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azure Site-to-site VPN with Sophos UTM

Recently I had to setup site-to-site VPN using Azure networking and Sophos Firewall – while not officially supported, and till very recently impossible to implement without using serious hacks (involving additional IP’s, and on-prem Windows RRAS server). 634 more words


The Real Difference Between Customization and Configuration

I was talking to a venture capitalist recently about the kinds of software companies that are attractive to investors. We agreed that people will not invest in the type of company that builds a custom software platform. 506 more words

Cloud Computing

PuttyGen: Putty Key vs OpenSSH Key

At work, I use windows machines. Recently I generated a key-pair using PuttyGen in Windows, it worked fine when I connected to my remote server using Putty (Of course with my public key stored on the remote server first). 225 more words


Changing the Jenkins service port

Pre-Requisites :

Jenkins is already installed in the system. If not click here to install the Jenkins.

SOmetimes it may happen after Jenkins installed in 8080 port but the port is also might be used somewhere else. 185 more words

Software Testing

A note on the Sitecore Commerce DCOM Config Permissions

I’ve been having lots of fun with multiple Sitecore Commerce projects and Azure SQL lately . . . here’s one quick note I can share that might save some hassle for others working in this space . 146 more words

Classifying and Protecting Data in Office 365

In my previous post, I introduced how to classify data with Azure Information Protection (AIP). In this post, I’ll introduce how to create a policy / label and additional data classification features you can use to enhance and protect your data. 475 more words


Azure Automation - Up / Down Scale Azure VM

Recently I made a couple of demos how you could benefit from Azure Automation acting on certain alerts. One demo was, if an OMS or Azure Monitor alert is triggered because of high CPU on your Azure VM, a webhook will be called and scale up the Azure VM to a predefined size. 287 more words