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The Secret Keepers

One of the primary concerns in social work is confidentiality. It is important for clients to feel secure enough with their social worker to share difficult information, and many social workers make a point of telling clients, right away, that anything they say will be kept private, expect in cases of danger to self or others. 893 more words


Michael Quinn Kaiser: The Importance of Mediation

Early in his career, Michael Quinn worked for Kaiser Permanente, a managed care organization that operates in eight states and reports tens of billions of dollars in operating revenues. 349 more words

Michael Quinn Kaiser



“I’m enjoying my support group a lot but my work schedule won’t permit me to make regular attendance consistently. 637 more words

Q & A About Recovery

Not about politics. Promise

Sup, followers / casual readers?

Apologies for the silence for the past couple of weeks, but I have been doing the do. aka being a midwife. 313 more words

NQM Diary

My Guidelines for Gossip

When I was 11 years old, I met a girl named Lisa. She was my age, and she lived in my neighborhood. At first we got along famously. 1,012 more words


Patient Confidentiality is an Illusion

Let me hide behind this flimsy curtain and revel in all your secrets. Let my voice resonate throughout the ward like a trumpet blast. Let me chatter on about your depression and the recent loss of your son; your long history of unemployment and your feelings of hopelessness and despair. 351 more words

Thoughts Before FY1

Tesla Workers Seeking a Union File Specious Charges Against their Employer

Some workers at Tesla’s Freemont, California electric car factory are following a common play from the union organizing handbook: file specious unfair labor practice charges. Unions often file these to increase the employer’s cost of defending against unionization, to throw red herrings at the employer during the organizing campaign, and to foster media interest in the organizing activity. 274 more words