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Right or happy?

I know that I am not alone when I admit to obsessing over one person who has mistreated me instead of focusing on the many who have supported me. 797 more words

Age of Conflict

The headlines certainly don’t seem to have good news, with famines, wars, protests, and unexpected politics seeming to be the norm. Now, one of the leading academics in the field of civil war studies is backing this feeling up, explaining why civil wars in fact have gotten… 20 more words

Himalayan Standoff: India vs. China

There’s a high-altitude confrontation on the Sino-Indian-Bhutanese border that has all the ingredients of previous Chinese vs. Indian standoffs, with potentially more complications than usual. Definitely high-stakes!

The reality of climate change

A long piece, but absolutely worth it. This is the effect of scientifically proven climate change, on every conceivable aspect of human life.

Rwanda's Leadership Problem

Rwanda is often considered a model for its dramatic economic and social improvements from its lowest genocidal days in the early 1990s. What this rosy developmental picture often obscures, however, is the… 26 more words

Cyprus: Forever divided?

The island of Cyprus has been divided for decades and despite various attempts at reunification, the last few months have been deemed by many seasoned diplomats as a good opportunity, and potentially a last one. 39 more words

Surviving Boko Haram

Horrifyingly important profiles of four boys who managed to survive being taken in and trained by Boko Haram in Nigeria.