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How to configure a network adapter

In this short video I will be configuring a network adapter for use on a local area network. I show you how too set your DNS numbers for a secure DNS server, as well as disabling protocols that are not required. 39 more words

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samba server 외장하드 인식 방법

0. 연결되어있는 HDD 확인
sudo fdisk -l

1. 외장하드 마운트 전

2. 외장하드 마운트
sudo mount /dev/sda1 /home/pi/exthdd1

3. 외장하드 마운트 후

4. 설정파일 위치 8 more words


How to configure Windows 7 Local Security Policy

In this video I show you how to configure Windows 7 Local Security Policies. This guide will help you with configuring security options as well as user rights assignments in a Windows 7 home network. 59 more words

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Spring MVC: externalise configuration

This is an example of one way of externalising configuration for a Java Spring MVC web application if you are using XML configuration. This was done with Spring 3.2 and Java 7. 438 more words


How to configure Windows 7 Services

In my first How to video I have provided some of the best ways too configure Windows 7 services, for a stand alone computer on a home network. 68 more words

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Debian/Ubuntu - SNMP setup...

This is very short entry for those who use SNMP to monitor Linux hosts. Steps below will help you with installation of SNMP daemon/server with the expected functionality. 237 more words


FTTC config template for Cisco routers...

Hello All, today I have for you simple FTTC config template. You can copy and paste directly to the Cisco router (CLI based). Please match only Ethernet interface number correctly and obviously your user name and password. 77 more words