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The Cisco Catalyst 6500 family is well known and popular in enterprise networking. We all know that this platform has gone a long way, numerous different service modules, line cards and supervisors was develeoped. 667 more words


Ensuring editing consistency with .editorconfig

Today I updated my recently created GitHub repo configs to include my .editorconfig file. EditorConfig is one of those incredibly simple ideas that I initially hesitated to install (“is that all it does?”) but now find invaluable. 294 more words


Building Magento 2 Extension - lets begin...

There are a tons of blogs and materials around Magento 2, including development experiments, and overall sharing of knowledge. Good reference is Alan’s blog –  661 more words


angular js module call order run() config()

Here’s the calling order:

  1. app.config()
  2. app.run()
  3. directive’s compile functions (if they are found in the dom)
  4. app.controller()
  5. directive’s link functions (again if found)

Here’s a… 128 more words


Slic3r vs Cura

This is a comparison of the 3D model slicers Cura and Slic3r using the Astroprint cloud slicer function.(Cura 10.09 and Slic3r 1.1.7)

We’ll go over several different aspects including: File Size, Bridging, Positive Features, Negative Features, Overhangs, Slicing Time, and Overall Quality. 173 more words

3D Printing

How to configure Knife and Test Kitchen to use OpenStack

When developing Chef cookbooks, Knife and Test Kitchen (hereafter just “Kitchen”) are essential tools in the workflow. Both tools can be set up to use OpenStack to make it easy to create VMs for testing regardless of the capabilities of the workstation used. 1,684 more words