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Titles shouldn’t be used to confine or define us. They should be used to bring us up. When used correctly, titles can empower us. It’s the power of knowing yourself.

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Writing Prompt # 126 | Today, You Will Write.

They came for me. Their foot falls heavy on the floor. Each thud on the stairs vibrated in my chest; squeezing my heart violently. 468 more words



To lose ones freedom
To lose ones self

But a compromise, a sacrifice for others happiness. Where do I draw the line ??!

I cannot teach the blind to see, if they are not willing to see. 51 more words


It’s been almost a week.
I am feeling fine.
The Hub has been taking good care of me, and MIL has been preparing good nutritious dishes cooked with lots of ginger and DOM for me. 188 more words

Big Belly

Confinement - Word Visualization Concept

This is part one of what may or may not turn into a series. So really it’s just a sketch, an experiment, for now. I wanted to figure out how to turn a word into an image that conveys both the word’s definition and connotation. 257 more words

Graphic Design

Ronn Wished to Run...

Ready…Steady…On your mark…the whistle blows up and a cloud of dust fills the air as the boys bang the racing track. The cacophony of hooting and cheering sounds from the gallery is undoubtedly enhancing the mood of Annual Sports Day celebration of St. 640 more words


Darkness within the confines

I went to a yoga workshop and practice Sunday morning. I wasn’t planning on going until a friend told me about it. I still was not planning to go until I shifted my perspective and thought of it as a gift to myself rather than an obligation. 619 more words