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Conflicts of Interest and the Emoluments Clause

Let’s not bury the lede: you’ve probably read about Trump’s conflicts of interest. Maybe you’re wondering what can be done about it. The current answer is: convince Congress to investigate, but that approach has… 970 more words

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The Family Business

I’m one of those who believe that public office is a public trust. You don’t take it for your self. You take it because you sincerely honestly want to serve, and when you’re done, you walk away from it clean. 496 more words

Former Vernon councillor calls for current councillor’s resignation

A former Vernon city councillor is igniting controversy by publicly calling on a current councillor to resign.

The allegation is that Brian Quiring is in a perceived conflict of interest because the company he works for, MQN Architects, won a $520,000 civic contract to work on a major upgrade to Kal Tire Place. 308 more words


Lessons in History - Conflicts of Interest

Recent headlines, similar to one from today’s Guardian, keep making me reflect on 20th Century events in politics and business. The make me wonder how things will actually play out (if allowed) in comparison to the Teapot Dome and Watergate situations. 499 more words


It has been widely reported that the republican President-elect Donald Trump will be making decisions on how to divest himself from all of his financial dealings that could possibly present his office with serious “conflict of interests” problems in the future. 1,319 more words


If you only do one thing, do this...

Maryland Senator Ben Cardin (D) has introduced a concurrent resolution (Senate Concurrent Resolution 56) calling for President-elect Trump to divest all ownership interests in the Trump organizations/entities. 530 more words

Ethics and the Role of the Board and Managing Agent

Every year, the shareholders convene to democratically-elect the board of directors who will steer the ship for the coming year; ensure that decisions that affect the co-op are made in a timely and cost-effective manner; and keep the best interests of the Corporation in the forefront of their minds. 695 more words

Board Responsibility