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Keep an Eye on Kinshasa

December 19 is the key date to watch in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. That’s the day that the president officially loses legal power, but has already declared he won’t be leaving in December, and if he has his way, … 38 more words

Trapped in XinJiang

The Chinese government has been quietly increasing the crackdown in XinJiang, but the most recent measure is drawing at least domestic attention. The government is now requiring that all 11 million Uighurs in the province (including those who now live in other parts of China, but not non-Uighurs in XinJiang)┬áto… 59 more words

Russia's Grozny Legacy

To the West, the spectre of Russian actions in Grozny, the capital of the semi-autonomous and often separatist Chechnya, looms large in the horrors of Aleppo. 37 more words

Optimistic or Pessimistic future

I believe that the world is standing at the crossroads. Are we moving to a more united world where the problems of war, extreme poverty and disease are reduced or even eliminated? 1,328 more words


Political Science and Syria's Civil War

Fascinating collection of the leading political scientists in the study of civil wars, and exactly what their research suggests is and will happen in Syria. If you’re sick of the contradictory headlines and op-eds, and want something based on more research, this is the star-studded collection to… 24 more words

Human-Elephant Conflict Rises

Elephants are fascinating mammals, and the more we learn about them, the more human-like they seem. This, however, may be driving further conflict between species in areas where the two conflict, with increasingly dire results for the remaining wild elephant populations around the world. 39 more words

The Baltics: Nations of Insurgents?

Tensions have been rising in the Baltics for at least two years, and Estonia is particularly worried, and has been preparing accordingly. The latest method of preparation is to train as many people as possible for what would happen after a Russian invasion: … 46 more words