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Fighting Extremism

To my eternal shame, when I was a teenager I was somewhat racist. I thought that people from different races and cultures, had different morals and because of this should not integrate into my own culture. 708 more words


After November 13, Part I: Refugees

The last month has seen a surprising number of attacks, both by and in response to ISIS. From the Sinai, to Beirut, Paris, Tunis, Bamako, and more, what does this tell us about terrorism, ISIS, refugees, and more? 314 more words

Deadliest Terror Group: Boko Haram

Although ISIS tends to make more headlines, the deadliest terror group in the world is Nigeria’s Boko Haram. That’s not to say ISIS isn’t deadly (though perhaps more accurately a… 130 more words

Mercenaries in Yemen, from Colombia

In what may be the strangest twist yet in a Middle Eastern civil/proxy war in recent memory is the UAE’s deployment of mercenaries to fight on their behalf in Yemen. 117 more words

The Real Borders of Africa

National borders, by definition, are made-up. Although this seems to be something that tends to be forgotten except in the context of blaming colonial powers, pretty much all borders are for whatever reason arbitrary. 76 more words

Why didn’t the Nazis get The Bomb?

There are likely a lot of small reasons, but quite a few fall under the category of deliberate sabotage. This article looks at one of those saboteurs, who, in Occupied Norway, managed to ensure that the Nazis couldn’t get their hands on the all important ingredient: heavy water. 35 more words

Oil Conflict: Guyana vs Venezuela

Guyana is perhaps not a country that commonly comes to mind when discussing border disputes. While this land dispute (in which Venezuela claims close to 2/3 of Guyana’s entire country) goes back nearly a century, the recent discovery of oil off the coast of the disputed territory obviously raises the stakes. 35 more words