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The Haters

Some people look at others and their achievements with jealousy and superiority in their thoughts. These failure-wishers write disparaging comments on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. 118 more words

Energy Guidance Complete

Ukraine's Ongoing War: The Role of Language

Since 2014, Russia’s story for involvement in Ukraine has hinged on the crucial question of Russian heritage and Russian speakers. Two years into this conflict, however, the language demographics of the contested and uncontested areas, as well as the respective fighting forces, show a different picture.

A Libyan Confederation?

An interesting confederal model idea about what political structure a post-conflict Libya should be built around. First though, ending the conflict is probably the priority.

Turkey: a Staged Coup?

With Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan purging the country of any opposition to his authoritarian rule, and moving closer to becoming Turkey’s supreme leader, many suspect his involvement in the failed coup. 360 more words


War in the Baltics?

While the world is still focused on ISIS and reeling from Brexit, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, the three Baltic countries, have a much bigger worry: the threat of a Russian invasion. 79 more words

How to Become Wise and Make Those Around You Wiser

I’m reading through Proverbs right now (not right now, but you know what I’m saying), in which Solomon writes ad nauseum about wisdom. I guess that makes sense since that was his forte, but still, he repeats himself over and over (which I realize is redundant, but I like redundancy…I also like to say things again and again… … … … …) 652 more words


A very British crisis

What a crazy, heartbreaking few days it has been. Slowly it has dawned on the world that the UK voted to leave the EU. Most people did not expect this outcome, including the UK government which asked for the referendum to enable it to win the last election.This has been more political change, more history in a matter of days than we usually get in years. 1,189 more words