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Is Cote d'Ivoire unraveling?

The Ivory Coast had a short war in 2010 when election results were contested, but by most accounts has recovered swiftly since then. A large-scale mutiny threatened to upend that, particularly as… 18 more words

A North Korean insurgency?

This thought-piece argues that if North Korea falls, particularly as a result of conflict, the fight may only just be beginning. How would South Korea and the US deal with a… 11 more words

Smoking in a war zone

Fascinating interview about life under siege in Syria’s East Ghouta. As the subject notes, bombs are probably the most likely thing that will kill you, but if not that, then perhaps the homemade cigarettes that are rapidly developing as normal alternatives are simply no longer available.

Do you suffer from "Sundayitis"?

I used to dread Sunday evenings even more than Monday mornings.  On Sunday from about 4pm onwards I used to get a tight feeling in my stomach, thinking about what the coming week was going to be bring me.   618 more words

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Elizabeth: You’re Wrong!

As I mentioned in last Wednesday’s post, work on my current manuscript that I am supposed to be buffing and polishing in preparation for pitching at RWA Nationals has been derailed by a new story idea that is refusing to patiently wait its turn in the pending idea file. 1,048 more words

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Famine in War

Four countries in the world – Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen – are undergoing devastating famines, mostly caused by conflict rather than natural disasters. 25 more words

What do Syrian refugees want?

Obviously this survey does not speak for all Syrian refugees, but does provide perhaps a useful insight into what some Syrian refugees in Turkey want. It is not to all go to Europe.