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nail (mailx) certificates

This is mostly just to remind myself what to do the next time this problem happens, but it might be useful for somebody else. If you normally read this blog for our travel adventures, you probably want to stop right now… 364 more words

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Homer as a SIP Capturing System - Part 2


In Part 1, i have talked about the definition of Homer. In this article i will talk about these:

  • Compilation and Installation of SipCapture module with OpenSIPS.
  • 1,189 more words

SMP & MMP in Datastage Architecture

SMP: Shared MultiProcessing.

MMP: Massive Multiprocessing.

“Fastname”: fastname basically denotes the physical node names.


1> How to distinguish between SMP or MMP architecture.

2>Where to look to determine the type of architecture you are using. 49 more words

Configuration File

How to Protect Linux Against the Shellshock Bash Vulnerability

The Shellshock vulnerability can be exploited on systems that are running Services or applications that allow unauthorized remote users to assign Bash environment variables.

Examples of exploitable systems include the following: 282 more words


Oh what a Travis-ty.

This post is about how I managed to, one part coax and one part coerce Travis-ci into doing what I wanted it to do.

It’s a bit lengthy and a bit technical so bear with me. 1,532 more words


SQL Server Installations … Is there an “Easy” Button?

In previous posts, I have discussed the benefits of giving attention to how you install your SQL Server (http://sqlbadboy.wordpress.com/2012/11/06/preparation-and-setup-leads-to-good-results/) and the need to automate things when you are doing them again and again ( 324 more words