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post-operation #aryakim

Yes, three months have passed and once again, the dusty cobwebs on this blog have to be wiped off.

In my defense, having a newborn, family duties and a thesis to finish was no joke. 671 more words

#1 - Limitations

Hello. I’ve just suddenly realised how aggravatingly stupid I am. I compensate my stupidity by expanding my vocabulary and trying to be an outstanding individual. The definition of “outstanding” is unclear. 909 more words



Do you ever feel like you hold your expectations lower than you want to because you just know that people will disappoint you, no matter the circumstance? 133 more words

Life As I Know It

Friday Story Prompt: Confinement

Happy Friday, writers! You may have come across the idea that imposing restrictions can help creativity.  When you can write about anything at all, sometimes it’s hard to get started.  111 more words

Friday Story Prompt



Taken from city sketchbook, developing the idea of being trapped, and working with interacting the body within ideas.

Spherical Confinement

From a point of view of a woman.

Spherical Confinement

Call him Mr. Freeze
For his hands have frozen me
Shelving me like an ice statue… 157 more words

Artsy Poetry