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Encrypting .NET Config Files in a Shared Development Environment

This page will attempt to describe how to encrypt sensitive information contained in .NET config files using the RSA Key Container, as well as how to export/import the key from that container so that other developers may use the same key to work on the same project. 819 more words


Fix HTTP Error 500.19 code 0x80070021

I found this error installing for the first time in a certain server the IIS tools, specially the WCF feature. 121 more words



; emilbarton – 121217 – 160706
; this is the configuration file where unid-serv preferences can be set
; lines beggining with semicolons aren’t processed… 66 more words


More RSpec: Spice up the colors

A few days ago, my RSpec output in the command line showed something tragic: the failures were in green.

As a fellow spec junkie, you know what I’m talking about. 109 more words


Show all non-blank non-comment lines in file

If you want to see just the lines with content, such as in a config file, use this one-liner:

grep -viE '^\s*((#|;).*)?$' smb.conf

How it works… 158 more words


bash script to generate config or property file from a template file containing variables

Sometimes we have configuration or properties file (as templates) such as httpd.conf or server.conf where we want to dynamically replace $variables with values before writing the output to a new file. 269 more words


First blog post

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