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Exiled barefoot

Author – Exiled barefoot

We had a really funny story.

Our form master was a major history geek, and one day he organised a major oral history test with the school principal and one of his friends – some professor of history in a college somewhere. 897 more words

Shoes Being Stolen

Unfairly blamed

Author – RR

When i was teenager in an all male school i was fighting ith a friend in an empty classroom, it was reallly half joking half fighting and i wrestled him to the floor, and sat myself down on top of him. 321 more words

Shoes Being Stolen

Locked up shoeless

Author – Shoeless guy

The three pals had been hitching across America for two weeks on their month long vacation. They where heading west on Route 66, their last ride, an old gentleman in an even older car had dropped them off at a crossroads off the main highway. 1,862 more words

Shoes Being Stolen


I know you were trying to alter and tidy up the socksdepartment …
helas … I’ve confiscated the space, next time HumanMom, next time.


Accidental detention - day 4

Author – Unlucky lad

Jason saw me get on the bus and just glared, ‘suppose you all found it funny last night planning to leave me to walk home alone shoeless’ he said,’I planned nothing Jason, again your actions created yesterdays outcome so blame yourself’ I said angrily. 1,570 more words

Stealing Shoes

Robbo: Referees must make a call

{“contentType”:”NEWS_STORY”,”id”:{“value”:”6e3cf94e69b60cf5249e43df7b2fcc48″,”link”:”http:\/\/api.newsapi.com.au\/content\/v2\/6e3cf94e69b60cf5249e43df7b2fcc48″},”originId”:”5aa72838-98f3-11e7-8630-29b3e4b75cfb”,”origin”:”METHODE”,”channel”:”NONE”,”title”:”Robbo: Referees must make a call”,”subtitle”:”Trent Robinson says game\u2019s referees must make decision before Bunker”,”description”:”

ROOSTERS coach Trent Robinson believes it would be a mistake if referees stopped making a decision before sending a try referral to the bunker. 7,044 more words

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