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My documentation for deploying Flask apps with uWSGI and Nginx on Ubuntu server

I was just asked on Twitter by @cshepp11 about deploying Flask apps. As it so happens I have my own set of documentation for manually deploying one on… 849 more words

Coding And Scripting

Secondary node locked when commiting

The other day I got a problem with one of my SRX clusters when I was running a commit. The commit was not able to complete and I got the following error: 388 more words


No connection string named 'MyEntities' could be found in the application config file

This error occurs when you haven’t set the correct value in your config or when you have one project calling another project. How? Why? Let’s see the details! 92 more words

Visual Studio

SharePoint 2013 Products Configuration Failed

After trying to install a quarterly update CU on a server in our SharePoint farm, a coworker came to me today with the following errors: 958 more words

Some useful monit commands and configs

Config for Sidekiq

# Monit configuration for Sidekiq : myAPP

check process sidekiq_thepact_qa0
 with pidfile "/home/deployer/www/qa/shared/tmp/pids/sidekiq.pid"
 start program = "/bin/su - deployer -c 'cd /home/deployer/www/qa/current && /usr/local/rvm/bin/rvm default do bundle exec sidekiq --config /home/deployer/www/qa/current/config/sidekiq.yml --index 0 -e qa -d'" with timeout 30 seconds… 53 more words
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How to configure WordPress

How to configure WordPress

refer to the following link:

  1. wordpress setup and configure step by step: http://jingyan.baidu.com/article/3c343ff70be0ea0d377963f9.html
  2. A video tutorial: http://www.liuzhishi.com/455.html
  3. wordpress college: http://www.wpdaxue.com/tutorials/start

how to setup wordpress in a new host: 9 more words