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On the couch with Bridg

My therapists name is Bridget, I think because of Bridget Jones’ diary I liked her before we even met. She was recommended to me by a great friend who also see’s her and my doctor told me to go and speak to someone and put me on a ‘Mental Health Plan’ so I could afford to do so. 280 more words

Marriage & Family

You are an 'Illegal Immigrant'

Most often than not, whenever we talk about immigrants, the term ‘illegal immigrant’ or ‘refugee’ pops up, quite frequently. The word ‘refugee’, according to dictionary.com is a noun referring to ‘a person who flees for refugee or safety…to a foreign country…in time of political upheaval, war…’ Similarly, the term ‘illegal immigrant’ is a noun which describes the person as being ‘illegal’ rather than their actions. 95 more words


Mass Conflict in the Neolithic

The subject of conflict between early human settlements is naturally controversial. We know from historical experience that no human culture has been immune from violence, either as perpetrators or victims, so it seems more then plausible that our ancestors were no different. 524 more words


Want to fight terrorism? Target child poverty.

What if guns, drones, and defence budgets were not required in the fight against terrorism? What if militant groups and violent extremists were not the primary targets? 552 more words


Lessons Learned from Diana Wynne Jones: What She Plots About When She Plots About Love Pt. 3

Part 3: I Despised You Three Chapters Ago, But NOW…

As I said in my preface post a week or so ago, Deep Secret utilizes a romance arc we often see in stories and films: the terrible first impression (cue the trombone) that ends in happy love (cue the strings). 2,032 more words


A week on Anti Anxiety medication

As much as I’ve resisted the need to take medication for my mental health over the years I’m glad I finally gave in to it.  The push came by looking at babies cute little face and thinking she deserves better than a slightly crazy Mummy, plus I want to be able to fully enjoy her. 669 more words

Marriage & Family

Lessons Learned from Diana Wynne Jones: What She Plots About When She Plots About Love Pt. 2

Part 2: Wistful In & After

Archer’s Goon is glorious fun on many levels. Not only does all the magic occur in a typical city—the magic also manifests in typical fare, like the sudden appearance of go-go dancers or surveillance through light bulbs. 1,585 more words