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Dr Rebel Hanna interviewed on risks in MENA

Dr Rebel Hanna, member of the Observatory’s Scientific Council, was interviewed  in 2013, following his lecture at the Grenoble Geopolitical Festival,  for the first issue of our flagship bi-annual publication, the  75 more words

Mediterranean Sea

Am I a Jew?

Am I a Jew?

Despite my attempts to the contrary, I suppose that I am a Jew. I am one of a long line of Jewish individuals, many of whom suffered and/or were killed at the hands of non-Jews. 1,056 more words


The ongoing Hutu-Tutsi conflict, in Burundi

Rwanda has long captured international headlines, but it is in fact it’s next door and equally small neighbour Burundi that is still suffering from incredibly bloody ethnic conflict, mainly over land. 36 more words

Qasim Suleimani: A resume and a threat

Very factual look at exactly who he is, what he does, and what that could mean for Iraq and the US.

Jesus and non-violence

There is a cost to being opposed to violence. The cross stands out as the ultimate price of non-violence. Jesus allowed men of violence to nail him to that cross and apparently triumph over him. 831 more words


The Businessmen

Back in Burnaby
After fifteen years growing up
In the desert valley
I pictured abundant opportunities
But quickly forgot
That jazz.

I figured on blending… 167 more words


Without an answer

I sit alone and scared

That these feeling will not end

Perhaps I am too broken to mend

What I want beyond everything

Is someone to just see the real me… 115 more words