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Renew License and Enable External Access for HANA Virtual Machine

If you have downloaded the HANA virtual machine that I shared, the license has expired because the license used during the installation was available until April/08/2017. 388 more words


How to Install and Configure Vsftpd on Centos Server

Not everyone will choose a shortcut to install several control panels on the VPS, whether paid or free panels even to set various VPS server management really needs to be owned.

How to Install and Configure Symfony on an Ubuntu VPS

We are now going to see an interesting and easy topic that will refresh your knowledge. We will be reminding you through the concepts of how to get started with Symfony on an Ubuntu VPS.

How to Install and Configure Samba File Server on Ubuntu

Samba is a free software that mostly used to enable print services such as Unix system and files. For some unix system includes variants such as linux, solaris, aix and bsd. 8 more words

How to Install and Configure Saltstack on an Ubuntu VPS

First let us know about Salt, Salt is formerly known as SaltStack. It is software for configuration management mostly used by the ITOps

How to Install and Configure Nginx Webserver in Ubuntu

Nginx or so-called engine x is one of the open source HTTP servers that is free to use for all the new and professional.

How to Install and Configure Monit on Linux

Lots of new things that you will know every day our site. This is none other than featured and opensource software and servers.