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Demons, evil and Jinns. One.

Fallen Angels.

The bible is different from the Koran, because it is a complete book about the attributes from the creation to the end of Al-Liylah’s dealing with humanity His creation, their condition of sin. 67 more words

What's The Beef With Beef?

Did you know that all of the meat you buy is hormone AND antibiotic free? Yep that’s right! In fact, cattle producers have to adhere to very strict guidelines in order to sell their cattle to be harvested. 956 more words

Agriculture Issues

Colour confinement

The term confinement indicates that coloured free particles do not exist in Nature.

Besides valence quarks, a hadron contains a population of more quarks and gluons. 509 more words


Couplings and asymptotic freedom

Each of the four fundamental interactions can be characterized by a dimensionless parameter expressed in terms of universal constants, the coupling constant.
In the lagrangian of strong interactions, the coupling constant is parameterized by the gauge coupling parameter,, giving in natural units… 681 more words

The Standard Model

The Living Prison

I traveled days away from this internal
Sand and rubble,
Grass and overgrowth.

But no matter what I do –
The soul cannot escape the body.


diaries from the rehab

It’s been three days. Three days out of thirty-three years in which I have been able to read and write at least since I was about four, maybe five, and this is the first time I ever remember having been impeded ––no! 373 more words

Life Attached

Phantom Mansion

As the walls feel like they’re caving in my mind
Everything suddenly feels beyond my fingertips

Walls I cannot touch, too far away
Yet I feel confined in this gated mansion of a life… 144 more words