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[Cassandra] Internal Authentication and Authorization Security

Internal Authentication and Authorization Security

What is Internal Authentication and Authorization?
Internal authentication equates to having user login accounts and their passwords being managed inside Cassandra. 582 more words


vSphere HTML5 Web Client (Fling): installation tips

VMware has officially introduced vSphere Client (HTML5) in the release 6.5 of the platform. The company is working hard to make it a real replacement for vSphere Web Client (Flash/Flex client) and… 472 more words


Config library for golang

Publishing config library to be used with go, it stores/loads structure as JSON file, so you can use it to keep options of your app: … 59 more words


Broadcast Announcements in Dynamics 365

A small feature customers occasionally ask for is the capability for Dynamics 365 to broadcast news announcements in a highly visible screen location, so that all users cannot fail to read the post. 122 more words


Powershell installation of Sitecore Performance Counters

Today was the day I bit the bullet and automated this bit of administrative work that we do for all our Sitecore projects. I think it was the fresh crop of 9 new Sitecore IIS nodes that needed this attention that was the final impetus. 585 more words

Master your firefox bookmarks

Master your firefox bookmarks with:



Recording Tests with JMeter

The HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder allows JMeter to intercept and record your actions while you browse your web application with your normal browser. JMeter will create test sample objects and store them directly into your…

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