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The role of civil society in accountability systems: A human rights perspective

By Zama Neff, director of Human Rights Watch’s Children’s Rights Division

From girls in rural Afghanistan, to children in immigration detention on the US-Mexico border, to grandmothers fleeing war in Sri Lanka, throughout my career working on children’s rights, I’ve heard firsthand the importance that education has for families and their children, even in the midst of the most desperate circumstances. 1,241 more words

What's going on with Saudi Arabia?

Some major things have been going down in Saudi Arabia in the past few days, and while the domestic repercussions are immense, the geopolitical and international implications are significant too. 190 more words

Liberia's Presidential Ghosts

As Liberia’s presidential election continues to be unresolved, increasingly with calls of fraud, this article examines the complicated politics and violence that have marred Liberia’s highest politics for the last few decades, while this looks at the… 15 more words

Somalia's continued conflict

A recent massive attack in Somalia’s capital of Mogadishu has highlighted the continued deadly violence that the country faces. Given its reliance on external security support, and the many failed attempts in the past to resolve the war, the… 7 more words

Defeating Kony?

Interesting look at a joint military-NGO effort in Uganda to encourage desertions from the Lord’s Resistance Army, infamously headed by Joseph Kony.

China's Next Five Years

Every major CCP congress (usually every five years) gives a lot of insight into upcoming the priorities of China’s leaders and the continued influence of… 21 more words

Elephants as mine detectors?

Cool academic study showing how elephants have such a good sense of smell they can detect unexploded landmines to protect themselves.