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Now that the user runs the service instance, let’s finish the description of the pillars in the hybrid management functional reference architecture by focusing on the service assurance, called Detect to Correct or D2C in IT4IT.

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Using #REST in #JavaScript to update #ProjectOnline project custom fields #PPM #PMOT #jQuery #Office365

This blog post provides example code for updating Project Online project level custom fields using the REST API ({PWASite}/_api/ProjectServer) in JavaScript on a PWA page. Following this blog post later this week will be a full working code sample that will be available for download. 371 more words


Como forçar o Azure App utilizar o horário do Brasil (ou qualquer outro de sua preferência)



Desde que o Azure mudou para o “ARM” tenho usado muito o Azure App Service para rodar minhas aplicações como serviço (PaaS) e não precisar “gerenciar” o Windows/IIS. 668 more words


Implement Blackberry Enterprise Mobility Server (BEMS) on-premise in a Blackberry UEM environment - Part 3 (troubleshooting)

In part 3 of this series, I will share some of the issues and resolutions I encountered during my BEMS implementation.

If you haven’t already, feel free to check out other parts of this series to get your BEMS implemented. 572 more words

Basic Configuration OSPF

Router yang menggunakan routing protocol OSPF perlu adanya konfigurasi, dan konfigurasi yang akan dibahas dalam post ini konfigurasi menggunakan perangkat cisco. 184 more words


Sling Context-Aware Configuration (part 4) -- using inheritance

Till now this series of blog posts has only worked with configuration which has been explicitly set. But when working in hierarchical systems (like the AEM content tree) it’s often useful when you can inherit things from a parent container/concept. 287 more words


PKS and NSX-T: I did everything wrong

I’ve fought with PKS and NSX-T for a month or so now. I’ll admit it: I did everything wrong, several times. One thing for certain, I know how NOT to configure it. 930 more words