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Breaking Point (The Apocalypse)

i know that i haven’t blogged in days, i’ve been emotionally occupied and anything i would have written would have been hollow. When you are hurting emotionally or even physically and people offer advice… i’m going to tell you… it’s infuriating, sometimes even insulting. 1,325 more words


How Climate Change Is Causing Global Conflict

by Patrick Quarberg

People in lesser developed countries are more likely to move out of climate change-affected areas and cause conflict, a study by Rafael Reuveny (2007) finds. 302 more words

Climate Change Tension

Refugees in the Middle East

There are unprecedented numbers of refugees throughout the Middle East right now, and they’re from a variety of conflicts and moving to all sorts of different places, situations, and countries. 20 more words

Q&A | Deborah Jones on the Conflict in Ukraine

When we think about the current war in Ukraine, it’s likely we immediately think of Russia, and possibly Crimea. But how much do we actually know about the roots of the crisis and the impact it’s having on those who call the country home?  2,895 more words


Is it goodbye for Jeremy Clarkson?!

It has been announced today that the TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended.

I believe many people will join me in saying; it’s not much of a surprise. 432 more words


More power to women.

It was International Women’s Day on the 8th of March. Power to the women!

I’m not a fan of it to be honest. Even though I am a woman. 450 more words