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Wireless network configuration wlan0 for RPi

When the solar panels are mounted on the roof of your shed, and no ethernet cable is available to connect your RPi to, another solution is to use a WiFi connection to your router. 503 more words

Methods of Bean Configurations for Spring Container

There are three ways to provide the configuration metadata to Spring container. Below are the more details about them.

1. Xml based configuration file

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>

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File manipulation in programming using template

Recently i am working on one desktop application. The requirement is to develop ui which can generate configuration file which is used in to run one external application which is written in some other language. 429 more words


Dynamic SOAP web service endpoint address

Every one prefers REST API’s now a days but hard luck lots of back end systems are SOAP XML based. There are some nice benefits e.g a contract (WSDL xsd) and of course web service client code generation that can easily be integrated into the client application. 374 more words


nail (mailx) certificates

This is mostly just to remind myself what to do the next time this problem happens, but it might be useful for somebody else. If you normally read this blog for our travel adventures, you probably want to stop right now… 364 more words

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Web application reading configuration files

Almost all applications running in some web container need access to some configuration file. I always wondered what was the best path and approach to refer it with in your application so you don’t need to worry a lot like redeploying application, rebuild just for changing the configuration file path. 235 more words