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Improve performance on Sitecore Production CD server

In this blog, I am going to write some tips on performance improvement on Sitecore Production CD Server.

Create a patch file inside include folder. you can start the filename with zzz, so that it loads in the end and applies the patch properly. 585 more words



They are in plain text here, wordpress.com doesn’t allow js links.

Tumblr post as queue

To use it, click the bookmarklet once to open the tumblr share tab and again to set the post type to queue. 347 more words


Apache htaccess Tutorial for Ubuntu

This article is going to show you how to setup and use the .htaccess file on your web server to make your URL’s more professional and “pretty” them up a bit. 308 more words


Oracle RAC scan listener

You can check the status of the scan VIPs and scan listener with the below commands.

/home/grid > srvctl config scan

SCAN name: exa01-scan, Network: 1… 371 more words


i3 Tiling Window Manager - xmonad-style keybindings

This should be a quick post. After spending far too much time lurking on /g/, I finally took the plunge and looked into the world of Tiling Window Managers. 196 more words


Git: Add 'Signed-Off-By' From Command Line

In order to append a¬†Signed-off-by line with the author’s information.

In order to automatically append this line to the commit, append a ‘-s’ switch to the git commit command: 46 more words


Corrections to source book data

The Harrow Handbook¬†was erroneously listed as a Pathfinder Chronicles source book. It’s been corrected to the Player Companion line. The spelling of the name was also fixed.