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Technical Report Destination Dispatching Configuration Overview

Author: Ron Cortese

Revision History Version Date Author Notes 1.4 8/21/2006 R. Cortese Added 2.3.4 on how to update the switch configuration.

Updated applicable documents section. 4,765 more words

How to parse a nested YAML config file in Python and Ruby

if you have a complex config schema, you may need to store it in a YAML or JSON format

having been used to .INI style configs, I recently had to store nested values and INI style gets very complex, very fast. 451 more words


OSxXMM - OSx16 eXtended Memory Manager

OSxXMM – OSx16 eXtended Memory Manager Or Extended Memory Device Driver And Driver.

OSxXMM – OSx16 eXtended Memory Manager is the Replacement for MS-DOS Himem.Sys.


Understanding Clones in Sitecore

There are scenarios when we want to replicate/duplicate entire content tree/individual items and create another structure in same Sitecore Instance, we also want to make sure that content can be shared from parent item to new item, in these scenarios and cases we can make use of Sitecore Cloning which helps to achieve the same. 541 more words


How to Install WordPress 4.7 On Ubuntu 16.10/16.04 Using LAMP Stack(aws or digital ocean)

First, we shall uncover the various steps for installation of LAMP stack before progressing to install WordPress.

Step 1: Install Apache Web Server

To install… 785 more words


My Ansible Journey

For a long time, I wanted to tick one of my most wanted job in my to-do list, but could not. At last, I did “learn ansible”. 499 more words


Running Ansible as remote_user Requires Inventory

Maybe I just missed it. I was running a Jenkins job that triggered an Ansible role that pulled tar.gz¬†files for several versions of my company’s software from a build server and deposited them in an NFS-shared directory on my Jenkins slave. 278 more words