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Is MGMTDB Patched While Applying GI PSU ?

Yes, while applying PSU patch onto GI, we can see GIMR database “-MGMTDB” is patched as well.

a) Logs from “opatchauto apply” shows MGMTDB is patched while applying GI PSU: 1,438 more words

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Is MGMTDB Using HugePages ?

The HugePages was configured for newly built Linix 6 servers, and we did not change any configurations of GIMR database “-MGMTDB”. Just found MGMTDB is using HugePages automatically if HugePages is configured according the alert log. 162 more words


General Ledger Configuration - 2

Hi guys,

Here is a continuation of the General Ledger configuration. In the previous post, I wrote about the number of tasks that we need to do for the configuration of the same. 557 more words


A look at "many-electron atoms"

Last time, when talking about quantum mechanics, we used Hydrogen as our prime example.

That’s because Schrödinger’s equation for H can be exactly solved, but that’s not so for the other elements on the periodic table. 1,474 more words


Setting the NLog database connection string in the ASP.NET Core appsettings.json

This article shows how the NLog connection string for the DatabaseTarget can be configured in the appsettings.json in an ASP.NET Core project and not the XML nlog.config file. 706 more words


Troubleshoot: Control Center producing the error: 'Fatal error: portx spool=connector (port/printserver)’

Explanation: You are probably trying to create a new output connector in the Platform and you are using the connector type Spool and you are encountering this error. 58 more words