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Above All

I have a love-hate relationship with relationships.

I love them when they’re going well, but I hate them when they’re going poorly. I love them when they are well-established and comfortable, but I hate them when they are new and awkward. 1,197 more words


Why Americans should worry about invading North Korea

As this piece helpfully dissects, most Americans are not worried about military action against North Korea. But they should be.

Polygamy, Economics, and War

Some great research coming out of Yale highlights the important links between polygamy and conflict. Essentially, the more brides that are taken by rich older men, the fewer are left for the increasingly desperate younger ones.

Escalation in Cameroon

Cameroon has been dealing with spillover from Boko Haram for years now, both in the form of refugees and violence. But the government is creating a new front for itself: a military campaign against secessionists in the English-speaking portion of the country, also bordering Nigeria. 33 more words

The role of civil society in accountability systems: A human rights perspective

By Zama Neff, director of Human Rights Watch’s Children’s Rights Division

From girls in rural Afghanistan, to children in immigration detention on the US-Mexico border, to grandmothers fleeing war in Sri Lanka, throughout my career working on children’s rights, I’ve heard firsthand the importance that education has for families and their children, even in the midst of the most desperate circumstances. 1,241 more words

What's going on with Saudi Arabia?

Some major things have been going down in Saudi Arabia in the past few days, and while the domestic repercussions are immense, the geopolitical and international implications are significant too. 190 more words