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Why Only Some Wars Grab Headlines

Cynical, but true, this article outlines how and why American interests are still so central to how conflicts around the world are covered by American and international media. 33 more words

Tensions Rising in Bosnia

Bosnia, a country still mainly known for its bloody wars in the 1990s, has been in a state of purposeful political freeze pretty much since then, with a system meant to technically keep the country together but devolve much of its political party among the once-fighting groups. 32 more words

Book Review: 'Tompkin's Academy for the Extraordinarily Gifted' by Tabi Slick

This is a really good story with lots of twists and turns, some of which are absolutely heart-stopping. It’s the story of Izara and her journey of discovery of truth about herself and her twin brother, Kain, as they confront a world they had never dreamed of. 139 more words


Sino-Russian tensions over Siberia?

Interesting op-ed wondering about Siberia as a potential future site of conflict between China and Russia, how that could happen, and what it could mean.

Does Syria still have chemical weapons?

In the last few months there have been increasingly frequent reports that there have been a resumption of chemical attacks in Syria, carried out by the Assad regime. 22 more words

Impact of conflict on teachers and their role in peacebuilding: What can be learnt from Nepal?

By Dr Tejendra Pherali, Senior Lecturer in Education and International Development at UCL Institute of Education

This blog looks at the impact on, and role of, school leadership during conflict, using Nepal and the Maoist insurgency as a case study. 932 more words

Developing Countries

Refugees Returning to Conflict

Kenya declared a few months ago that they were closing the largest refugee camp in the world and sending those living there back to Somalia. This seems to be… 36 more words