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Back-to-back hospital confinement


It’s been more than a week since Baby Carissa and Eugene got discharged from the hospital. Yes, both of them almost at the same time got confined for pneumonia. 2,028 more words


captive (with poetry read)

helen’s absence from the crowd,
less a conscious caging
than subjection to the fear of:




receding to the shadows
of her crushing… 25 more words


She Chose You + Happy Birthday MIL

Collection! Not a lot, I know. I’m actually mad stressed about having enough stocked up for the daycare. I was stressed about stocking up ever since I gave birth and was crying coz my baby kept drinking up all my supplies with her cluster feedings and was unable to freeze anything. 841 more words

Bringing Up B

8 Weeks Progress Report

This is the sight that greeted me this morning.. B on her stomach and unable to roll back on her back. Crying too. She looks so cute with her butt in the air, haha. 213 more words

Bringing Up B

Not a Prison Make

Stone walls do not a prison make
Nor iron bars a cage

Minds innocent and quiet
Take that for an hermitage

Richard Lovelace 1642


The Big Business Of Maternity Care.

Evidently, steady birth rates, new ideas about parenting and higher spending power all provide Guangzhou with excellent conditions for the right kind of maternity care. So says Ms Zhang, General Manager of a confinement club in Guangdong, who believes that confinement clubs themselves are coming of age. 541 more words


Found Things

I was so excited when I found the key that opens the locks on my leather cuffs yesterday!! I thought I had given it to my ex, and that it was long gone.  259 more words