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How to patch the Sitecore site list for cache clearing

I was struggling for a while with how to use Sitecore configuration patching in order to change this part:

<event name="publish:end">
      <handler type="Sitecore.Publishing.HtmlCacheClearer, Sitecore.Kernel" method="ClearCache">
        <sites hint="list">
      <handler type="Sitecore.Publishing.RenderingParametersCacheClearer, Sitecore.Kernel" method="ClearCache" />
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#ProjectOnline #PowerApps using the Project Online Connector #PPM #Apps #MSProject #O365 Part1

I recently published two articles on creating a navigation type app for Project Online using PowerApps, here is a screen shot of the project details screen from that example app: 442 more words


Basic Brunch Example

Setting up a new React app with correct dependencies and tools can be a pain, and sometimes it seems like getting things is the hardest part! 415 more words


There is insufficient system memory in resource pool

Doing crash and recovery tests on my local machine I got the SQL Server instance not going online. After trying the third time to bring my instance online thinking was something else problem I saw the SQL Server errolog file and I could see the problem. 561 more words

Sql Server

The way how the changes are replicated in transactional replication (CALL vs SCALL)

As I already mentioned before Replication is using replication procedures in order to replicate data changes  Today I will focus on that how the changes can be send down to subscriber, especially for UPDATE. 1,231 more words


Season 20 Series 1

Configuration is a show that my dance studio Santa Barbara Dance Arts does, and has done for 20 years! It is dance arts’s 20th anniversary so this year, Configuration is even more special! 587 more words

Center Stage

Implement Blackberry Router to better secure Blackberry Unified Endpoint Management

When anyone mentions Blackberry, the first thing that comes to mind is security in part by the Blackberry infrastructure that spans across the globe. It is comforting to know that outbound traffic from the internal network can then be limited to such infrastructure only instead of the world wide web (or wild wild west.) 296 more words