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Shots fired: a critique of expert advice

Yesterday I read some advice that made me feel panicky. Which is ridiculous, as I already have a training contract. So, like the history student that I am, I’m going to work through it and pick apart the points in its argument. 1,092 more words


Top two most embarrassing things I've done (and what I learned from them)

Gather round, it’s story time. I hope you’re all sitting comfortably.

The Monaco Fiasco.

Two years ago I attended an Aspiring Solicitors’ Springboard event. (They are amazing, by the way). 724 more words


“But it’s so competitive”

So this first post is going to be like that first class back after the long summer holiday. You’re not going to have to do much with your brain, and I’m just going to be impressed you’ve turned up at all. 574 more words


That Light Bulb Moment When It All Comes Together

There have been a lot of light bulb moments in the past few weeks. One of our “unicorn” tricks has always been to orbit, which is walking backwards around me. 421 more words


The Magic of Red Lipstick

I’m not a girl who usually wears much lipstick. In the past, I’ve always found that it comes off far too easily and I’m too lazy to reapply it, so I thought ‘what’s the point of even wearing it then?’ and stopped using it. 655 more words


5 reasons to travel on a budget. And why you should too

No, it is not about the money. Most people, who know me fairly well, know that I like the challenge of spending less every time I travel. 662 more words

I got published!! 

So it was nearly a year ago I started this blog as a way to share my experiences with braces as an adult. It has turned into me sharing much more and I love writing it as much as I do reading everyone else’s! 339 more words