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What happened to South Sudan?

A few years ago South Sudan looked to be a promising end to a decades-long war. Then something went wrong, and the country is now in the midst of a bloody civil war where the motives for violence are confused and political solutions seem out of reach. 21 more words

Syria’s war and climate change?

Interesting scientific study published that draws links between climate change and the 2008-2010 droughts that seriously hurt Syria’s economy and possibly the government’s legitimacy as well. 36 more words

Forgive Me, Dom, For i Have Sinned (Part 1)

(Yes, it’s that bad) Yesterday morning…5:56am, that’s when the worst of it started. i had woken up around 5:30 and that was a half hour late which meant that i was a half hour late at waking the slowest kid in the house. 1,735 more words


Conflict & Story

The few times in my life when I’ve witnessed public fights, they were the direct result of a lack of communication. A friend recently reminded me of an episode that happened in college. 713 more words


How should we respond to ISIS?

Some questions

  • How should we respond to the evil that ISIS represents?
  • What is our personal response?
  • What should be the response from our nation?
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They are not ‘Wives of Jihadists’ they are child soldiers


Over the last week I’ve heard and read a lot of different descriptions and opinions in the debate surrounding the three British school girls who have gone to join Isis in Syria. 738 more words

Human Rights

What if He Were Gone Tomorrow...

i went to my appointment. i had been going to therapy 3 years and my therapist has never seen me this happy or distracted. 683 more words