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Test changes without publishing to web DB in Sitecore

In your development environment, did you ever felt that publishing is not providing a great value, but acting like a hindrance?

In Sitecore you can directly test your changes without publishing your changes to web DB, and configure Sitecore to use content from master DB. 73 more words


Versioned-Unversioned and Shared fields in Sitecore

This blog contains information about items, more importantly languages of items, versions of items in languages, and sharing the values of individual item in different supported languages and numbered versions. 257 more words


How to do Configuration patching in Sitecore

In Real development many time we find lot of scenario where we have to patch the configuration. In Sietcore there is one thumb rule that all type of patching configuration file will add under “\App_Config\include” folder. 442 more words


Smart Analytics 9.5x: configure to improve the search accuracy for Japanese

Recently, I have worked with one Japanese customer who wanted to improve the accuracy of Smart Search using Japanese. The truth is he is a PS guy and really be good at customizing; he has given me the way he did to increase Japanese searching. 161 more words

Service Manager

SM Fat Client Security & Communication protocols

HP Service Manager allows Customers to configure Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption for all network communications between clients and servers except between SCAuto TCP communications. Out-of-box, Service Manager provides a demonstration server certificate that customers can use for SSL encryption. 163 more words

Service Manager

Step 0 - part 1

This will be the starting point for all of my projects, unless otherwise specified in that project. Instead of using the NOOBS installer, I like to use the… 659 more words

File System

Apache Optimizations

Available Multi-Processing Modules (MPMs):

  • mpm_prefork_module – The prefork MPM uses multiple child processes and each child process has only one thread and ultimately one process/thread is handling one connection at a time.
  • 134 more words