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Puppet satire in Sudan

A group of satirical puppeteers are traveling through their remote area of Sudan in an effort to educate and inspire local populations against the government.

In Ireland, discussing Israel/Palestine

Fascinating account of how a group of ultra-Orthodox Israeli rabbis traveled to Ireland to learn about their conflict resolution, and the take-aways applicable to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Russia's Infowars

Russia’s involvement in the US election has been known for months, but more details are increasingly forthcoming. This piece examines how Russia uses information, and misinformation, more generally, and how it’s having an impact far beyond Russian borders.

Girls Basketball in Somalia

Inside look at the challenges facing young girls who just want to play basketball in Somalia.

South Sudan is Emptying...

After years of civil war, hundreds of thousands of refugees are still fleeing to Uganda and other neighbouring countries, en masse. In many places, the fighting now takes place in… 21 more words

Losing out on learning: Action to ensure refugee children get an education

By Joseph Nhan-O’Reilly, Head of Education Policy & Advocacy and Sébastien Hine, Education Research Adviser at Save the Children

The world is now witnessing the highest levels of displacement on record. 1,161 more words

China on North Korea

Interesting analysis of what China may be weighing when it looks at an increasingly powerful North Korea.