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Authoritative DNS on CentOS 7 using BIND

Install packages and filesystem level changes

yum install bind mkrdns
mkdir -p /etc/named/master
mkdir -p /etc/named/slave
touch /var/named/dynamic/named.empty
touch /var/named/dynamic/named.localhost

Minimal Configuration files

Change or add at /etc/named.conf… 189 more words


Incomplete record, could not process data for table Approval

When working on cases, I had one situation that when accessing the Approval table, the error message appeared:

Incomplete record, could not process data for table Approval… 49 more words

Service Manager

Hide a configuration section behind an interface

In my previous project, the team used custom configuration sections for different parts of the application. Because each class had access to all information, I added an interface for each service with just the information that service would need. 1,040 more words


Setting SQL Server Maximum Memory

One of the dafter defaults in SQL Server is the Maximum Server Memory (MB) – set to a value of 2147483647. Who has a server with 2PB RAM? 1,254 more words

SQLServerPedia Syndication

Test the time and watch the crime

That sounds like a very nasty tasting flavour of ice cream. Veal ice cream.

Isn’t veal something that is a meat made from young cows? 551 more words