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Violence in CAR: Driven by Fear and Revenge

The Central African Republic has been in the midst of a bloody civil war for at least two years now. Many of the parties and groups have broken down, and it’s no longer clear what the main sources of tension are. 46 more words

$2.3 billion needed to send all children and adolescents to school in war zones

This blog details the contents of a new paper by the Education for All Global Monitoring Report on the barriers that conflict poses to getting all children and adolescents into school, and a new suggested target for financing education in humanitarian crises. 583 more words

What should be done about ISIS?

This is not one opinion, or even two. This is a collection of essentially every possible option, from getting out completely to a major American intervention, and everything in between. 13 more words

Where are the fragile states?

The 2015 Fragile States Index is out, and it’s always a fascinating read not only for which countries are not doing so well, but also what kinds of factors can have unexpectedly long-term or multiplying consequences.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: A Lesson in Communicating

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a post, but I want this first one to be about effectively communicating with one another. I find far too few people know how to do that — and even fewer try. 1,152 more words

International Relations

Is this the end of days?

We now live in an age where privacy is no longer available. Every internet search is monitored by a cold machine searching for a way to glean profit from the interests of people. 1,016 more words

Biblical Perspectives

The Same Old Argument

SOURCE:  Jeff Kemp/Family Life

It seemed like the 1948th time we’d had the same exchange. But the solution this time was different.

What happened was silly. 463 more words