line.

Words cut deeper than they should yet I say nothing and put on a brave face. 119 more words

The power of sassy hair

In the last couple of weeks, I have had the desire to cut my hair much shorter. This weekend it started to feel unbearable to have the burden of long hair. 409 more words


How I've beaten the Monday blues

But it’s bank holiday Monday, no work, there shouldn’t be any blues right? Well laying in my bed this morning it dawned on me today was one of those days where being by myself all day I was going to have to make a choice. 696 more words

Goodbye Winter hello workouts!

It’s amazing how different just a few pounds in weight can make you feel. It can be the difference between feeling confident and attractive to uncomfortable and unhealthy. 302 more words