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Authoritarian Counter-Insurgency

Democracies, the US in particular, have a long and well documented history of having difficulty dealing with insurgencies. How do authoritarian states do it? Are they any more effective than democracies? If so, why?

Fighting for land everywhere

The disputes over the South China Sea are continuing with US ships entering contested waters, and China now landing test flights on newly developed island runways. 93 more words

Syria? Education?

It’s not news that calls for funds for education in humanitarian situations are left unmet, but it doesn’t fail to shock when the actual figures are laid bare. 435 more words


Lebanon’s Presidential Politics

So far, it’s been over 18 months since Lebanon had a president, and there have been at least 33 attempts to get a new once since then. 55 more words

The Saudi-Iran Rift

There’s a lot that’s been written about the most recent iteration of the Saudi-Iran split, much of it analytical and useful, and some of it interesting to read. 185 more words

Remember that conflict last week? Which were you displaying: habit, preference or good old Amygdala Hijack?

It’s the end of January, and many of us are struggling to honour the resolutions we boldly made as part of the New Year celebrations.  If you still have a clean sheet and haven’t reverted to your previous (probably bad) habit, congratulations!  716 more words

Business Skills

Writer View of Conflict: Stepping Stone or Stumbling Block

Good evening! Stepping Stones versus Stumbling Blocks! Conflict will arise when we write – because no story is complete without it –  sometimes we welcome it – other times we dread it. 302 more words