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Spice Rack's First Title

The first novel preview I promised a couple weeks ago has finally been posted. It’s called “Confinement” and…its about twincest. Enjoy????

This one actually does have a pretty good prologue, although I had some confusion regarding whether or not she was riding a carriage. 65 more words


Today's Theme Music

I awoke with Tom Jones singing “What’s New Pussycat?” in my head.

I don’t know how Tom got in there; I thought he was a bigger person that that. 205 more words

What happens when a woman who is not prepared for a pregnancy finds herself accidentally pregnant?

What happens when women who are not pregnant find themselves accidentally pregnant? Pregnancy is a great pleasure for couples who are prepared to be a parent. 385 more words


Grandma break up how to do the natural back milk and artificial milk back method?

Off grandma how to do? When it comes to weaning methods, I believe the mothers who have fed milk all know, in fact, weaning is also a painful process, because weaning will occur milk rise phenomenon, milk rise so that mom is particularly uncomfortable. 378 more words


How old is the baby most intelligent?

What time will the children? The sooner the better? As late as possible? The traditional concept of advocating “energy-saving”, whether there is any truth?

On fertility issues, scientists focus on heredity. 237 more words


What are the symptoms of kidney stones in children?

In the period of time after the Sanlu milk powder containing melamine, in infants caused by eating this milk powder led to kidney stones. Now many parents are worried that their children are also very worried, so many people go to the hospital to check. 53 more words


Children can not eat what food damage baby intelligence seven kinds of food

The birth of every little life is a treasure in the heart of my parents. From the moment I learned that I was pregnant, every parent hoped that the next generation would get the most perfect nutrition. 631 more words