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Pictures Say A Thousand Words

As I see you commenting on pictures of women & their bodies I start to think about the pictures I have taken. I remember I took one years ago with your phone as a little secret surprise; something private between us & for your eyes only, but my Mom & Sister ended up seeing it – off your phone!! 335 more words

Corporate Executives…loosing grip on reality, whilst their employees reach breaking point

Having survived another gruelling week in the corporate cluster and never ending demands (some with good merit and others just dwindling the shareholder returns)….led me to a pretty harsh…. 542 more words


How to show confidence and self-control

By adjusting your attitude to being proactive rather than reactive. Ok easier said than done but just because others (like our superiors) create a world of stress and chaos, doesn’t mean we have to take it all on board. 126 more words


“Having the confidence to speak up and challenge the ‘status quo’ is critical in today’s ever changing business environment”. Why? Because it ensures robust discussions are put on the table, fosters critical thinking, challenges your own thought process and most importantly, it generates momentum and gets everyone-involved. – Lilianna Kovacevic

Confidence Boost

Week 2 my changes

OK so my second week of weight changes, this week I have lost 7lb!
How!!?? Well I decided not to call it a diet, because I will never stick to a “diet” so what I did this week is cut all the sugary items out such as: 134 more words


Mastering the art of assertion

Whether you are interacting in a social or professional environment, if you want to be taken seriously, you need to master the art of assertion.  People often confuse assertiveness with aggression or intimidation but that couldn’t be more further from the truth.  187 more words

Confidence Boost

When you are confident, you are truly unstoppable - Lilianna Kovacevic

I’m not just saying this to sound amazing, trust me it took a lot of experimenting to get to this very noble quote. I can honestly say that once you resolve to do something, and achieve it against all sceptics along your journey, you will feel unstoppable! 297 more words