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Value diversity and crew relationships during a simulated space flight to Mars

Sandal, G. M., & Bye, H. H. (2015). Value diversity and crew relationships during a simulated space flight to Mars. Acta Astronautica, 114, 164-173.

Data reported on in the present article come from the Mars500 project, which aimed to simulate a future mission to Mars. 203 more words


Goin' On Up to the Asylum in the Sky

A light flickered on and off above my head. My arms and legs would not move. I could send impulses to my muscles and they would contract, but every fiber of my being was cemented in place. 295 more words

Creative Writing Posts

Freedom by N.S.

What is freedom? We live in the country of the free but so often we do things that we would never consider enjoyable. But yet we claim to be free and live in a free country. 620 more words

Rodrigues SLCC 2016


life as a monk
cell austere
with infirmity

vellum and quill
write the history
no one will read

every verse
therapeutic release
of remorse

a barred window… 93 more words


I Poetry Because

Windhoek, Namibia | May 5, 2016


I write poetry

I read poetry

I speak poetry

Because in poetry

I can speak in the repetitive way… 627 more words


From Prison to War

Handcuffs weigh much more than gravestones.

Visar Zhiti

Forsaken and forlorn,

I’ve rarely seen the sun.

There were walls,

Dark, cold, hard,

Impossible to break.

318 more words

Confinement 1 (#34)

(Editor: Carl wasn’t sure about sharing this, but I think this story is very important to share. Allow me to reiterate, if needed, that Carl just sends me letters that I type up and make pretty into a blog. 2,003 more words