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dah pantang memantang : i

i can’t believe nobody warned me about how horrifying pantang would be like?

most women give out warnings that lean more to soothing the fear of delivery & complications that arise, yes, but never about how the doctor would presume your agreement about conducting an emergency episiotomy on you, causing a whole lot of bleeding post-delivery and the fact that you’d be feeling a whole lot of swelling and stinging sensation (topped with negative thoughts of your stitches tearing apart, in slow motion, with that slow-mo “rip” sound- … 387 more words


No Matter What You Do, Don't Call The Number On The Wall Of The Bar Bathroom

“Call Jenny for a good time.”

I read this text scrawled onto the wall of the stall as I finished my business and prepared to exit the restroom. 4,144 more words

Without Stars

Tartarus, without stars,

as the sky cannot see us,

and the satellites, radio waves,

and even God is blind to us.

They sent us down underground, 107 more words


Postpartum how to lose weight, postpartum economic and effective way to lose weight

How to lose weight after birth is both healthy and effective? Most postpartum mothers, on the first day, seem to have 5 months of gestation, because the uterus is still swollen and not fully recovered. 397 more words


How can a mother recover her uterus quickly after birth?

After childbirth, with the discharge of the placenta, the size and weight of the uterus will gradually change back to its original state. But the process takes about 6 weeks. 365 more words


How often does menstruation come after birth, normal caesarean section and spontaneous delivery, then the best time for menstruation?

How often does postpartum come normal menstruation? The women’s health network will describe the best time for caesarean section and spontaneous delivery, followed by menstruation to allow mothers to better understand the timing of postpartum menstruation. 195 more words


Postpartum how to quickly restore 5 coup to help postpartum uterine recovery

In order to accommodate small uterine distinguished guests, the role of the hormone, will become gentle and soft, with enough blood to form a hollow ball. 1,209 more words