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Greece vs Turkey

Tensions between Greece and Turkey may be on the rise, and worryingly, unpredictability may be increasing as well.

Protesting Pakistan's Army

The Pakistani military, the de facto rulers of the country, have long been too formidable for significant protests. That seems to be changing, with a… 11 more words

Rivalries in and around Syria

The Syrian conflict is ever-more complicated on practically every single angle. These two pieces highlight specific aspects of this complexity: the challenges faced by international aid agencies, and how Assad is… 8 more words

Rebels governing in the Central African Republic

The CAR has been in the midst of a nasty cyclical civil war for years now, with retaliatory violence limiting the government’s power mostly to the capital city. 25 more words

Indonesia to host Pakistani, Afghan scholars for peace conference

Indonesia will host a meeting of “ulema” (Islamic scholars) from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Indonesia on Thursday in an effort to support the Afghan peace process, the country’s Vice President Jusuf Kalla announced last week. 514 more words


Sri Lanka's State of Emergency

Sri Lanka’s civil war ended nearly a decade ago, but peace is often just as difficult. The country is now under a new state of emergency. What happened?

How the Iraqi Yazidis were saved

Long-form investigation of how a small group of US-based Yazidis saved thousands of their co-religionists when ISIS advanced to Mount Sinjar in Iraq. But what has happened… 10 more words