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Chef config for postfix - in progress

1. You have to install chef-dk on your workstation
2. You have to get a hosted chef account, or install chef-server on premise.
3. You got to init your chef workstation with private key and validation key (or use starter kit) 292 more words

Block access to Sitecore folder for Content delivery with RequestFilters

In my opinion Request Filters are the simplest option to block access to the Sitecore folder for your content delivery servers… Sitecore recommend to block anonymous access to the Sitecore folder or restrict the access only to a set of IP addresses, but unfortunately there is not an easy way to implement this change, changing the web config and this solution is not PAAS friendly… 141 more words


Loaded Configuration File => (none) Apache not reading php.ini

php.ini is a core file to handle the behavior of PHP and sometimes apache might not pick it and php might not be using and it will create problem. 78 more words


Using multiple SSH keys on Mac

If you came to this page then probably you have different repositoriesĀ on bitbucket or guthub and you are trying to work with them using SSH keys from the same Mac. 179 more words


Simple solution to build specific app.config files

Here is a simple way to provide build specific app.config files for a solution. It won’t be the best way all the time but when you need a quick implementation this should be fine. 325 more words


WebDriverJS & Mocha Part 4: More Page Objects & Config

This post continues on from my last post about writing page objects in WebDriverJS & Mocha.

At this stage our tests look pretty good…

test.describe('Ralph Says', function() {

    test.it('shows a quote container', function() {
        var ralphSaysPage = new RalphSaysPage(driver);
        ralphSaysPage.quoteContainerPresent().then(function(present) {
            assert.equal(present, true, "Quote container not displayed");

    test.it('shows a non-empty quote', function() {
        var ralphSaysPage = new RalphSaysPage(driver);
        ralphSaysPage.quoteTextDisplayed().then(function(text) {
            assert.notEqual(text, '', 'Quote is empty');
… 710 more words
Automated Testing

Download HTTP Injector 2.0.4 Apk Fress

HTTP Injector adalah Server proxy mobile dengan kemampuan untuk memodifikasi permintaan dan akses diblokir situs di belakang firewall dengan dukungan SSH. sebenarnya sama saja dengan eProxy, untuk mendukung aktifitas internet gratis seperti kebanyakan orang pada umumnya. 98 more words