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My documentation for deploying Flask apps with uWSGI and Nginx on Ubuntu server

I was just asked on Twitter by @cshepp11 about deploying Flask apps. As it so happens I have my own set of documentation for manually deploying one on… 849 more words

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Oracle DataGuard and Standby Database Archive Logs

Users see your wonderful DataGuard implementation like this:

And yet, you know the actual picture looks more like this:

High-availability – the concept behind it makes every DBA shudder because every time it seems you deal with one element and have it protected, there’s another underlying component that also needs protection and redudancy, or else your solution is still insufficient. 845 more words


Calculating 'Days Since...' in Dynamics CRM

A scenario I come across quite often when configuring Dynamics CRM is the need to show the Days Since something occurred or happened.  For example: 232 more words


Understand & Configure NAT Reflection (NAT Loopback, Hairpinning) on Cisco ASA 5500-X for TelePresence ExpressWay and Other Applications

NAT Reflection configuration commands for ASA v8.2 and earlier or v8.3 and later. ASA configuration for Cisco CUCM/TelePresence ExpressWay-C and ExpressWay-E infrastructure.

Configure multiple computers to use RDP

A lot of people use the default Remote Desktop application provided with Microsoft Windows.  I am not going to get into the details of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), however a Google search turns up the following: 508 more words


How to install and configure Tinyproxy on Ubuntu 14.04

In this tutorial, we will show you how to install and configure Tinyproxy on an Ubuntu 14.04 VPS. Tinyproxy is a small and fast HTTP/HTTPS proxy server and it is very easy to install and use. 12 more words

How to Use SVN (Revision Control) with Qt

Whether you are developing PC (and mobile) applications for a company or for yourself, revision control should be a crucial part of what you do. The two major revision control systems are… 110 more words