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Simple Living and Relationships

Relationships can be a core issue in Simple Living. How can you live simply when you are struggling in your relationships?

Get a vision of yourself – you are practicing Simple Living tips – creating your sanctuary, doing your personal work, mediating, you have your beautiful little altar with candles and music, life is beautiful. 460 more words

Simple Living That Feeds The Soul

3 Examples of Toxic Behaviors That Hurt You and Destroy Your Relationships

We all have unhealthy emotional behaviors to overcome within relationships.  Many relationships can withstand a few arguments or disagreements.  However, when the relationship becomes toxic, it necessary to consider and eliminate the toxic source or risk severing the relationship. 558 more words

The Hidden Cost of Being Non-Confrontational

We all know someone who can’t stand conflict. He or she is non-confrontational and avoids tension as much as possible.

You probably know some people who are drawn to conflict, too. 525 more words

Personal Development

Six Ways to Communicate Better In the Bedroom

1. Listen in the present and avoid gauging them on the past – this is particularly difficult and requires forgiveness and control. It’s important to understand that just as two people have different levels of skill within art, the same differences can be experienced within communication. 446 more words

Nonverbal Communication

I hate him!...But, I love him

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This mystery has plagued lovers for centuries.  This feeling of “Why am I with this person?”  They treat me like crap, I’m often sad, I don’t feel fulfilled, but with all of that said…I’m still not leaving. 766 more words


Body language tips that make people like you

There’s no question that body language is important. There is the best body-language techniques that one can use. 545 more words

Nonverbal Communication

Conflict and Courtship Pt. II

My husband and I were together for about 2.5 years before we were married. During that time we had A LOT of disagreements, near break-ups, and heart-to-heart conversations. 790 more words