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How to address globallist sizing issues

Reference: https://softwaresupport.hpe.com/group/softwaresupport/search-result/-/facetsearch/document/KM41790

How to avoid the globallist limits on size and array elements if the source file is large (more than about 1000 entries). This solution can apply to all globallists where there are a large number of source elements. 710 more words

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How to clear shared memory cache.

You can clear the memory cache by adding the parameter cache_clean_interval:3600 to sm.ini file. Restart SM service is NOT required.

This parameter defines the interval the HP Service Manager server waits before clearing the cache of infrequently used entries.
Possible values
Number of seconds

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Raspberry Pi LCD Touch Screen Rotation

I have a Raspberry Pi that is permanently attached to a 7″ touch screen. When setting it up I had to play around with the display settings in the file… 758 more words

Raspberry Pi

Office Deployment Tool

There may be times when we want to selectively Install Applications on a Computer or we might want to test the Updates before they are released to the Users. 213 more words

Office 365 Admin

SharePoint List View Threshold

Set to 5000 by default, and should not be increased, unless you like slow performing SharePoint sites.

Reducing the list view threshold provides very minimal performance gains, so don’t bother. 1,146 more words

SharePoint 2013

Episode 2 - Getting to know her better (An Openstack Series)

If you have skipped the first Episode, I am not responsible for the technical and emotional confusion created when you go through Episode 2. So I highly recommend… 5,534 more words


Execute external command using JS in SM

The below script will help you to execute the Command Prompt commands in HP SM using JS:

Example: we will run the command DIR, then this is how we follow: 41 more words

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