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Ansible: Automate Cisco IOS Configuration

Hi everyone, for the last past two weeks I been reviewing Ansible. It is one of the automation tools like Puppet and Chef. I’ve used Ansible before in managing Linux OS, especially in a Desktop environment. 1,444 more words


Creating a Tenant Database in SAP HANA Multitenant Database Containers

The data is the most important piece in almost all system, for that reason the platform selection and the data structure design are the first step to consider.  332 more words


Configuring Cumulus Linux High Availability Layer 2 Network (Part 1)

Hi everyone, today I am going to do a lab on one of the validated design from Cumulus Linux,  which is the Data Center Layer 2 High Availability network. 1,253 more words


Configuring Cisco Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR)

Hi everyone, today I am going to do lab configuration about Cisco Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR). NBAR recognized particular protocol and application that are running on your network and based on that you decide what you want to do with that traffic. 931 more words


Configuring Cisco High Availability Campus Network Design (HSRP Model)

Hi everyone this my first post and it’s about High Availability Campus Network Design from Cisco Validated Design. The design is one of the best practice topologies when you are using a separate standalone L3 switch as your Collapsed Core/Distribution layer device and L2 switch as your access layer device. 846 more words


Routers Scare Me (So Here's a Tutorial for Myself)

I work for a web company, and because of that a lot of my friends and family expect me to know everything about the Internet. 670 more words


Download and Configure Eclipse with SAP Hana


  • Java Runtime: You need to install JRE version 1.7 or higher (Eclipse Neon requires Java 1.8), 32-Bit or 64-Bit.