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In the movie Armageddon, the President of the United States is talking to NASA scientist Dan Truman, played by Billy Bob Thornton, about the approaching asteroid. 92 more words

Helping Others

On Rwanda and War Crimes

No, not talking about the genocide. This op-ed is talking about what happened after the genocide, perpetrated by those who claimed to be liberators but whose track records, hushed up though they may often be, say otherwise.

Shalaw Mohammed: Civilians Are Fleeing IS Along Death's Road

Last week Mahmoud Fathallah arrived with his family and another 10 people in Kirkuk, a city in northern Iraq. The 34 year-old is originally from Hawija, a mostly Sunni Muslim-populated town about 50 kilometres south of Kirkuk, and he and the other people travelled there guided by people smugglers.  1,310 more words


Everyone Has Their Own Way?

Everyone Has Their Own Way?

Everyone seems to start out having their own way to do things.  We begin doing what we think is right based on how we see the world.   841 more words


Mending Broken Relationships

Life’s Doors Mediation offers services for individuals, couples and families.  Many people are not aware that mediation works for all forms of conflict.  You don’t have to be going through divorce to try mediation.  190 more words


True Braveheart

The personality Dot is fascinating, as it seems to be the effort of our True Self to have a safe identity out in the world.  Born into families and cultures with values, and certain behaviors and feelings that are affirmed, we as clever little tykes quickly figure how to get our needs met by developing certain identities. 176 more words


Violence breeds Violence

On Saturday I was invited to a ‘Peace Breakfast’. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? And it was! But it wasn’t all doves and poppies! Facilitated by members of an Anglo-Colombian, trans-national initiative called ‘Rodeemos el Dialogo’ (‘Let’s rally around the Dialogue’ – … 374 more words