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Impact of conflict on teachers and their role in peacebuilding: What can be learnt from Nepal?

By Dr Tejendra Pherali, Senior Lecturer in Education and International Development at UCL Institute of Education

This blog looks at the impact on, and role of, school leadership during conflict, using Nepal and the Maoist insurgency as a case study. 932 more words

Developing Countries

Refugees Returning to Conflict

Kenya declared a few months ago that they were closing the largest refugee camp in the world and sending those living there back to Somalia. This seems to be… 36 more words

Many Obstacles to Peace in Myanmar

Despite the increased attention that Myanmar’s longstanding ethnic conflicts are gaining in international media, and the relatively stronger pressure its lauded leader Aung San Suu Kyi is facing, particularly as she makes her first state visit to the US, … 23 more words

Russia's Misinformation Campaigns

While Russia of course has various traditional military weapons at its disposable, including nuclear weapons, perhaps the most useful weapon at the moment is Russia’s sophisticated misinformation strategies, both at home and abroad. 94 more words

What's going on now in the South China Sea?

China has been expanding its diplomatic and military efforts to shore up its control of the South China Sea, sparking all sorts of responses from allies and adversaries. 93 more words

Should Christians live in Conflict with One Another?

In today’s sermon from 1 Samuel 18 & 19, Saul is in conflict with David and is not interested in restoration.  Is this proper behavior for a Christian?  537 more words


Tensions Rise on the Korean Peninsula

All sorts of military actions have been going on in and around the two Koreas for the last few months, and as a result tensions seem to be rising across the board. 119 more words