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Iraq's Biggest Problem: Mosul's Dam

Nope, not ISIS. This article very convincingly argues that the Mosul Dam, which has been a problem for years, is only getting worse, and could have disastrous consequences and essentially no warning.

Speaking truth to power

Constructive dissent is essential, although incredibly uncomfortable, for senior leaders. It also takes tact and courage for subordinates to speak truth to power, as exemplified by the way Sir Ivan Rogers, the UK’s former ambassador to the EU, raised his concerns about the UK government’s preparations for the impending Brexit negotiations. 249 more words


Mozambique's Disintegrating Peace

Worrying look at how Mozambique’s peace, once considered so successful, may be in serious danger.

Ed Blog | Hey, Tucson!

I’m currently based in Tucson, Arizona, and it’s a pretty interesting town. As well as all the cacti and cheap whisky, turns out it’s also home to theĀ  469 more words


WWII Continues?

Technically, Japan and Russia never actually ended their World War II conflict. What remains are the Kuril islands, a tiny string between the two countries in the Pacific that remain disputed. 46 more words

War Saunas?

Interesting look at a piece of equipment and culture considered mandatory for northern European militaries, no matter where in the world they’re stationed: saunas.

Keep an Eye on Kinshasa

December 19 is the key date to watch in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. That’s the day that the president officially loses legal power, but has already declared he won’t be leaving in December, and if he has his way, … 38 more words