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Confinement 1 (#34)

(Editor: Carl wasn’t sure about sharing this, but I think this story is very important to share. Allow me to reiterate, if needed, that Carl just sends me letters that I type up and make pretty into a blog. 2,003 more words



I pace my small cell.

I am locked in, trapped,  feel at times profoundly lonely as if I were a prisoner of war – and, in a very real sense, I… 325 more words

Daily Prompt

Confinement & Digression of a Dead Bird by Brina Platt


Snow: Infiltrating our lives. Flurries
build into glacial walls and even beside cozy
Chimney fires I feel those unrelenting flakes
Compiling outside. Suffocating. Four months of— 172 more words


Session preview: Excitons in Organic and Hybrid Systems I

This announcement comes in parallel with the start of the session Excitons in Organic and Hybrid Systems I of our Symposium EP1, which began 5 minutes ago. 86 more words


Confinement - myths vs truths

When I was doing my confinement after Eva was born, I had many questions about its practices e.g. not bathing or washing hair (ew), eating ginger with every dish, wearing long sleeves and pants (this is Singapore!!!) etc. 92 more words


Solitary Confinement

You keep wishing for loneliness, envious of my situation

Craving for solitary confinement, like it’s such a reasonable notion

While I sit idling away as I whittle the peeling paint on the wall… 34 more words


DIY Confinement

Many women turn to TCM or hear-says and old wives’ tales after they have sought Western medicine(painkillers, iron pills etc). Many people believe after the miscarriage and abortion, the body is deemed to be “cold” and it’s beneficial for the body to warm it up with Chinese herbs like Ba Zhen. 356 more words