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We're Alive!

Sooo…. It’s been 3 weeks and a day since the baby arrived. And indeed, it has been a crazy adventure. Where shall we start? Shall we start with the magical (or not so) arrival of the baby? 604 more words

Life With A Baby


helen’s absence from the crowd,
less a conscious caging
than subjection to the fear of:




receding to the shadows
of her crushing… 12 more words


F for Freedom.. Redefined…

Today, I will share two pieces of thought about freedom that led  me to question and reconsider my beliefs on freedom..

Physical Freedom or  Confined freedom ( 478 more words


A girl in a guys work world

Farming. What comes to your mind when you hear the word “farming”? Most people probably think of cow manure, dirty boots, and hard work that never ends. 640 more words


the confinement 

we place ourselves into a social confinement

with all the social restrictions, values, ideologies and hopes,
I have never felt this many dreams
dangling on solid ropes. 44 more words



Cast my body;

Hold me between a time flux.

It’s for my own well being.

Love is as precious as sharp ice.

Loneliness bares the dastardly curse of the sun. 36 more words

Alex Speak