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Escalation in Ukraine?

Over the last few days rumblings have been coming out of Ukraine. Putin has accused Ukraine of some sort of provocation, likely to justify new… 36 more words

Why you and your colleagues don't trust your manager.

“The propensity for email, texting and quick-type apps has led us to forget some of our people skills, including distinguishing the nuances of language and meaning, fostering of a feeling of belonging among groups of people, and knowing our bosses and colleagues well enough to have confidence that others will pull their weight. 498 more words

Michael Brown Training

Boko Haram splits?

Boko Haram, the deadliest terrorist group of 2015, pledged allegiance to ISIS last year, though functional (rather than ideological) ties between the groups remained uncertain for months. 71 more words

Jilly: Hooked by the Olympics

What have you been up to this week?

I got back from Scotland on Tuesday evening to a mountain of laundry and a couple of real life annoyances. 367 more words

Eight Ladies Writing

Snapshots of Change in the Middle East

Fascinating (super long-form) New York Times piece following six different people in six different Arab countries through the last five years of tumultuous change that has engulfed the region. 30 more words


Conflict is an inevitable part of life. The real problem is when emotions are elevated beyond reason. A wise person said when logic and emotion enter the battlefield emotion always wins. 1,450 more words


Sudan and Europe, a strange relationship

For months critics have been vocal against the EU-Sudan deal aimed to limit the number of Africans who try to cross the Mediterranean for Europe. Why so much protest? 16 more words