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How the Iraqi Yazidis were saved

Long-form investigation of how a small group of US-based Yazidis saved thousands of their co-religionists when ISIS advanced to Mount Sinjar in Iraq. But what has happened… 10 more words

Conflict in West Nigeria

Nigeria is in the middle of at least three different internal conflicts. How is desertification and climate problems contributing to at least one of them?

War and Social Media

Compelling review of a new book that systematically examines how social media is shaping today’s wars.

Indonesian sailors survived six months held captive by Benghazi militia

Embun Diarsih had been used to being in touch once a week with her husband Ronny William, a sailor for 35 years.

But in September 2017, after William did not contact her for two weeks, she became a bit anxious and her worries were confirmed when one of his fellow sailors told her that the Malta-flagged fishing vessel on which William was working was hijacked near Benghazi, Libya. 601 more words


Ransoms, falcons, and suitcases of cash...

…A Middle Eastern drama. This well-written piece describes a complicated interlinked set of circumstances that show how even something relatively small can lead to massive consequences in the Middle East.

Why Syria has no nukes

In 2007, an isolated factory in Syria’s desert was bombed. Relatively quickly, it became an open secret that the site had been a secret nuclear weapons facility of the Syrian government, and that Israel was responsible for its destruction. 17 more words

Atrocities in Myanmar: The real and the imagined

Clearly horrible things are happening in Myanmar, proven if through nothing else than serious attempts to repress reports. On the other hand, especially in refugee camps in Bangladesh, there are incentives to blur the truths, but why is that sometimes necessary and what are the… 22 more words