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___Best Paper award AAG 2014, London

Last Friday Thilo Rörig, Stefan Sechelmann, Agata Kycia and Moritz Fleischmann presented a  paper “Surface panelization using periodic conformal maps” at the ADVANCES IN ARCHITECURAL GEOMETRY 2014… 209 more words


Conformal Mapping Website

There’s a very nice conformal mapping book and collection of mappings online at
http://harald-dalichau.de — provided by Prof. Harald Dalichau. I’m finding it a useful resource for some conformal mapping explorations I’m presently doing. 86 more words


Pixel Bender: Circle Pattern

This filter is some weird combination of complex inverse-maths and circle packing.

Click on above image to go to the demo. There are parameters to modify the circle shape ratios and the amount of how much of a circle’s area is filled. 13 more words


Lecture 4: Conformal mappings, circle packings, and spectral geometry

In Lecture 2, we used spectral partitioning to rule out the existence of a strong parallel repetition theorem for unique games.  In practice, spectral methods are a very successful heuristic for graph partitioning, and in the present lecture we’ll see how to analyze these partitioning algorithms for some common families of graphs. 1,349 more words


Conformal Mappings - Now with Holes!

Professor Darren Crowdy, from Imperial College, London, has solved a 140-year-old problem in mathematics by discovering Schwarz-Christoffel mapping formulas for multiply connected regions of the complex plane. 194 more words

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