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Hope For Parents Who Can Not Leave The House With Their Own Children

My children returned to school this week after two weeks Spring break and as I look back at photographs of their time off I realised something very significant: … 1,174 more words


Mee Sua with red rice wine

Mee sua
Kampong chicken 1 pc
Ginger shredded 70g
*Red wine residue 红糟 100g
Red rice wine 300g
Sesame oil 30g
Water 1500g

* … 84 more words

Surprising Singapore

Red Chinese wine without grapes

Western wine is made from grapes or fruits. Chinese/Asian/ Japanese wine like sake is made from rice.

Red Yeast Wine

糯米 Glutinous rice Songhe 1000g… 231 more words

Surprising Singapore


“The irrational fear of not being found, when trapped in a situation, is one of the most paralyzing fears of all time.”

Have you ever thought about getting stranded at a place? 862 more words


Postpartum Care

My mom has been here for 3 months, since before Quinn was born, and we are starting to mourn her departure. She arrived ahead of my due date which gave us the opportunity to get her settled into our house and our routines before the baby arrived. 812 more words


Chicken in Red Glutinous Rice Wine

I’ve been wanting to cook this confinement dish for awhile because I’ve been craving it. This recipe is one of the better ones I’ve experimented with so far. 165 more words



What is up or down? What is left or right? Did the top stop spinning in the film “Inception”? Was she making it all up or did it really happen? 299 more words