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Is This a Pay to Play Conflict of Interest?

Rob Ward talks about the web based advertising by the League of Minnesota Cities that offers vendors access to city officials and city decision makers.   The League of Minnesota Cities offers differing levels of sponsorships to vendors who wish to obtain municipal clients.


Medical studies are being skewed by scientists with financial ties to drug manufacturers

Source: NaturalNews.com
J.D. Heyes
October 20, 2016

There should never be a situation where a pharmaceutical company that has spent hundreds of millions of dollars – and sometimes billions – developing a new drug is allowed to conduct its own self-controlled clinical trials, because the financial incentives to skew the outcomes of those trials in the company’s favor are far too great. 620 more words


25 myths and bad arguments about climate change

Global warming is arguably one of the most controversially topics among the general public. The internet is full of websites that are devoted to arguing against climate change, and politicians routinely claim that it’s a myth. 12,817 more words

Bad Arguments

Former Police Chief Voices Concern for Dotson's Mayoral Run

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Three people were killed in St. Louis this weekend. With crime ever-present, should St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson focus on stopping the killings over his bid for mayor? 186 more words


Hey food industry, get out of RD conferences! #FNCE

I had a blog post all written for you lovelies, cued-up, ready to go. Then I started seeing the tweets coming out of FNCE (Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo) and I got all annoyed and tweeted what you see above because apparently I’m a masochist. 549 more words

Case Scenario: Possible Dual Relationship?

A forensic mental health professional (who specialized in criminal cases) retired from practice about 10 years ago. She was asked by her husband’s boss to conduct a custody evaluation. 751 more words

Why the FBI Let Hillary Go Free

Sadly, this is not a surprise.  Our “leadership” is CORRUPT from the top down.  Many of us have known it since Day 1 and before.  They lie, they cheat, they steal, and they allow people to be murdered, by doing nothing, unless it benefits them.   136 more words

Hillary Fraud