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Solutions to Date-Time Issue between Server Clients at different Timezone

After Investing lot of time in solving the date-time difference problem between Server and Clients due to them being at different Timezone, I understood few things which I would share with you. 528 more words


Sitecore Custom Tokens

Out of the box, Sitecore comes with the following expand standard values tokens:

  • $name – Name of the item
  • $date – Current server date
  • $time…
  • 518 more words

SCCM client install failed with exit code 1603

Sometime when you try to install SCCM Client in your Environment a few clients fails and this procedure can be solve at least one of the reasons.YOu can find this error in the logs: 388 more words


Disable Chrome Notifications

Since switching to Chrome, I’ve been annoyed when sites ask to send me notifications. I never want them. Turns out you can disable them completely. 36 more words

Nick Momrik

How to setup Transactional Replication? Part 1


The main part (and 1st step) of the setup is configuring Distributor. Either it can be located on the same instance as a publisher (not recommended as it will add some load to your Publisher) or configure as remote distributor. 731 more words


Publish Synology Web File Sharing through another Apache Web Server

Add this to your Apache VHOST:

ProxyPass /wfmlogindialog.js http://synology.your.domain:5000/wfmlogindialog.js
 ProxyPassReverse /wfmlogindialog.js http://synology.your.domain:5000/wfmlogindialog.js
 ProxyPass /scripts http://synology.your.domain:5000/scripts
 ProxyPassReverse /scripts http://synology.your.domain:5000/scripts
 ProxyPass /synoman http://synology.your.domain:5000/synoman
 ProxyPassReverse /synoman http://synology.your.domain:5000/synoman
 ProxyPass /webman http://synology.your.domain:5000/webman
 ProxyPassReverse /webman http://synology.your.domain:5000/webman
 ProxyPass /webapi http://synology.your.domain:5000/webapi
 ProxyPassReverse /webapi http://synology.your.domain:5000/webapi
 ProxyPass /sharing http://synology.your.domain:5000/sharing
 ProxyPassReverse /sharing http://synology.your.domain:5000/sharing
 ProxyPass /synoSDSjslib http://synology.your.domain:5000/synoSDSjslib
 ProxyPassReverse /synoSDSjslib http://synology.your.domain:5000/synoSDSjslib
 ProxyPass /downloads http://synology.your.domain:5000/fsdownload/3L5GsHTsz/web
 ProxyPassReverse /downloads http://synology.your.domain:5000/fsdownload/3L5GsHTsz/web
 ProxyPass /fsdownload http://synology.your.domain:5000/fsdownload
 ProxyPassReverse /fsdownload http://synology.your.domain:5000/fsdownload
 ProxyPreserveHost On

How to clear/clean/erase/delete/reset network adapter configuration on AIX?

To reset, clear, clean or erase network adapter configuration that means, IP Address and Netmask, issue the following command:

# chdev -a netaddr= -a netmask= -l en0